20 June 2008

When KingCast calls Martha McLeod an unethical dirtbag, this is what we're talking about:

PS: Sorry if you're upset that I called Martha McLeod a dirtbag. I learned that from Sgt. Wentworth, who called Liko Kenney a dirtbag at p. 353 of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's Official Report. Sometimes I think I should rise above such churlishness but in the end I take my cue too often from our State Leaders and LE.

Oh, I've got direct comments from members of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee members noting that outgoing State Rep and would-be Senator Martha McLeod never once told them about HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway despite the fact that McKay's girlfriend/fiancee (but not common law wife) requested it on 26 August, 2007. In fact, McLeod never said anything to anyone in spite of the fact that she ran it past the selectmen without any opportunity for public comment on 1 October 2007.

Somewhere along the line -- and I'll have to pull this up later -- she actually had the nerve to publicly state that she had not commenced work on this until December I believe it was. Even if I'm incorrect on that (I doubt it) her failure to tell the FRCC is bad enough.

Now look at her buddy and co-sponsor, Senator Letourneau -- lying to a member of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee.

For shame, for shame.

People like these two -- and Chief Montminy -- are all a substantial part of why Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay are dead. Look at the purported goals of the FRRC that McLeod intentionally and brutally violated in the manner of a female rapist, the lowest of the low. In that sense the Union Leader was incorrect. She's not "clueless" as noted in their 13 Jan 2008 editorial: Rather, she took a calculated risk but she got caught up by the DNA of some emails left laying around like so many royal blue intern dresses, yah.


Christopher King said...

Almost as ridiculous was her reason for not informing any of the local area State Reps or Senators.

She didn't want to ensnare them in conflicts between their constituencies and Law Enforcement.

Think about how stupid that statement ultimately is:

We know that LE is going to support McKay, if for no other reason than the fact that he helped apprehend Jeremy Charron's killers. Therefore her statement directly implies that the Constituents might not want the memorial.

But of course the ultimate decision is up to the area most affected by the tragedy.

She's an ass.

KingCast: We tell it ass it is.

Anonymous said...

I too hold a very low opinion of this woman and what she represents. I would have to agree with the termonolgy used.

She is a liar, dishonest and seems to think she is going to get away with misleading the people of the North Country.

Think again Martha ! We will be there to campaign against you every step of the way.

What you have done is wrong and you will be held accountable for your dishonest, unethical and immoral actions.

Yes, you are an ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comments. Where do the lies stop ? How long can these injustices continue ?

In time and sooner then some may think the truth will be told and some public workers have a lot of explaining to do.

Does the North Country even have enough lawyers to represent them all ?

Time will tell as the FC remains united, determined and focused. We will see these matters to the end.
I will not stand back and allow for another one of our young to die needlessly. Forever committed to Liko and the cause.


Christopher King said...

Look at the comments to the post on Senator Letourneau.

He's an ass too. I can't wait to sue him. It will happen very soon, I guarantee you that. Just waiting on a Settlement Check at one of the law firms I work for and it's on.


Anonymous said...

I too once thought this woman rather clueless in my own innocence at the level of corruption in this town. No longer - She knows and calculates her steps months in advance. The McLeod's reek of corruption. May they one day be completely and fully exposed for who they are. Martha did a marvelous job at getting that job started last fall.