24 June 2008

Unethical dirtbag Martha McLeod trys to run a game on a child; gets dealt a smack-down from a KingCast supporter.

Here's your background on this unethical dirt bag political hussy, and here's what happened last weekend in North Country:
Your friend Martha was in the parade on Saturday. It occurred to me who she was after she walked by with her sign and dog in hand. My child ran over to me and said "look mom, that lady gave us some stickers'. I asked if I could have the stickers. I then walked over to Martha and stated "on behalf of KingCast I am going to return these and will not be voting for you." She turned to me and said "what" as she was stunned. The lady helping her grabbed them from me and said "I'll take them" and they both walked away rather quickly. How pathetic that this woman was taking her stickers and putting them on the shirts of kids. There is no way she was going to use my child or her friend as a walking billboard for her dirty campaign. It was too funny and I wish you were there.

KingCast says: I do too, but they prolly would have found a way to get me arrested or charged with being a dangerous black man or Unauthorized Practice of Blawg so it's All Good. Maybe one day Martha can have her own movie and book, like this hussy of wares of a less political nature:


Christopher King said...

Hahahahaha..... LMAO.

You've earned it Martha so wear it well.

And I'm just getting started.

Anonymous said...

I too am a King supporter. I will do what it takes to ensure this woman is not elected elected.

She still has some explaining to do to many in the North Country.

Martha, why would you lie to the very people that put you in office ?

It sounds as if Liko's spirit is present when needed. Job well done !

Christopher King said...


Thanks indeed.

This will be the last "dirtbag" post about Miss Martha.

Her facts stink bad enough that I don't need to go there; just went there to prove a point because that's exactly what Sgt. Wentworth called Liko Kenney on p. 353 of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official "investigation" as noted herein.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm glad you're not going there; it is undignified and getting carried away with guttural political language will not get it done.

I'm behind what you're doing 100%, even though I'm a Republican. Justice is justice, no party line here.

I wish you luck... please just tone down the rhetoric some.

Christopher King said...


Right on. I made my point about the boundaries of the First Amendment (which need to be made every now and then) and now we move along.

The U.S. House Petition will read dry as a bone and cut like a knife.

And that is what they fear the most.