15 June 2008

KingCast sites of the day expose Midwest and Ohio Police abuse and link up for Liko Kenney.

1. Midwest Center for Constitutional Rights.

2. Bodypunch/Vindicator.

In response to this morning's important update from Franconia:

I am a civil rights advocate from Ohio ...and have worked on various Section 1983 claims. I am creating a center called "the midwest center for constitutional rights," and I would like for you to take a look at some of our web pages and blogs. I did seminal work on the nation's first practice and pattern DOJ investigations which occurred right here in Ohio.....

But...I want to focus on what you are doing and how we can link up and use each others networks for promoting the most important thing in today's law....the bill of rights...who would have known? right?

[And with that the conversation goes offline in the Spirit of Justice and Liko Kenney].

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