19 June 2008

KingCast says life (and a lawsuit) is about to begin at 150 again for Martha McLeod, who should never be elected to NH Senate as she is unethical.

First read the comments to yesterday's post on the 273 emails on HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. This all goes to why Miss Martha hid the 150+ responses to the Recovery and Reconciliation Committee that were supposed to be issued to the Town and made public. Some tools blamed me for filing suit which caused her to hide them, but that's sort of like blaming a rape victim for the actions of a despicable person. Whatever the case, I'm going to get them, and I'm also going to sue for all of her emails that came to and from her State House email address on HB 1428.

Remember that the Right-to-Know/FOIA/RSA 91-A is all steeped in the First Amendment Right to Petition the Government for redress. The National trend on this Constitutional issue is toward disclosure of all emails to and from public officials in their official capacity. Remember that an individual state can offer its citizens more -- but no less -- Constitutional protections than the federal scheme. That's right.

Things are going to get messy:


Christopher King said...

Okay, so what's my policy on the public emails and the identity of private citizens?

Going forward, I'm going to redact the names whenever I publish them. Of course everyone knows damn well who wrote the one used in this post, but for the others I'm going to simply ask them to sign off on the Report to the U.S. House seeking a full investigation, which will be hosted at exactly the same place the sign up sheet was hosted to help defeat HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

If they want to contribute their own letters and opinions they are welcome to do that as well and we will attach ALL OF IT and take it down to Washington when Session opens.

So there you go.

Christopher King said...

And to the tools at Topix who are more concerned about whether my Polo suits are off-the-rack than what the substance of the arguments are, bring your tailor to the Right-to-Know hearing against Martha McLeod so maybe he can offer a little nip-tuck here and there to accent my boyish physique.

Most suits are made for men of blockish proportions, but I am much more lean and svelte.

Comes from eating sushi.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Chris ! KOKO

Christopher King said...

Wait until you see what I do with Senator Letourneau in a few minutes; he totally lied to a member of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee:

"The only mistake that Corporal McKay made, was to turn his back to this killer."

.....Wrong Answer. He in fact violated at least three pursuit policies and three OC Spray policies.

"I then saw what appeared to be another person fire a weapon into the driver (killer) of this automobile as he tried to reload his weapon, presumably to kill more people."

.....Wrong answer. First of all the video does not show this, and I have seen the ORIGINAL video at State DOS HQ. Second, as the placement of Bruce McKay's spent casings show, Floyd could not have possibly seen Liko Kenney reloading when he started shooting at him from 30 feet away.

"I ask you now, who is misinformed."

.....That would be you, Sir. Misinformed and disrespectful.

As such, I am going to demand that you issue an email of apology and/or clarification to the individual and bcc me on it. Whatever you do, Sir, it will go in the report to the U.S. House later this summer.

Very truly yours,

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