08 June 2008

KingCast RSA 91-A request to Kelly Ayotte: Liko Kenney's Death Certificate.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I have confirmed through sources close to the Kenney family that you never caused a Death Certificate to cross the palms of the next-of-kin. As the mother of a young male I'm certain that you would be incensed about that, in addition to the fact that you never even gave the family any notification as to where his body was, and the police on site refused Connie McKenzie and others' attempts to check on, or to administer first aid to Liko Kenney.

Wherefore: Please provide me a copy of any and all correspondence you sent to the Kenney family regarding the death of Liko Peter Kenney, including but not limited to the Death Certificate, if one exists. I think these are public documents, but if necessary -- after you take your customary 30-60 days to stall on my request -- you may assume that I will get a release from next-of-kin or guardian of Mr. Kenney's Estate if that should be a factor.

Consider this then, in conjunction with the autopsy requests pursuant to Swickard v. Wayne County Medical Examiner, 438 Mich. 536 (1991) that you are already considering for the next 20-50 days or so. And please don't rely on Favish, 541 U.S. 157 (2004) in an attempt to oppose me because I'm not looking for photographs of the decedents, just the relevant FACTS pertaining to their deaths.

Also, you've already waived privilege anyway by partially divulging that Liko Kenney had marijuana in his system and McKay had caffeine. How much marijuana? How much caffeine? Any other drugs? I know Liko did not like processed drugs. How about Bruce? Did he have the right amount of his meds in his system, too little or too much? How about anything illicit? Please advise.

Very Truly Yours/CK


Christopher King said...

Wonder what Kelly's Homicide Manual says about these matters.

Perhaps we'll get to find out.

Christopher King said...

RSA 91-A request to Kelly Ayotte for Liko P. Kenney Death Certificate.
Monday, June 9, 2008
12:30 AM
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
To: graftonca@yahoo.com, townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com, police@franconianh.org, selectmen@franconianh.org, Marta.Modigliani@dos.nh.gov, USANH.Webmail@usdoj.gov, david.frydman@leg.state.nh.us, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov,

Good day to all.


Anonymous said...

You are still an idiot, I was and I remember somebody asking about checking on Liko, and nobody stopped that person. If you heard it from connie's mouth she was prevented, from checking on Liko she is a cold assed liar, and maybe she is feeling guilty about rushing to Bruce's side and rendering aid. Nobody stopped anybody from checking on Liko.

Second, check the town clerks office they keep track of all births and deaths.

Christopher King said...


Thanks for stopping by.

You message is mean and vituperative and factually incorrect.

And since you know so much Mr. Smartypants perhaps you might want to enlighten us as to whether Bruce was on his meds at the time he violated the pursuit and OC Spray polices; committed Constitutional violations in caused the Town to incur liability under Monell.

I couldn't fit 42 USC 1983 on my license plate so I had to settle for CIVLRTS.

Are you very familiar with Civil Rights?

Somehow, I doubt it but keep coming back; your life and outlook will improve with time.

Peace out.

Christopher King said...


Oh, wait:

Are you part of the town posse who abides by the mantra and m.o. of "records.... who needs 'em?"

I heard the lights were on late night at the station on 5/11. Were you there with S.S. working the shredder button on the Watts Complaint?

Just askin'.

Anonymous said...

and the police on site refused Connie McKenzie and others' attempts to check on, or to administer first aid to Liko Kenney.

That comment is factually incorrect.

As for civil rights, I am aware of them and believe in them more than you. You only believe in civil rights when they are advantageous to your wallet. But, if you cannot make a buck or civil rights interfere with making that buck you quickly ignore them, like you did to Floyd and countless others who have crossed your path. Civil rights apply to everyone. So what if Liko's rights were violated, does violating other people's rights make it right. Two wrongs don't make a right and the eye for eye policy only makes a world of blind people. You having civil rights for a plate makes you to biggest hypocrite of them all. I think I hear Ohio calling you.

Anonymous said...

Germany is calling Floyd. Why did he leave? He doesn't deserve the rights real Americans died defending. Ask a marine what he thinks of a man who lied about serving in 'Nam. go ahead. The man is a danger to our society, civil right is irrelevent compared to the danger he poses to our country and its citizens. send him back or keep him in prison. A Danger equal to Ayotte's -- both without conscience, equally corrosive to our Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll play along with your theory of civil rights. Floyd doesn't get any because he is a danger to society as you put it. Next, civil rights won't apply to your type, we'll make you all wear maybe a six-sided star, then we may make you live in a certain section of the village, then we will her you all up and put you in on a train and lead you into the showers. I like you way of thinking. Hey, idiot civil rights apply to everyone even if you think they are a dirt bag.

Christopher King said...


You want to play lawyer with me?

First of all, as you won't identify yourself all you have is hearsay about Liko and who attended to him.

I spoke directly with Connie about it so you can call her a liar but until you email me and we speak and I know your identity you don't have squat.



Next, describe any and all Civil Rights of Gregory W. Floyd that I purportedly violated, with supporting statute or case law.



Next, I have been a champion for Civil Rights and honesty in Government ever since my father was a precinct committeeman in Cleveland Heights when we were one of only 3 black families in our entire area of Cleveland Heights in the early 1970's as noted in American Lawyer One, so don't even try it.

Civil Rights and my wallet? Please. If I had gone to hang out with my law school buddy Trent last year in San Francisco I would undoubtedly have had a prettier lifestyle than the one I have now, and more sushi, women and loot to boot. But instead when Liko's friend Oliver Ruff wrote me to help out I did, and I'm still friends with him and many of Liko's closest friends; heading up this week to hang out, discuss strategy and other issues.

There was no money involved when I corrected the First Amendment issue at Nashua School District last year as noted by Mayor Streeter in my Mayoral Commendation and in this Nashua Telegraph editorial here at the last link:


There was no money involved when I helped correct a First Amendment Right of Expression at Lawrence School District this year:


"First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are an angel. I feel it is very important for everyone to know what an impact you have made in our community by empowering parents such as myself to speak up.

We went to the meeting tonight. I have to say a whole different atmosphere and attitude. I even got a hypocritical apology from Superintendent Laboy but an apology nonetheless I feel my daughter needed to hear."


You come up in this blawg trying to attack me on my commitment to Civil Rigths you had better bring your 'A' game my friend.

You just failed, going straight to detention. Maybe you can dance with the coloured kids there like in "Hairspray."

He-heh. Great movie. And the John Waters cameo as a flasher is hootlarious.

Christopher King said...

And Ohio is indeed calling me.

When I return there after making some loot on projects OTHER THAN FRANCONIA I will get my lawyer, walk in there with my head held high, pay my court costs and request my license back.

After all, I'm not a convicted felon (in fact I'm not a criminal at all) nor was I ever disbarred, unlike Attorney Michael McLaughlin at Gregory W. Floyd's/Gregory P. Floyd's criminal defense firm of Shaheen & Gordon.

PS: Time for Junior's trial today on those theft charges.

KingCast network will be there.

If convicted he can be more readily impeached in ANY and ALL of his father's subsequent cases when he steps up to testify as noted above and in NH Evid. Rule 609.

If you have any legal belief to the contrary please cite to statute or case law.

KingCast: We're here to help.

Anonymous said...

Kincast: We Ain't Playin'. Kingcast.

Anonymous said...

I bet the only ones who thought Mr. Floyd served in 'Nam were his son and Norman McKay.

Anonymous said...

Have a great day Chris, jah jah dangerzone and all that! Make some noise up in Easton!

Christopher King said...


Just yesterday on the Fung Wah back from NYC this cat had a badass shield on for a belt buckle and I thought about Capelton, who is coming this week to Boston.

Meanwhile take a look at the new post for 10 June 2008 noting that Kelly returned the Troy Watts Complaint that Prosecutor Hilaire sent her for reference.

Why wouldn't she docket it as important background on her hero?


Christopher King said...


Not true. Actually I'll bet the LE on the scene were duped and I know a few reporters must have been duped as well, in addition to thousands of people in the blogosphere as you can see by the comments made in the days, weeks and months afterward.

I wonder what Kelly's Homicide Manual says to do with people who lie during criminal investigations.....

....As we know that her predecessor Peter Heed said that sort of activity is a violation of RSA 641:3, Unsworn Falsification, when he found that the Catholic Diocese lied.



Anonymous said...

First of all, as you won't identify yourself all you have is hearsay about Liko and who attended to him.

Well, lawyer all you have is hearsay also. I was there and I can tell you where she was kneeling and what she was saying to Bruce. From where she was, she could not see if anybody had checked Liko's vitals prior to loading Bruce into the ambulance. She wanted her 15 minutes of fame that is her motive for pressing her face in front of the camera.

Christopher King said...


No. I have a direct statement from someone who was there, so it's NOT hearsay. You say that Connie McKenzie had no ability to observe that no one was allowed to check on Liko. Now I am clear that you say you were there so what you say is not hearsay any more than what she says, but as you won't identify yourself and repeat it to me I can't give your opinion the same value as hers.

And note that I have more people than just her who made the contention that Liko was not given any medical attention, by the way. Hell, just read the narratives and interview and NOWHERE does it indicate where anyone checked on Liko other than Sam Stephenson, whom I have ALSO interviewed face-to-face.

And since you were there perhaps you can also tell us why Bruce was incommunicado for SIX WHOLE MINUTES prior to him violating Franconia's own pursuit and OC Spray policies.


BTW the town is late with the responses to the RSA 91-A requests on that issue, and still has not issued anything relative to the Contempt Motion for shredding or lying about the Troy Watts Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint. Do you have anything to say about that?


"She wanted her 15 minutes of fame," you say. Now who's reading minds. And you admit that Connie did try to help Bruce, and that says alot because she refused to have any memorial to him near her lawn or property, yah.


Lastly, do you have anything substantive to say about my request for the materials I'm seeking pursuant to Swickard v. Wayne County Medical Examiner, 438 Mich. 536 (1991)?

Let's stay focused on the Law and the process rather than personalities, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Next, describe any and all Civil Rights of Gregory W. Floyd that I purportedly violated, with supporting statute or case law.

First your violated his right to a fair and impartial trial by convicted him in your court of public opinion, if you hear it enough even if it isn't the truth, people might start to believe it. You had a pretty good run over at the topix board, but you have revealed your true colors.

Then you say Bruce purposely targeted Liko, what did you do to Gregory Floyd, you started a smear campaign that lasted over a year, then in you blog you plan and plot to get him to flip out. Then on court day you make obscene act of taking his and his family pictures, getting right up in his face. Your whole behavior was very hypocritical. Then you yell words at a person who you have been targeting for the past year that would cause a reaction to an average person, "you killed Liko" that would be considered disordely conduct. you course of conduct over the past year, your planning and plotting prior to the court date, and then your outburst, shows intent and the act.

Anonymous said...

Civil Right brought to you by Kincast. The NAACP are sell outs compared tO Kingcast. Ain't nothing civil about defending Civil Rights. Kingcast.

Christopher King said...


I wrote:

"And since you were there perhaps you can also tell us why Bruce was incommunicado for SIX WHOLE MINUTES prior to him violating Franconia's own pursuit and OC Spray policies."

Really, Bruce was violating the policies during those six minutes he was incommunicado.

Pursuit, as noted by the Littleton Courier:


OC Spray.


KingCast: We're here to help.

Christopher King said...


I run a news and legal blog. I make my opinions on said blog, same and anyone does, including people at Topix, including a duly-licensed attorney who worked with me crafting this public document urging that Floyd be tried for MURDER:



As to the rest of your drivel, it isn't worth responding to but I will quote what writer Casey Sherman said on Topix, since you raise Topix yourself:


"I attended the Floyd trial but did not bait the defendant. If you attended the trial, you'll remember that Mr. Floyd immediately began cursing his own attorney after the verdict was read. Greg Floyd needed no baiting.

KingCast: We're here to help.

Christopher King said...


Yes, the NAACP are sellouts compared to KingCast. Ask Willie Toney, after they completely failed to investigate his claims of police brutality and unauthorized use of force when he got those 3 guns to the face and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING, which he beat without a lawyer.


NAACP cowtowed to Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn and his Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, who was run out of town on an ethics investigation, remember?

Run his name on my blawg and see it for yourself.

And Dunn? Fired and sustained by former NH AG John P. Arnold. KingCast photo:


KingCast: We're here to help.


PS: I still have seen no statutory or decisional law in support of the proposition that I violated Gregory W. Floyd's Civil Rights by photographing him in front of, and in a courthouse, or by blogging about him and his true criminal history, which is a lot more extensive than Kelly let on.

Anonymous said...

She wanted her 15 minutes of fame," you say. Now who's reading minds. And you admit that Connie did try to help Bruce, and that says alot because she refused to have any memorial to him near her lawn or property, yah.

She is a nurse, that is her job. She is a nurse, I don't have as much medical training as her but I could tell he was dead. Can't give aid to a dead person. All you can do is to check vitals to confirm your initial impression, he was dead. Nobody made any overt actions to keep anybody away from Liko, to check on his vitals or render aid. That says a lot right there, they rushed to Bruce's side to give aid but not Liko's. Anybody can put a spin on it to make it look favorable to their side. You have been reading too much into Liko not getting aid. Lawyer you might wnat to look up the definition of hearsay. you throwing other people statements around is hearsay, me, an eye witness making a statement is not. you are still a tool.

Anonymous said...

PS: I still have seen no statutory or decisional law in support of the proposition that I violated Gregory W. Floyd's Civil Rights by photographing him in front of, and in a courthouse, or by blogging about him and his true criminal history, which is a lot more extensive than Kelly let on.

Hey tool, I think I told you about the law of disorderly conduct. Your blog shows intent and your behavior at the court house is the act.

You are still the tool.

Anonymous said...

Kincast. If he's am a tool, its am the sharpest one in the shed. Kingcast.

Christopher King said...




Hello Lower Slower Delaware and whomever else is visiting.

Even if I were guilty of disorderly conduct, which I was not, it's still not a Constitutional violation toward Gregory W. Floyd, who has been convicted of breach of the peace, BTW in Mass if you check his rap sheet/CORI.


Also, as far as hearsay I've made it more than clear that comments made from anyone at the scene are not hearsay. Once you stated you were at the scene (if indeed you were) then your observations are not hearsay, but I give them less weight than the comments made directly from Connie McKenzie to me because:

a) I don't know who you are.
b) You never told me directly.

And you still haven't answered my questions about the autopsies or anything.

We don't need another Topix board over here, with Casey Sherman commenting on how people are trying to settle petty scores.

We need to get at the truth of the matter, and the Truth is that a Death Certificate may have to be sent from the AG's Office when there is a criminal investigation like this, but we don't know unless or until Judge Vaughn releases the Homicide Manual.

So I have a Memorandum pending on that and I'm asking for it now.


Anonymous said...

So now you are a judge. Last time I checked the only person that can determine guilt is a judge in a court of law. Last time I checked you were ran out of Ohio with your tail stuck between your legs, because they did not want you anywhere near a court room, something about not being able to adequately represent your clients. Maybe you can tell me better what your peers said about you in their attempt to help maintain your membership in the bar.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add you can kindly thank me for breathing some life into your dying blog, 26 comments, ther hasn't been that many in almost 6 months. and most of those have been you talking to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Senor Kingcast. The baddest suspended lawyer, former photojournalist, ex-Assistant to the assistant DA, telecommunications expert, civil rights activist this side of the Pecos. Hombre. Kingcastico! Arriba! Es mui loco!

Christopher King said...


Funny you seem to have judged me guilty of violating Gregory W. Floyd's Constitutional Rights.

Nobody ran from Ohio dude I went to Va Beach and chilled out and then to Dallas to keep chillin' out with my sister and her family while I worked in Telecommunications for a while.

It was way cool.

And as to "thanking" you, trust me responding to your nonsense is more of a PITA than anything. People in Franconia read my blawg and my hit counter is still around 200/day so I don't need comments to feel like a complete man or something.

I've got more important things to do, like finishing out negotiations after yesterday's Depo. in a case I clerked for a law firm.

And now that I've got my bonus coming from that, NH House counsel David Frydman and the public works committee can get ready for that lawsuit for the HB 1428 emails, yah.


Are you a licensed attorney?

Are you going to start suing for information from the government?

Perhaps we could work together instead of you trying to fight me and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the crowd is turning against our hero. What lies in story for the Johnny Cochrane of Columbus? Stay tuned to Kingcast and watch all the action, live. With a movie to follow, sometime.

Christopher King said...


It just irritates you do no end that I don't bother reading Topix so you come to harrass me here.

You are right though:

I am one crazy dude, crazy about Justice.

And I'm not a former photojournalist, I am a current photojournalist. Might not have a big bad honkin' Nikon SLR anymore but I'll get another one this summer. Meanwhile, here's some decent action pix from a point-and-shoot, I think you'll like 'em a lot, they feature your boy Gregory W. Floyd so that Prosecutor Hilaire can use them:



Christopher King said...


What crowd?

Just a couple of tools on the Internet.

Lawsuits happening, decisions pending on important things right now, while licensed counsel sit in the peanut gallery and trash-tawk.

The crowd in Franconia is still All Good and we are moving forward with the complaint to the U.S. House, sometime.

Sometime this summer, that is.

Christopher King said...


Meanwhile note that 80% of what is being presented to me in today's comments has zero to do with Liko Kenney or the bogus investigation involving Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

Casey Sherman called it over at Topix, where no one from Franconia bothers to post anymore.


"Casey Sherman wrote:
I wish you wouldn't use this thread to settle petty scores. To the uninformed, it might appear that I am connected in any way with what's being written about under my name. To those of you who read this blog I say I am working on a writing project that isn't looking to take angles or sides with any particular party. What I am trying to do is to carefully explain how the shootings happened and how the tragedy subsequently impacted the community. I have no idea what any of this other nonsense out here is about, but I would appreciate it if those doing it would go someplace else."


They then said it wasn't really him and told him to go away.

So here's a guy with access to major media, who is concerned about getting to the core of the Truth in this case and some people are pushing him away.

C'est dommage.

Anonymous said...

Kingcast. The best thing to happen to the internet since porn. Kingcast.

Christopher King said...


Internet porn?

Screw that; I got a hot girlfriend sitting right next to me, fool. Maybe once in a while we check out some new moves.

Well at least that explains why it takes so long for you to type your drivel; you only know how to type with one hand.

Christopher King said...

And from a former LE who is still working to help bring about Justice and who is still a part of the Franconia Collective:

Re: Blawg
Thursday, June 12, 2008 4:38 PM
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"Topix is insane at this point and I have stopped posting myself. Hope all is well with you.

Take care.....[name withheld]"