26 June 2008

KingCast is glad to see ABC News 20-20 will air a Franconia shooting tragedy expose while we go to Bahamas International Film Festival.

Here's today's Concord Monitor Story noting that the segment originally scheduled for this week has been postponed, no doubt because there is still so much going on. I note that they included an interview about failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway with Sharon Davis (who cannot legally be Sharon Davis-McKay) so I hope they include the interview with Robbie Hayward, who told 20/20:
"Both men had good qualities about them but that MCKay was a liability and that the State had a greater responsibility to monitor the situation, and that Liko was pushed into a corner."

Perhaps by the time they run it the Franconia Collective will have filed our Complaint with the U.S. House as noted yesterday. And they will also have the lawsuit against Martha McLeod -- who lied and concealed everything about HB 1428 from her Constituents -- to consider.

As noted a few days ago, my brother Trent, my film maker and the rest of our crew came to an understanding about our film short for the "Spirit of Freedom" category for the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) last night.

The time is right, folks. I have spoken with ABC producer Andrew Paparella on a few occasions and hope that they do a good and thorough job. Liko Kenney's spirit is shining through and this will be the Summer of Love and Honesty for Franconia.

Other stuff 20/20 should cover:

1. What Kelly Ayotte hid from America about Gregory W. Floyd.
2. Placement of McKay's spent shells vis a vis Floyd as murderer.
3. Bruce McKay's legacy and Brendlin v. State of California.
4. What the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia court documents show.
5. The pending Ethics Complaint for the missing Ethics Complaint on McKay.


Anonymous said...

Just returned from the hearing in regards to Floyd. What I will say prior to talking with Chris is if I were Judge Cyr I would be very angry about the so called facts put out there today by Floyd's defense attorney. This would have been in regards to the trial held at Littleton District Court in which Floyd was found GUILTY of threatening AJ.

Again, I will say (I am not a fan of Cyr's) he maintained a very high leval of integrity within his courtroom during that trial. I was very impressed and have the utmost respect for him that day.

For anyone to imply that he did otherwise and did not uphold the law during that trial is wrong.

Considering that these statements came from another attorney I would say unethical too.

Anonymous said...

I hope they mention Kingcast at the end of the report. That would take it to a new level.

Anonymous said...

So many of us are relieved to have 20/20 do a segment about past, present and current events that have transpired in the North Copuntry. I hope and pray that this helpsand they can assist with obtaining some answers to many questions.

Before healing can begin the infection must be cleaned and that is a work in progress.

The truth will be told ! I have much confidence that ABC will air a good program.

Anonymous said...

ABC is good for nothing. they failed before and will fail again.

Thanks Kingcast! ABC -- who needs em!

betchya they dont come within 45 miles of Maura Murray, where is she by the way? or was ABC gonna shelve that story too.

yes Rename the highway! never forget what that man did. the region will live in infamy.

Christopher King said...

To all:

I need to get a transcript of that hearing to know if the Defense lawyer lied about flash cameras.

If he did I'm going to the Ethics Committee.

As to ABC one can Google "Officer Down" in this blawg and see where I railed on them for that bogus story, but this is another division of the company so I'm not going to go there unless they do the same thing.

Of course it is odd that they haven't interviewed me per se, I will say that much.

I mean because like me or not, I doubt more than 3 civilians know more about this case than I do.