27 June 2008

KingCast gives 20/20 the Franconia town policy on citizen complaints regarding Bruce McKay and the Motorola manual: Was he on MUTE?

Well not yet guys. But I telephoned Attorney Mullen today and I'll be ordering the Motorola Manual over the weekend for $18.00 and I guess they felt bad for giving me the runaround on the Complaint procedures so those are on the House and I am supposed to receive them in the mail today.

I bet it's only a one pager (which you know they violated it) anyway and it goes like this:

See No Evil.
Hear No Evil.
Speak No Evil.

Or Three Blind Mice. (Nice KingCast collage on this one).

Here's yesterday's post on 20/20's pending coverage and a recent post about Bruce McKay and the Motorola background: Was he on MUTE the whole 6 minutes he was incommunicado while he was violating about seven (7) town pursuit and OC Spray Policies?

Watch this entry for updates tonight.
I will scan the documents/responses on Saturday for distribution.
#1 - Pathetic on the Complaint issue. They gave me a copy of a policy that requires adherence to a specific form that they sent me. I know damn well that policy was recently passed, so now I have to ask them again (tomorrow morning) to provide documents that identify when that policy was effectuated. Before then they either had another policy..... or.... they had NOTHING.

#2 - Attorney Mullen threw Chief Montminy under the bus on the missing Troy Watts/Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint. After weeks of hand wrangling so as not to overexpose his client, on 26 June 2008 Mullen wrote to NH Bar Counsel James DeHart:
"I was not aware of Attorney Watt's letter dated My 15, 2006 until I received a copy of the file that the Grafton County Attorney's Office produced to Mr. King."

Okay. Now we're getting somewhere: The problem with that is the fact that Attorney Mullen previously stated (read his 9 June 2008 court filing at p.2) that his client did not destroy the document, but that it was in their file all along. Well I had been asking for it for months on end so why HADN'T Defendant Chief Montminy provided it to me with Sarah's file when he first provided me a copy of her file months ago?

It's very important to read this this post to understand the full gravity of their wanton disrespect for public disclosure as you can see that Defendant Montminy had the nerve to claim that he did not deem it to be a complaint even though Attorney Watts wrote: "Call your insurance carrier and tell them to brace themselves."

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