05 June 2008

KingCast gentle reminder: No way did 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd speak to Liko Kenney before executing him.

Okay so for the newbies: Kelly Ayotte's official report reads that Gregory W. Floyd was talking to Liko Kenney at carside before he started shooting at him; in fact he could purportedly see Liko going to reload, etc. etc.

In reality all of that is a lie because you don't wind up with a bullet to the windshield and a bullet to the McKenzie barn if you're standing right next to Liko's car. And the State's own picture shows that Floyd was standing too far away from Liko's car to see if he was reloading.

This makes NH AG Kelly Ayotte:

a) stupid.
b) a liar playing us for fools.
c) a stupid liar playing us for fools.

Take your pick, but I don't want any of those descriptors in my AG. And as to Floyd and his family, some people want me to be apologetic but I'm not going to engage in any of that because it's not necessary. They make their choices of free will, and soon we will see if some of those choices were indeed criminal in nature when Junior finally goes to trial on his theft charges.

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Bruce McKay's spent casings support the KingCast analysis, and I'm going to let Academy Award-winning Director Errol Morris (scroll to bottom) know all about that just as soon as the new KingCast site is completed.


Christopher King said...

Anyone who has read the "Thin Blue Line" posts in this blawg knows my level of respect for Errol Morris. So what a coincidence that just the other day, with god as my witness (and a coupla' pics from a Nikon D80 to verify), my film maker and our girlfriends are out for a stroll and we bump into the guy.


And if there is any one particular man in the whole wide world that Kelly and the Town of Franconia do NOT want information about their cover up to go to, it would be him.

I'll have a packet for him in the next week.

Life is funny, and serendipity is where you find it.

Liko Kenney, we got your back man.

Christopher King said...

So to be clear about Internet cacaphony and the Turncoats and trolls over at Topix:

I don't care who gets this information before a licensed attorney who can sue the town and Gregory W. Floyd for negligent retention and wrongful death.

I don't care who provides information for Casey Sherman to use in his book, as long as that information is ACCURATE -- I discovered in my email tip jar this morning that walnut-head Lower Slower Delaware had said Liko's car was an automatic. Ahem. There is a picture on this blawg that shows two things:

1. a manual transmission shift boot. Click on the 3rd picture:


2. the shattered glass on the inside of Liko's car from Floyd shooting through a closed window (another lie he told Kelly was that the window was open).


As far as the access to information goes, any blogger or media entity has the right to access all of the materials that I accessed and use on this blawg, yet no one else did.

Not the mass media.
Not the blogosphere.
Not the Peanut Gallery at Topix.

KingCast was the only one.


So those of you who show up now to trash talk and point fingers, ask yourselves what you've really done to help the World gain a better understanding of what happened on 5/11 and in the McKay era leading up to it.

PS: Some people say I can be mean. I don't deny that, more Zen than Buddhist I freely admit. But then again take a look at some of the language used by Turncoat North Shore in a Topix forum:


North Shore wrote:
quoted text
someone married you? twice? pity the fool.

That's an ad hominem argument and a mean one at that.

Making North Shore a hypocrite despite her positive attributes, yah.