18 June 2008

KingCast evaluates 273 emails to and from NH House Public Works sent pursuant to RSA 91-A request on HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

I'm headed down to Nashua Public Library to scan the 17 June 2008 letter from House Counsel David Frydman now one and two.

Here's your backstory, an 11 June 2008 blawg post admonition "KingCast tells Martha McLeod and NH House Attorney David Frydman: "Get ready for the RSA 91-A lawsuit."

This does not inherently save State Representative Martha McLeod from a lawsuit, however. Attorney Frydman's position is that email to individual State Reps are not subject to RSA 91-A. Read the persuasive law in the post linked above to see how other jurisdictions have addressed this issue, in addition to the newly-passed legislation here in NH designed to broaden the reach of RSA 91-A/FOIA.

Martha McLeod a State Senator? No way. Not when we're finished with her. She did a number on the Cause of Justice, so now we're gonna' do a number on her, yah. In point of fact, the Union Leader called her "Clueless."

Things are going to get messy:


Christopher King said...



Liko Kenney, we've got your back, 'bro.

Christopher King said...

I'll tell you what:

I'm only about a third of the way into the emails 'cos I'm in the middle of helping to settle a nasty PI case and an Amended Complaint on another case I can't talk about.

But in that third I see a substantial LE presence.

It took substantial care and concern on the part of the legislature to table this bill in the face of such a presence.

I'll say they voted with their collective conscience and not their politics; which would have been the Easy Way Out.


Christopher King said...

From S.F. , will scan later:

To: terie.norelli@leg.state.nh.us........
Subject: HB 1428 and Franconia/dedication of highway.

28 Jan 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

"I urge you no vote YES to send the bill 1428 to an Interim Study.

Martha McLeod with backing from the Franconia Select Board (which her husband is a member) is misrepresenting the town of Franconia in regards to this bill. Very few citizens were even aware of this bill but fortunately on Jan. 8th the local papers reported the news tow days before the bill was to go before the Public Parks and Highway Committee."

[KingCast says even that was only because of a chance encounter at dinner, more on that later]

".....There are still many unanswered questions to which the public is seeking answers from the State through the Right to Know law. There is currently a lawsuit filed on behalf of the citizens."

".....Martha McLeod would have you believe that it is a small group of people that oppose this bill or that we are disrespectful of law enforcement. This is not true. Many, many law abiding people are opposed to the re-naming of the highway."

Christopher King said...

This all goes to why Miss Martha hid the 150+ responses to the Recovery and Reconciliation Committee that were supposed to be issued to the Town and made public.

Some tools blamed me for filing suit which caused her to hide them, but that's sort of like blaming a rape victim for the actions of a despicable person.


Here's another one from D.F.
8 Jan 2008
To: McLeod, Martha
Cc: Gionet, Edmond (Gionet email to KingCast)

"....Secondly, in my opinion, although CPl. McKay's death was regrettable I feel that it was due largely to his overzealous and self-serving methods of police enforcement, as well as the inaction of the Franconia Board of Selectmen to remedy the situation, despite continued complaints."

"If you are in favor of HB 1428 I beg you, for the sake of the people of North Country, to reconsider."


From CT:
To: mmcleod@nchcnh.org, cccwhite@aol.com, acadian@roadrunner.com

10 Jan 2008

"David and I just found out that this bill will be voted on today at 1:30p.m. Why is it that no one knew of this? Seems to me your are trying to slide this through quietly. Don't you think the Towns of Franconia, Sugar Hill and Easton have had enough? Bruce McKay is not looked upon with respecte. We do not want this bill to go through."


From Ms. B

To: mmcleod@nchcnh.org, cccwhite@aol.com, acadian@roadrunner.com

10 Jan.

"I wrote a 13-page report outlining my concerns and warning the Franconia Selectmen and Police Chief Montminy of the imminent danger and future disaster associated with the continued employment of McKay in July of 1997. No one listened then. Please hear me now. Do not name anything supported by public funds after Bruce McKay."

Anonymous said...

Once again, the McLeods fall on the wrong side of literally every issue. The inane approach the both of them use to placate and pander their way through this life is astounding. I truly hope that they will soon have enough of the public's biting critique and go quietly into the night...

Christopher King said...

They won't go quietly anywhere. We have to put them there with substantial public fanfare and exposure.

The lawsuit is coming.

Dear Martha: You ignored my very nice letter to you on 20 August of last year; but this lawsuit you will not.


Ha-ha, that's what you get and you've certainly earned it.

Wait for it, Sugar.