01 June 2008

KingCast does not have a vendetta against NH AG Kelly Ayotte; just calling a spade a spade.

FACT: She ignored the forgery of my signature and unauthorized use of my notary seal.

FACT: She brought and maintained a bogus UPL case against me and the court even found that she violated the Rules of Civil Procedure in so doing.

FACT: She and her LE buddies brought and maintained a bogus Attempted Felony Extortion case against me then they ran away like a puppy that peed itself as I sat through voir dire and dared them to bring me to Justice before a Caucasian Jury of my peers. I was up front with Prosecutor Albrecht from the git-go too, twice asked him if I could tell the Grand Jury what really happened and he went on and blew me off, then when he knew Attorney Horan and I were kicking his [n]ever-loving behind twice tried to revoke my bail and lost both of those. Meanwhile sexy sidekick Sabine (not her real name) caught it all on a Nikon D-50. Then he ran away from his office like a puppy that peed itself amidst these here ethics complaints, yah.
"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things."

FACT: She and Dan Mullen brought the bogus case of Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, another unwarranted attack on the First Amendment.

FACT: Despite all of that, on the morning of 5/11 I wrote a complimentary post about her going after the data mining companies who propagate drug addiction.

But after that, she continued/lying, even to licensed attorneys, so I started suing and writing.



Anonymous said...

A perversion of the saying from the Beatitudes: "The meek shall inherit the earth"... Kelly Ayotte is a danger due to the fact that she is utterly inept. Case in point: the Zantop case of January, 2001. While the entire town of Hanover was scared shitless from that brutal attack, the then AAG decided that a careful approach was needed in the investigation. Her demeanor on the podium for TV and press comment was that of a little puppy peeing on the carpet having been chastised by its owner. Ineptitude at the top (our Governor and the McLeods)... it's the primary reason for the downfall of New Hampshire and the US, for that matter.

Christopher King said...

I wasn't here to see that, but note that she never gives good press.

In the Liko Kenney cover up there was no public comment whatsoever; I remember being there for that and I have more than a few questions to ask, yah.