30 June 2008

KingCast applauds Union Leader for criticizing NH AG Kelly Ayotte in 30 June 2008 editorial "Killers at large -- AG's office silent."

Well hot damn, what a story. That's what this individual from the Franconia Recovery Reconciliation Committee has been saying all along about Gregory W. Floyd and KingCast going after the hard facts about this guy who likely murdered Liko Kenney. And when I say hard facts I mean these facts about Gregory Floyd's background that I got and placed online while Kelly Ayotte intentionally hid them without any legal reason. These in addition to the PCP/Marijuana conviction. I told you so.

1. Floyd twice AWOL & lied about Vietnam.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Search warrant signed by Judge Cyr.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

But wait Don Pardo, there's more:

1. Floyd's CORI/Rap sheet (scroll down).
2. Ayotte & Martha McLeod don't care that Floyd has "killed 43 people."
3. The 1997 Affidavit from Easton Police Chief Robert Every.
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."

And I know for fact that I filed an Affidavit in KingCast v. Ayotte Grafton 07-E-268 that he threatened to send a woman home "in a body bag," verbatim.

Thank goodness at least Judge Vaughn -- who is about to order Defendants Ayotte and Franconia/Chief Montminy to pay my legal costs for KingCast v. Ayotte 07-E-268 -- has ORDERED Floyd to turn over his weapons. Read more here and read the editorial in the comments.

As noted, it's best to observe Floyd from the safety of the sidewalk.

We are going to Senators Clinton and Obama on this, and pressing the ATF and U.S. Attorney's Office to seek an Indictment against Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). The AG's cronies look a tad worried in court in January, because every picture tells a story, baby:


Christopher King said...

Anytime there is a murder in New Hampshire, local and state law enforcement officers begin pursuing the killer while the Attorney General's office begins preparing a case for prosecution. In the midst of all this, the AG's office is not as aggressive as it should be in keeping the public informed.

The Attorney General is in charge of releasing public information about homicides in the state. In the recent murder case in Danville, the AG's office was, as usual, too slow to inform the public about the threat.

When a killer is loose, the police often want to keep as much information as possible to themselves. One reason is because they don't want the killer to know they are on his or her trail.

We understand that there is a delicate balance to strike here. But we think the AG's office too often takes the position that a less-informed public is a safer public. We disagree.

When the state knows who it is looking for, sometimes it withholds the identity of the suspect or "person of interest" on the request of law enforcement. Sometimes that is justified, but not often. The AG's office needs to question that premise more aggressively when police assert it.

The public deserves to know if a killer is at large, and the people should have as much information as possible to protect themselves. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte needs to do a better job making sure her office, when dealing with the media, is as informative as possible when murderers are on the streets.

Christopher King said...

Look at Kelly and her hero, the same nasty clammy complexion.

Wonder if they are related.

That would explain things nicely.

Anonymous said...

Nail 'em, Chris, please nail 'em all. I think you may the only one with the balls to do it! We've turned into a nation of spectators...

Between the McLeods and this piece of crap Floyd, the whole area North of the Notch stinks! I remember when NH used to be an upscale and sophisticated place in which to recreate and live... no more.

Christopher King said...


I think there will be enough people from North Country with the balls to sign this post as a request to the ATF to cause some serious concern.

Plus what with the NRA coming on strong against Barack he can point to Floyd as a poster boy for strict enforcement of existing laws.

And he should, regardless of Martha McLeods political affiliation.

KingCast: We keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

It is very disturbing to read the "readers comments" posted on the Union Leader in regards to the AG's "job performance". There are many folks out there who feel she is doing a poor job. How can so many have "personal agendas" against Kelly Ayotte as a few have implied. Time for her to move aside and allow someone in to do the job the way it needs to be done. In my opinion she has brought shame to your state of New Hampshire. Why would the public allow for this to happen. We will be vacationing in Maine this year.

Christopher King said...


Yah, you have a point there. She was pathetic in her prosecution of me when I was NAACP Legal Chair -- not that there was any case to start with, but in point of fact the Court found that she violated the rules of Civil Procedure, and it was arguably a Due Process violation as well. Whatever. Here are a few of those comments:


Hmph. Ayotte et al need to be more fothcoming and honest in a lot of areas.
- David, Concord


She is a disgrace to the Department she is suppose to lead. Time after time she has ignored either the law or covered up protecting law breaking cops. This is another example of why the Govenor should FIRE her.
- Michael King, Epping


I commend Union Leader for putting this article out there. Job well done !


Bravo! Thanks for your story. I sure want to know if there are murderers out on the street, especially my street. I want every advantage to protect myself and my family. Give me a break, I know for fact that it is not always needed to keep the public blind. I worked in law enforcement for many years and I know that the public at large can be a great help to law enforcement, so we shouldn't keep that information from them for thier own protection.
- Catherine, Nashua


It appears that many hold a very low opinion of the AG's job performance. You can add me to the list.

It has been proven that she has lied to the public. She is unable to follow the very law she was sworn to uphold. What a wonderful example to set for the citizens of NH.

She is no different then the rest of us and when she chooses to break a law she should be held accountable.

In my opinion she is DISHONEST and UNETHICAL and her only interest is her own political agenda.

Governor Lynch has tolerated and allowed this to continue.....shame on him ! Why is it he has different standards for different employees within his administration ?

It is time for the both of them to go, and they need to take some others with them.

Good bye to them all !
- Lynne, Littleton, NH


Anonymous said...


Christopher King said...

4:48/Sam Colt

Thanks Sam I saw that link posted under your name at Topix.

Here's the problem with your analogy:

The facts didn't go down in Franconia the way that Kelly and Floyd said they did.

And we have no documented history of the shooter in the new case being a dangerous and threatening person.

Thanks for stopping by, the door prizes are on the left.

Stay tuned for the new lawsuit against Martha McLeod though :)


Just in time for Independence Day if you can dig that.

Anonymous said...

Kingcast - assuming facts not already in evidence since back in the diggity day.

Christopher King said...

We'll see what facts are in evidence when Miss Martha gets her lawsuit.


Woo-ha! got you all in check.

No diggity no doubt.