25 June 2008

KingCast applauds State of NH for appealing 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd bail reduction.

They took him from $20K cash to $80K O/R. No way. I said. And so did everyone in Franconia except his buddy Martha McLeod, a thoroughly deceitful politician who even coddled Floyd with Kelly Ayotte and Sgt. West. I commented on it right here. I'm told the hearing in Grafton County Superior is set for 10:00 a.m. and I will follow up as soon as it is completed or a ruling issued. Here then, is a collage I've assembled pictures I took(except the one with my right arm in view, obviously) of Gregory W. Floyd in action at his last court skirmish. Some people say Floyd was "entrapped" but I don't believe that assertion has any merit whatsoever as the Littleton Courier did not once mention that, nor has ANY media source.

The issue before the Court tomorrow is one of Floyd as flight risk vs. threat to public safety. As I pointed out earlier, the Court seemed to address only the first issue but not the second. Floyd is scheduled for a hearing on 15 Sept. 2008 for his violent tirades and threats in Littleton Court.


Christopher King said...

They clearly need to put this dude on ice before he goes off again.

KingCast: We keep it simple.

Christopher King said...

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Anonymous said...

I would agree! My utmost respect and admiration to the state's attorney for not allowing this man to roam the communities. He IS a danger to society.

My concern was never that Floyd was a "flight risk". My concern is that he will harm/kill again if not dealt with.

Anonymous said...

King, how'd you hear about this proceeding for Floyd?

Christopher King said...


The KingCast and Franconia Collective network is strong. I often know of things that no one else knows, for example I knew when 20/20 showed up and what everyone told them.

Then Oliver and I ran into 20/20 at Tamarack one day.

It's a small town. If locals trust you, you get the information.


Christopher King said...


I agree. Let's be clear how we address the attorney though because "state's attorney" could be misconstrued to mean "Attorney General's Office," but I believe it was the Grafton County Attorney or any State Attorney OTHER THAN Kelly who is acting responsibly.