16 June 2008

KingCast appeals to NH Supreme Court to ask Daniel J. Mullen one simple question: Did you see the Troy Watts Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint or not?

June 12 2008:

Re: Grievance against Daniel J. Mullen, Esquire.

Dear Mr. King:

We acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 8, 2008, that you copied from your website, requesting reconsideration of the staff's decision not to docket your grievance as a complaint against Daniel J. Mullen, Esquire.

Pursuant to Rule 37 A(II)(a)(4)(C), it will be presented to the Complaint Screening Committee for its determination of whether the decision not to docket the grievance will be upheld or if it will be docketed as a complaint and processed in the usual manner.

KingCast says: It's one simple but possibly compound question -- Did you see the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint before KingCast showed it to you or not, and if you did, when did you see it. Then we go from there.

Background one -- Rule 3.3 Candor toward the Tribunal.

Background two -- open letter to Bar Counsel James DeHart.

Background three -- A specious defense to Petitioner's Motion for Show Cause/Contempt.

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Christopher King said...

Serious as a heart attack.