25 June 2008

KingCast answers the question of whether Barack Obama is "talking white."

Of course he's talking white. The guy went to the whitest law school in the World for Pete's sake LOL :)

But of course he "wouldn't be where he is today if he were white," at least according to Geraldine Ferraro. That's how they like to do brothas in the U.S. Either we're too white or we're too black, but we can never just BE.


Christopher King said...

KingCast: We got this shit figured out.

Christopher King said...

KingCast: The unauthorized practice of blawg.

Unbought, uncompromised and coming with the Real Deal Holyfield.

(Thanks for that one, Snoop).

Christopher King said...

Whaddya call a black guy who flies an airplane?

A PILOT.... what are you some kinda' bigot or something!


-The KingCaster.