06 June 2008

KingCast and Nitro ask in the Franconia shooting tragedy, "Who's accountable?"

So I'm rappin' with Nitro a few minutes ago about things including the outstanding issue of whether the Town shredded the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay or whether the Town lied to Judge Vaughn about not being in possession of it, and he turns to me and says:
"So when are these people gonna' be held accountable.... after they leave office? All we can do now is try to make people accountable for what Bruce McKay did for years and years... somebody should have made him answer to it himself the whole time.... the whole thing is so absurd."

Yes Nitro, you are correct. It is absurd but it's all the State has left us with.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

The government tries to play the locals for fools.

Some of them are.

Just not the ones who I know.