22 June 2008

Bruce McKay peer and NH Fish & Game instructor decry him as "rogue, classic bully hiding behind his badge," Franconia still silent on Motorola manual.

I filed a Motion last week because the town still can't see its way to cough up the damn Motorola Manual so I can see if Bruce was really on MUTE (see picture) while he was incommunicado for six (6) minutes, violating Civil Rights, pursuit and OC Spray policies against Liko Kenney and Caleb McCaulay. He was being a bully, as usual. Now read this email I sent in to Candace Bouchard that was a link to a guest editorial in the Concord Monitor from Ted Wilkinson:
"I lived in Bethlehem for years. I knew most members of the Franconia Police Department, including Bruce McKay and his chief, Mark Montminy. I also knew many members of the extended Kenney family (though I never met Liko). Everyone pretty much knows everybody else in the small communities in the Franconia and Easton valleys, and Officer McKay was a locally notorious abuser of the public trust, a classic bully hiding behind his badge."

Here's more from Fish & Game instructor "WFC."
15 Jan 2008 to Bouchard, Campbell, Cloutier.
"I say NO he was NOT professional or rational, this was the final volcanic eruption of a violent rogue officer that had been well documented. These formal complaints aswe now know were not acted up on by the Franconia Chief of Police or the Board of Selectmen..... It would be an insult to every other NH officer and U.S. Serviceman to see such an honor bestowed upon an officer of questionable character and service...."

And then this from RG:
06 Jan 2008 to Bouchard:
"....The town currently has legal action filed against it over the shooting incident, and we expect a major suit later this year from the parents of the young man that shot McKay. I know, that sounds unbelievable but it will be based probably on the chief's failure to supervise the officer properly, and the town's failure to supervice the police chief...."

The Jig is up, folks and the writing is on the wall.

PS: Senator Letourneau and U.S. Congressional Candidate Jennifer Horn have responded to me regarding his ill-informed email to GH. Take a look in the comments to this post.

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Christopher King said...

See now U.S. Congressional Candidate Jennifer Horn -- A Republican -- is not siding with other Republicans who have blasted McKay and Martha McLeod and even NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

As I truly enjoyed my airtime with her at her invitation on WSMN AM 1590 when I helped change First Amendment Policy in the Nashua School District I would have hoped that she would help the Franconia Collective as we prepare to head down to Washington when Session opens again.

But this one is apparently too hot for her to touch.

It's too hot for a lot of people to touch.

In fact, it was too hot for too many to touch for 12 years of Bruce McKay's reign of terror, and that's why he and Liko Kenney are no longer with us.

When will our trusted legislators and candidates get with the program of full disclosure and integrity in Government, one must ask.

Christopher King said...

Ahhhh, but back to Ms. Horn, it appears that she is not the typical turncoat. In fact, she is not a turncoat at all.

We have spoken, she is following the case and everything is All Good.

Good Deal.

Christopher King said...


Here we go:

RE: Outstanding RSA 91-A requests to Town of Franconia/Chief MontminyThursday, May 22, 2008 3:51 PM
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
To: "Daniel J. Mullen" dmullen@ranspell.com
Cc: police@franconianh.org

Dear Attorney Mullen:

Thank you for the update.

The serial number question pertains to the equipment in use on 5/11. I look forward to hearing from you on the other items as soon as possible.

I will be approaching the coroner for the toxicology reports pursuant to Swickard v. Wayne County Medical Examiner, 438 Mich. 536 (1991).

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

--- On Thu, 5/22/08, Daniel J. Mullen dmullen@ranspell.com wrote:

From: Daniel J. Mullen dmullen@ranspell.com
Subject: RE: Outstanding RSA 91-A requests to Town of Franconia/Chief Montminy
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Cc: police@franconianh.org
Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008, 3:20 PM

Dear Mr. King:

We are in the process of gathering information to respond to your requests. However, I can respond to some of your requests in this email.

1. The town does not have any toxicology reports for Bruce McKay.

2. On your request for info/manuals on Bruce McKay’s radio/GPS, I was not aware of this request until this email. If you had previously forwarded a request by mail and I received but somehow overlooked, I apologize. If you made the request via email, I did not see it and I again request that you make any such request by mail. In the meantime, I will ask the town to gather whatever information it has on this request.

3. The town has gathered the cell phone records pursuant to your request. However, cell phones are not assigned to officers but are assigned to police vehicles. In order to respond to your request, it is necessary to match the vehicle that Bruce McKay used on any particular day to that cell phone. I anticipate that this will take about two more weeks to do.

4. Town/police complaint procedures. These have been gathered and will be provided to you shortly.

5. All audio and video from the Tahoe, serial numbers on Kustom Signals Eyewitness equipment. This is another request that I was not aware of. Furthermore, the request seems rather broad as there is no timeline attached for parameters. If I have misunderstood this request, please let me know.

As to a response to the Mother’s Day Notice of Bad Faith, I just recently received material that was sent from the Grafton County Attorney’s Office and I will be filing a response after having reviewed that material.

Daniel J. Mullen, Esquire

By Blogger Christopher King, at 12:54 PM