30 June 2008

KingCast applauds Union Leader for criticizing NH AG Kelly Ayotte in 30 June 2008 editorial "Killers at large -- AG's office silent."

Well hot damn, what a story. That's what this individual from the Franconia Recovery Reconciliation Committee has been saying all along about Gregory W. Floyd and KingCast going after the hard facts about this guy who likely murdered Liko Kenney. And when I say hard facts I mean these facts about Gregory Floyd's background that I got and placed online while Kelly Ayotte intentionally hid them without any legal reason. These in addition to the PCP/Marijuana conviction. I told you so.

1. Floyd twice AWOL & lied about Vietnam.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Search warrant signed by Judge Cyr.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

But wait Don Pardo, there's more:

1. Floyd's CORI/Rap sheet (scroll down).
2. Ayotte & Martha McLeod don't care that Floyd has "killed 43 people."
3. The 1997 Affidavit from Easton Police Chief Robert Every.
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."

And I know for fact that I filed an Affidavit in KingCast v. Ayotte Grafton 07-E-268 that he threatened to send a woman home "in a body bag," verbatim.

Thank goodness at least Judge Vaughn -- who is about to order Defendants Ayotte and Franconia/Chief Montminy to pay my legal costs for KingCast v. Ayotte 07-E-268 -- has ORDERED Floyd to turn over his weapons. Read more here and read the editorial in the comments.

As noted, it's best to observe Floyd from the safety of the sidewalk.

We are going to Senators Clinton and Obama on this, and pressing the ATF and U.S. Attorney's Office to seek an Indictment against Floyd under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). The AG's cronies look a tad worried in court in January, because every picture tells a story, baby:

29 June 2008

Obama and Clinton to continue pursuit of reasonable gun restrictions pursuant to killers Steven P. Kazmierczak and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd.

All you need to know is right here as Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama said:

"We need to strengthen our registration laws,"

And here, as I note that we will be going to the ATF with a report of Gregory W. Floyd's continued and blatant violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) as soon as we know the inventory of his weapons that he was ORDERED to turn in by Judge Timothy Vaughn. His Honor is also now set to decide the amount and apportionment of costs to be jointly and severally shared by Defendants Ayotte and Town of Franconia in the KingCast litigation. My LE buddies and KingCast affiliates sent me some pics from the Unity, New Hampshire rally and they are going to continue to support reasonable attempts to make certain that our government is accountable and that Gregory W. Floyd is brought to Justice.

Dear Senators Obama and Clinton:
You will not find a better case for gun registration reform than the one involving Gregory W. Floyd. Take a look at last week's 20/20 post about their upcoming segment to see how dangerous this man really is, and what he really did when he shot and potentially murdered Liko Peter Kenney.

KingCast releases Attorney Daniel Mullen from Contempt Motion and Ethics Complaint and goes straight after Franconia and Chief Montminy.

Read more in this post about why the town and not Mullen is responsible for hiding Attorney Troy Watts' Ethics Complaint against Corporal Bruce McKay for an entire year now. You can download the Word version here at Scribd.com and read it in the comments section.

KingCast presents Ruslana Korshunova and Martha McLeod: The sad stories of two women who could have done beautiful things.

A-list model Ruslana Korshunova had all kinds of money and all kinds of beauty but in the end it meant nothing, as she apparently took her own life. I guess that would be preferable to knowing she was murdered. I guess. Slim pickings either way. Meanwhile Martha McLeod has all kinds of money but no sense of beauty as she is murdering the political process with HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway and her bid to actually become a NH State Senator, so I opened up a new blog for her, "ElectMarthaMcLeod.blogspot.com"

KingCast gives props to opposing counsel Ayotte and Mullen on prescription drug abuse and candor on Troy Watts Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I am hardly one to be encouraging ANY more government databases because I know the depth of what our government is assembling on its citizens, but in the case of prescription drug abuse I must concur with you in reading today's Union Leader story. In fact, I noted as much just over one year ago in the datamining/Rush Limbaugh Oxycontin post on the fateful day of 5/11 in which one can see in the comments one of my readers notified me of the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd. I noted your salient observations in the comment section.

You did not fare so well on the gay marriage issue as your press release (in the comments) indicates but hey that's life, we win some and lose some.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

You may inform James DeHart over at the Supreme Court that I am forwarding this post to him as official withdrawal of my Ethics Complaint against you. Even though your admission does not inure to your clients' benefit, I got what I wanted, and what the Cause of Justice needed. Thank you for admitting:
"I was not aware of Attorney Watt's letter dated My 15, 2006 until I received a copy of the file that the Grafton County Attorney's Office produced to Mr. King."

Despite the fact that I had been asking your client for it for an entire year now and your 9 June 2008 court pleading said it was in Sarah's file all along -- but somehow not provided to me when they provided me other parts of her file months ago.

As I said in this post where I issue my final RSA 91-A request to you for all Franconia Citizen Police Complaint procedures 1997-2007:
"You threw them right under the bus where they belong and I will now withdraw my pending ethics complaint against you."

One last thing: Your client never produced any specific response to my request for information that showed Bruce McKay's Communications equipment was not properly functioning on 5/11 (read my request carefully) so by default we have no legal explanation as to why he was incommunicado for six (6) whole minutes as he violated Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay's Civil Rights and 7 town OC Spray and Pursuit policies, other than him being a bully as noted by his peers. But that of course, is not legal.

Note: That is Attorneys Ayotte and Mullen at the Supreme Court arguing Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, an unlawful First Amendment infringement. Read more. As to the other picture, well we all know who that hypocritical tool is =^.)

28 June 2008

KingCast wonders if they will drop an incendiary percussion bomb on the Floyd compound and get his weapons just like the MOVE?

Grafton Superior Court Judge Vaughn has taken the middle road on Gregory W. Floyd's bail hearing and ordered all weapons turned in, thank Goodness. This is of course my position as supported by U.S. v. Ruckman D.C. No. 02-CR-05-S (10 Cir 2003) as I noted to the U.S. Attorney's Office that has thusfar failed to go to the ATF to get Floyd cited for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations as I am about to as soon as I know the inventory of what is produced, hahahahaha....

How will this go down, I wonder. It would truly be a shame if it went down like this one and two.

KingCast payments and RSA 91-A Request for older complaint procedures to Franconia Police Chief Montminy.

Dear Attorney Mullen and Chief Montminy:

Enclosed please find the $18.20 for the Motorola Manual that will finally tell us whether Bruce McKay was on MUTE while he was incommunicado for 6 minutes as he violated at least 7 town policies on pursuit and OC Spray against Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay before Liko shot him out of abject fear as noted by Caleb Macaulay in this interview.

Also, as you are aware I wrote you on 15 May for the complaint procedures since 1 Jan 2007, which your client finally provided yesterday. Note that the request contained a typographic error as the headline notes 1997-2008 and naturally your client erred on the side of giving less information than more, nothing new there. As such, I need but two more things from your client -- whom you admit never showed you a copy of the Troy Watts ethics complaint in spite of the fact that I have been asking them for it for about a year now and you publicly stated (read the updates) it was right there in Sarah's file the whole time.

You threw them right under the bus where they belong and I will now withdraw my pending ethics complaint against you.

One: Please provide me a copy of any and all Selectmen minutes or any other documentation that indicate when the written policy you gave me yesterday was enacted.

Two: Please provide me a copy of any and all prior complaint procedures from 1 Jan 1997 to 1 Jan 2007, along with any and all Selectman minutes or any other documentation that indicates when each procedure was enacted. If the town didn't have any policies we can save a ton of time by just having the town say as much. I read Sally Small's joking email about my tenacity, so you can tell her that as soon as she provides this documentation I'll have no further use for her on new requests, but I may well need to see some of the old requests again now that I have more money coming to obtain the documents to which I am legally entitled.

Thank you for your continued attention in this matter as we turn this vessel toward Washington, D.C. and the Bahamas International Film Festival.

KingCast says "Get a grip, Joe McQuaid, you're a plagiarist and your hate-filed editorials against Christopher King and Barack Obama are a joke."

Dear Publisher McQuaid:

I read your editorial yesterday in which you decry Barack Obama as being two-faced and deceitful like John McCain, who leaves his disfigured wife so he can shtup a new hottie. Oh, yah:
‘My marriage ended because John McCain didn’t want to be 40, he wanted to be 25. You know that happens...it just does.’
Now THAT's really good Presidential material. Just another dirtbag who can't keep his d*ck outta' the Strange. You say I shouldn't go there about fidelity? Well you guys did it to Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton so turnaround is Fair Play, dude.

As this Nashua Telegraph item with 620 views shows, you like to write hateful editorials. In fact, you wrote one about me in which you supported a Police Chief who laughs at racial jokes about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison:
"Hear is sumpten fur ya to thank 'bout you coconut head racist. Ya better save yer food stamps cus youl need money to buy protection where yur going. You 'bout to be Bubbas Bitch. Better get dat vasoline ready."
You even plagiarized Ken Timmerman when you did it. But then you pulled it off of your server. But yet you accuse Barack of being two-faced. If you're not two-faced then put that editorial back up on your server -- put it on your front page and proudly stand behind it. But you won't do that because you know you were wrong and all charges against me as NAACP legal chair for writing a simple demand letter were dismissed and Chief Dunn and his prosecutor were fired and crept out of office under an ethics investigation, respectively.

Your paper and your profile on YouTube shows that you jumped in bed with NH AG Kelly Ayotte and hid valuable information about the Franconia shooting tragedy too. Read the comments or this 11 Oct. 2007 post to see that a Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation member specifically wrote your State House editor Tom Fahey and said that I was the only journalist with the brass to go after the real story, yet to date your paper has not conducted any meaningful inquiry.

It didn't bother me too much that you didn't join Nashua Mayor and 30-year Executive Council member Bernie Streeter and me for a First Amendment Roundtable last year after he gave me a First Amendment/Right-to-Know award. But your deceitful hypocritical nature certainly does. You are an enemy of common sense and blight on the First Amendment.

27 June 2008

KingCast says "Tell me Something Good Chaka!!!"

Effin'-a-Right, sister. As we used to say in undergrad, "Draw a bang on THAT number!"

KingCast gives 20/20 the Franconia town policy on citizen complaints regarding Bruce McKay and the Motorola manual: Was he on MUTE?

Well not yet guys. But I telephoned Attorney Mullen today and I'll be ordering the Motorola Manual over the weekend for $18.00 and I guess they felt bad for giving me the runaround on the Complaint procedures so those are on the House and I am supposed to receive them in the mail today.

I bet it's only a one pager (which you know they violated it) anyway and it goes like this:

See No Evil.
Hear No Evil.
Speak No Evil.

Or Three Blind Mice. (Nice KingCast collage on this one).

Here's yesterday's post on 20/20's pending coverage and a recent post about Bruce McKay and the Motorola background: Was he on MUTE the whole 6 minutes he was incommunicado while he was violating about seven (7) town pursuit and OC Spray Policies?

Watch this entry for updates tonight.
I will scan the documents/responses on Saturday for distribution.
#1 - Pathetic on the Complaint issue. They gave me a copy of a policy that requires adherence to a specific form that they sent me. I know damn well that policy was recently passed, so now I have to ask them again (tomorrow morning) to provide documents that identify when that policy was effectuated. Before then they either had another policy..... or.... they had NOTHING.

#2 - Attorney Mullen threw Chief Montminy under the bus on the missing Troy Watts/Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint. After weeks of hand wrangling so as not to overexpose his client, on 26 June 2008 Mullen wrote to NH Bar Counsel James DeHart:
"I was not aware of Attorney Watt's letter dated My 15, 2006 until I received a copy of the file that the Grafton County Attorney's Office produced to Mr. King."

Okay. Now we're getting somewhere: The problem with that is the fact that Attorney Mullen previously stated (read his 9 June 2008 court filing at p.2) that his client did not destroy the document, but that it was in their file all along. Well I had been asking for it for months on end so why HADN'T Defendant Chief Montminy provided it to me with Sarah's file when he first provided me a copy of her file months ago?

It's very important to read this this post to understand the full gravity of their wanton disrespect for public disclosure as you can see that Defendant Montminy had the nerve to claim that he did not deem it to be a complaint even though Attorney Watts wrote: "Call your insurance carrier and tell them to brace themselves."

26 June 2008

Will Judge Cyr join KingCast in an Ethics Complaint to James DeHart for Defense Counsel lies during Gregory W. Floyd's bail hearing today?

I'm waaay to busy to get into this right now but my sources indicate that Floyd's attorney said that the media in his 15 April 2008 conviction for Criminal Threats used flash cameras to get in Floyd's face. Also the request from Prosecutor Vera was that bail conditions include that all fire arms, dangerous and destructive weapons are removed from the Floyd residence within 24 hours at which point his attorney must notify GCSO and transfer the goods within 24 hours to them.

According to Floyd's counsel he is not a dangerous or violent person and he is an asset to the community. Query, what of those 43 people he's claimed to have killed? Read the comments for more.

Note: None of that camera-in-face nonsense happened. No media was EVER in Floyd's face and there were no flash cameras in that courtroom. Judge Cyr followed the law on electronic devices set down by the NH Supreme Court in January of this year. So that's all there is to know. See Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal. More on this later.

KingCast is glad to see ABC News 20-20 will air a Franconia shooting tragedy expose while we go to Bahamas International Film Festival.

Here's today's Concord Monitor Story noting that the segment originally scheduled for this week has been postponed, no doubt because there is still so much going on. I note that they included an interview about failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway with Sharon Davis (who cannot legally be Sharon Davis-McKay) so I hope they include the interview with Robbie Hayward, who told 20/20:
"Both men had good qualities about them but that MCKay was a liability and that the State had a greater responsibility to monitor the situation, and that Liko was pushed into a corner."

Perhaps by the time they run it the Franconia Collective will have filed our Complaint with the U.S. House as noted yesterday. And they will also have the lawsuit against Martha McLeod -- who lied and concealed everything about HB 1428 from her Constituents -- to consider.

As noted a few days ago, my brother Trent, my film maker and the rest of our crew came to an understanding about our film short for the "Spirit of Freedom" category for the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) last night.

The time is right, folks. I have spoken with ABC producer Andrew Paparella on a few occasions and hope that they do a good and thorough job. Liko Kenney's spirit is shining through and this will be the Summer of Love and Honesty for Franconia.

Other stuff 20/20 should cover:

1. What Kelly Ayotte hid from America about Gregory W. Floyd.
2. Placement of McKay's spent shells vis a vis Floyd as murderer.
3. Bruce McKay's legacy and Brendlin v. State of California.
4. What the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia court documents show.
5. The pending Ethics Complaint for the missing Ethics Complaint on McKay.

Smile Martha, you're on KingCast camera!

Dear Representative Martha McLeod:

You will soon be the lead named Defendant in an action sounding in First Amendment/RSA 91-A/Right-to-Know/FOIA by KingCast.net.

I wrote you this very temperate letter on 20 August 2008 and you failed to respond, instead hooking up with NH Senior AAG Jeffrey Strelzin and saying that I was not going to do "any good for [your] little community." In fact, you even went as far as to write:
"I am not responding to his emails so he is getting more persistent."

Indeed you are correct about something for once. Too bad AAG Strelzin can't help you now, Sister: The gavel will soon fall on you and Senator Letourneau.

I then wrote you a Demand for emails on failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway on 11 June 2008 and you again failed to respond.

Whereby I will today -- after your hero Gregory Floyd's bail hearing this morning -- send you a copy of the 11 June 2008 blawg post via Certified Mail to close any and all possible evidentiary loops in this matter. I'm sure you understand.

USPS: 7007 3020 0001 6051 6691

PS: NH Senator Letourneau responded with a snide comment via email as noted in the comments section of this post so I don't have to bother with this nonsense with him.

PPS: As noted a few days ago, my brother Trent, my film maker and the rest of our crew came to an understanding about our film short for the "Spirit of Freedom" category for the Bahama International Film Festival (BIFF) last night. Wait for it. Martha, we will be certain to mention you:

25 June 2008

KingCast answers the question of whether Barack Obama is "talking white."

Of course he's talking white. The guy went to the whitest law school in the World for Pete's sake LOL :)

But of course he "wouldn't be where he is today if he were white," at least according to Geraldine Ferraro. That's how they like to do brothas in the U.S. Either we're too white or we're too black, but we can never just BE.

KingCast applauds State of NH for appealing 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd bail reduction.

They took him from $20K cash to $80K O/R. No way. I said. And so did everyone in Franconia except his buddy Martha McLeod, a thoroughly deceitful politician who even coddled Floyd with Kelly Ayotte and Sgt. West. I commented on it right here. I'm told the hearing in Grafton County Superior is set for 10:00 a.m. and I will follow up as soon as it is completed or a ruling issued. Here then, is a collage I've assembled pictures I took(except the one with my right arm in view, obviously) of Gregory W. Floyd in action at his last court skirmish. Some people say Floyd was "entrapped" but I don't believe that assertion has any merit whatsoever as the Littleton Courier did not once mention that, nor has ANY media source.

The issue before the Court tomorrow is one of Floyd as flight risk vs. threat to public safety. As I pointed out earlier, the Court seemed to address only the first issue but not the second. Floyd is scheduled for a hearing on 15 Sept. 2008 for his violent tirades and threats in Littleton Court.

With KingCast v. Ayotte and Franconia wrapping up, and new litigation on the way we start the Complaint to the U.S. House for Justice and Liko Kenney.

Dear Speaker of the House and special counsel:

We as the Franconia Collective are a concerned group of citizens who either reside in the North Country of New Hampshire or who have serious concerns about the quality of life in an area that should be known for its innate beauty and tranquility. The Robert Frost home and the former Man in the Mountain are but two of the many cultural icons of beauty for which the area is known.

On 5/11 2007 any notion of beauty was erased in the tragic and ugly deaths of Liko Peter Kenney and Corporal Norman Bruce McKay when Mr. Kenney shot Corporal McKay after McKay violated at least 7 different pursuit and OC Spray policies against Mr. Kenney and his friend, Caleb Macaulay, over an expired inspection sticker. The New Hampshire Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte, issued an immediate coronation (i.e. within 24-hours) of three (3) time felon Gregory Willis Floyd as a "hero" despite evidence that indicates that he issued material lies about his actions in shooting Liko Kenney and more evidence that indicates that he may well have murdered Mr. Kenney.

It is true that Liko Kenney shot and killed Bruce McKay. However, what is most disturbing is that the New Hampshire Attorney General's office has started and ended its entire inquiry with that notion. Most shocking is the documented pattern of willful ignorance to a decade-old problem with Bruce McKay and the immediate and continued failure to truly investigate the actions of Mr. Floyd as potentially criminal.

We now present these matters to you in the hope of a new and earnest investigation of all salient issues in this case, similar to the inquiry that freed Joseph Salvati, as noted in this post. We have the express support of several statesmen and attorneys from other jurisdictions as well as a 30-year member of the Governor's Executive Council and former Mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire.

With this in mind we provide you with a copy of what is arguably the most even-handed story on this tragedy from ABC News as we now turn to an outline of events since 1997 when the Bruce McKay era began.....

Update: As if on cue, the State of New Hampshire has come to its senses and appealed the bail reduction given to Gregory W. Floyd. I covered that here and broke it elsewhere on the Internet. When the $20,000.00 cash bail was initially set, the Court found him to be a threat to society, most assuredly. Note that he has gotten away for repeatedly violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) on at least three (3) occasions, as proved by his own admission. [For a practice pointer on his upcoming trial for his tirade against LE while he was under arrest, check the comments.]

Below he is hurling profanities ("what are you looking at Motherfucker!") to an LE friend of mine who let me use his camera and who was standing to my immediate left in a previous Floyd hearing on 15 April, 2008. Floyd was convicted of criminal threats against his neighbor, Alma Jean Boisvert. The LE and others in the KingCast/Franconia Collective brought cameras so that we could capture the real Gregory Floyd, and we (and other media) surely did.

Unfortunately, Liko Kenney also saw him at his zenith, or nadir. The State knows that Floyd has walked away from a LOT of criminal charges and this time they are actually paying attention. The AG's office could have easily referred him to the Feds/ATF for the 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) situation 11 years ago but failed to do so.

In fact, U.S. AG Mark Zuckerman vowed to me that he would go to the ATF months ago but I am not certain of the status on that promise. "Google" his name on this blawg for more. A lot more.

KingCast presents: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

Thanks Nicole (pictured) on the fuses and Brandon for the other advice yesterday. Brandon is not pictured but he's a bad-assed mechanic too, and he's out back behind this truck. And thanks to Jammin' Motorsports Jim for the sparky. Jim has an 1984 RZ350 which is a must have item. Which is exactly why he's not selling it. You can't long-distance tour on them but damn what a blast they really are. Nothing like it, except a Suzuki RG500 Gamma but that bike is just ridiculous. I'm almost scared of that bike. RZ video. Gamma video. I'm sorry.... did someone say "EPA?"

24 June 2008

Dear Attorney Mullen: How hard is it to produce the Franconia Citizen Police Complaint procedures and Motorola 2-way radio manual?

Sir, with all due respect (one must wonder how much respect is due anymore) you said you were going to have these documents to me weeks ago, as noted in the comments section to this post.

1. You can't train officers without the Motorola manual.

2. You can't Constitutionally address citizen concerns without a complaint policy.

I want these items RIGHT NOW.

Very truly yours/KingCast.net

Related post: It's not rocket science but it sure is a meltdown.

And folks are watching it happen, despite best attempts to keep this message from being respected. In descendig order: Page views, unique sessions, unique vistors, IP hosts.

Unethical dirtbag Martha McLeod trys to run a game on a child; gets dealt a smack-down from a KingCast supporter.

Here's your background on this unethical dirt bag political hussy, and here's what happened last weekend in North Country:
Your friend Martha was in the parade on Saturday. It occurred to me who she was after she walked by with her sign and dog in hand. My child ran over to me and said "look mom, that lady gave us some stickers'. I asked if I could have the stickers. I then walked over to Martha and stated "on behalf of KingCast I am going to return these and will not be voting for you." She turned to me and said "what" as she was stunned. The lady helping her grabbed them from me and said "I'll take them" and they both walked away rather quickly. How pathetic that this woman was taking her stickers and putting them on the shirts of kids. There is no way she was going to use my child or her friend as a walking billboard for her dirty campaign. It was too funny and I wish you were there.

KingCast says: I do too, but they prolly would have found a way to get me arrested or charged with being a dangerous black man or Unauthorized Practice of Blawg so it's All Good. Maybe one day Martha can have her own movie and book, like this hussy of wares of a less political nature: