20 May 2008

Planning on visiting New Hampshire? You might live free or you just might die.

Twenty-five years ago two innocent people were likely murdered by a North Country cop named Richard Dow, and since that time the State has shown a marked pattern of indifference to solving murders. Here's The Dow Murders website. Do NOT skip the Intro.
In spite of the harassment and obstructive acts Detective Mozrall pushed forward and ended up solving the case. His investigation demonstrated that Jan and Steven Dow were murder victims, the car accident was staged, the fire set, and the perpetrator Officer Richard Dow. Detective Mozrall's investigation into this matter also demonstrated that this incident was deliberately botched in 1982.

At one point, the New Hampshire Attorney General's office was preparing to go forward to a Grand Jury with this case, but then abruptly decided not to move forward.

But that's nothing new. There are a heck of a lot of unsolved murders in New Hampshire, particularly in the North Country. Women seem disproportionately represented as noted in this unsolved murders website, which as noted herein, contains only some of the unsolved murders.

Governor Lynch's AG Kelly Ayotte and the establishment unlawfully withheld documents from Fred Murray, the father of one missing woman. See Murray v. NH Police, 913 A.2d 737 (2006).

New Hampshire tolerates abusive police officers and vigilante justice as well. In particular "Corporal" Norman Bruce McKay was allowed to run amok in the picturesque Franconia area near the home of poet Robert Frost. There have been many very serious complaints filed against Bruce McKay, including one from a fire chief and a woman who claimed he "terrorized" her with a knife near hear privates for no lawful reason in a DUI stop that Judge Peter Cyr ruled without probable cause. McKay was shot last year as a result of his abusive excesses, to wit: Unauthorized vehicular and OC Spray assault against Liko Kenney and bystander Caleb Macaulay. Then Gregory W. Floyd, an historically dangerous man with 3 prior felonies and a history of gun violations under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) then likely murdered Liko Kenney and clearly issued material lies about his actions. Review the forensic files here and read more about Floyd, now incarcerated for other reasons including criminal threats to a neighbor here.

AG Ayotte gave Floyd a pass in 24 hours on the killing of Liko Kenney and the criminal threats to Caleb Macaulay to keep everything quiet. She also lied about Floyd's actions as noted here, and lied to a former AAG/Veterans for Peace U.N. delegate Harold Burbank read the email chain here.

Governor Lynch refused to respond to a very nice and professional letter that I wrote that was published in the Caledonian Record. All I asked him for was a fact-finding tour, just one or two visits to get input from local citizens. He never even responded.

Watch the video of KingCast at his office, politely requesting that he engage in a fact-finding tour. He never responded and his press secretary Colin Manning hung up on me. Governor Lynch is, thankfully, up for re-election this year. Attorney Ayotte is appointed so perhaps we can say good riddance to bad rubbish in one fell swoop.

See no tourists feared Liko Kenney but they sure as heck feared Bruce McKay and I've personally met many people here in Nashua who were upset and fearful of McKay, and these are middle-aged people with families, money and sound reputations. Here's what one of them told me directly at our friend's 50th birthday party last year:
"He was such a ridiculous hard-ass for no reason. 'Your light's too bright', or whatever he had a hair across his ass about, they gave him carte blanche up there."

"Wow," I said.

"And one time I saw him get 22 people kicked out for no reason, just a family there with young kids, no Harleys or nothing. I hate to say he should have been killed, but........"

This is a documented summary of Bruce McKay's legacy. People like NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Governor Lynch allow this to happen though, in part because Bruce McKay helped apprehend some people who had a role in killing other officers many years ago. That was a Good Act on the part of Bruce McKay, but continuing to ignore his faults imperiled citizens and visitors.

Even the town of Franconia got into the mix, either shredding or lying about an Ethics Complaint (read it here) that Troy Watts, a well-respected local attorney had filed. Here's a Motion for Contempt of Court on that, relative to a Right-to-Know lawsuit in Grafton Superior Court, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, in which all Defendants have been ordered to pay court costs to Petitioner.

There will be a full report to the U.S. House for an investigation this summer, in the spirit of Liko Kenney.

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Christopher King said...

Gregory W. Floyd's murder of Liko Kenney would be the ultimate unsolved murder were it not for the fact that the Franconia Collective and I have solved it right here in the pages of this here blawg.

Along with the government malfeasance too.

All it takes now is a duly licensed attorney to connect the dots, and I'm certain he or she will find a way into this case.

And the House Committee will likely be interested as well.

The injustice is simply too great.


Mary D. said...

Thank you Mr. King !

I was online early this morning finishing up on some details in regards to our summer vacation to the your area.

After reading up on some of the events having transpired in your area I was horrified.

I have cancelled all plans to vacation in the North Country.

This is not an area I wish to bring my family to visit at this time. Perhaps ina few years !

I am very glad I do not live in the North Country.

Anonymous said...

That makes two of us, Mary. No authority other than God and one that heavily medicates the population can control these live free of die savages. New Hampshire is remote for a reason. Few care about it and know about it. Can you imagine what it was like 20 years ago? But with the arrival of the internet, we are forarmed as we have been forewarned.

Another public service, handed out for free. Thank you, Kingcast. You are goodness.

LAJFA said...

Good post Chris ! The tourist have a right to know what is going on in the "North Country". If I were a vacationer in the area and was made aware of this information I would run and not walk away.

I hope that circumstances will change. With this information you very well could have saved a family from a nightmare.

Look what the Murray's have endured. God Bless you Maura, I hope that you are returned home to your family soon.

Christopher King said...

To all,

I appreciate your perspectives on this uniquely troubling situation.

All of that and I forgot to link in the fact that AG Ayotte willfully lied to "Attorney X," who is Harold Burbank, a former AAG and Veterans for Peace delegate to the U.N. IIRC.

Google his name and on this blawg run a word search for "Res Ipsa One" so you can see Kelly's email to him, where she lies and says "All witness statements were consistent on Gregory W. Floyd's actions," when they clearly are not.

She also said there was no agreement that Liko Kenney could ask for another officer, while ignoring the fact that Franconia Protocol was for Bruce McKay

1. Not to overtake him;

2. Not to bash his little Toyota with a 5,500lb Tahoe;

3. And to send for him later over a minor infraction (expired registration).

Obviously she knew all of these things but she had to make Liko into a villain to deflect attention away from McKay and Floyd.

I'll put the links in soon.