03 May 2008

KingCast sits in amazement as Franconia honors 3 time felon and currently-jailed Gregory W. Floyd, who lunged at KingCast and others with a cane!

The town won't even ask the manufacturer not to use the town logo on the Gregory W. Floyd Tye band. I have provided the town with ample law to support a request to Cease and Desist, BTW read the comments. So this means the town is supporting a 3 time felon and potential likely murderer. Read Citizen Jesseman's blog.


Christopher King said...

Here's the law and you can't knock it because it's ALL GOOD.

It's KingCastic!

Hard Rock Cafe Licensing Corp. v. Pacific Graphics, Inc., 776 F. Supp. 1454 (1991).
OVERVIEW: A heat transfer design company was enjoined from producing a transfer that was confusingly similar to a trademark owner's restaurant logo because the owner was likely to succeed on the merits in its trademark infringement and trade dress action.

Harley-Davidson, Inc. v. Grottanelli, 164 F.3d 806 (1999)
OUTCOME: The court affirmed the lower court's judgment to the extent it enjoined defendant repair shop's use of plaintiff motorcycle company's logo. The court reversed and remanded to the extent that the lower court enjoined defendant from certain uses of the word "hog," as that was a generic term not entitled to trademark protection.

Is that clear enough yet?

Anonymous said...

I have seen and heard it all (except the truth).

What a joke ! In my opinion this banner means nothing more then damage control for several people. It is not about honoring Floyd....

It speaks volumns, like let's try to justify Floyds murder (publicly) of Liko Kenny, so we don't go down for mis-leading the citizens of Franconia and New Hampshire.

Christopher King said...


The House of Cards will tumble, eventually. Let's see if my movie guy can get anything from the "new" audio this week.

Mother's day is of course on the 11th. I can't brink Liko back for Michele but I can at least make sure that she knows what really happened to her son to the best of my abilities.

And that in turn has got to be painful as hell for her too so in the end I guess it is the lesser of two evils.