19 May 2008

KingCast Show Cause Motion for Civil or Criminal Contempt against Franconia Defendants and Attorney Dan Mullen.

May it please the Court:

This motion incorporates by reference Plaintiff's Mothers' Day Notice of Bad Faith at Docket #__ and the entire motion is set forth in the next three sentence syllogism:

First, it is obvious that the Franconia Defendants had the Troy Watts ethics complaint because of the Certified U.S. Mail receipts and town fax headers.

Second, no self-respecting police chief or municipality would destroy such a series of documents, nor would they fail to forward copies of them to counsel as requested by Attorney Watts.

Third, that means that Chief Montminy's Affidavit was a lie and it means that Attorney Mullen helped him lie in violation of Rule 3.3 Candor toward the tribunal.

Wherefore Defendant and Counsel ought be compelled to Show Cause as to why they are not in Civil and/or Criminal Contempt of Court. I the undersigned litigant am only slightly schooled in the vagaries of Civil and Criminal Contempt but it appears Criminal because it threatens the authority and dignity of the court. See generally State v. Nott, Lebanon District Court No. 2002-301.

Obviously lying to the Court is a contemptible offense and one can be disbarred for facilitating that sort of conduct. See generally In re Young's case, 154 N.H. 359; 913 A.2d 727; 2006 N.H. LEXIS 172, Rehearing denied by Young's Case, 2007 N.H. LEXIS 15 (N.H., Jan. 16, 2007).
In response, he made intentionally false misrepresentations regarding her assault claim, in a letter sent to her new counsel and in an objection made to the trial court.

That’s no different from what apparently happened in the case at bar, unless Attorney Mullen swears that he never saw the Complaint, but even then his clients are liable for contempt because they would have withheld the information from counsel and lied to the Court because they would never destroy documents that important.

Respectfully submitted/CK on behalf of KingCast.net

Note: This Motion will be is hosted at scribd.com.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.... smells like... victory!


LAJFA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

Can't wait for the outcome of this one. Well done Chris !

Christopher King said...

Thanks. I woke up this morning and it just occurred to me. Now if I was in Ohio of course I would have been sanctioned for it. Seriously, in a Show Cause Motion Judge Nodine Miller blasted me for writing that the (in)actions of the Defendants in Hamm v. City of Gahanna were "contemptible."

The town failed to grant zoning for a cul-de-sac housing project on the Hamm's own property for the frail, elderly handicapped based on stereotypes and property values, a no-no. She had ordered the town to grant the zoning then they never did, and I sued them in Federal Court then we almost settled but the town wanted a permanent easement and that gave us the Willies so then I exit stage left under a hail of judicial gunfire and Sandy Spater (Spater, Gittes et al) took over the case and it dragged on for another 6 years or so and the project never got built.


Anyway, Judge Miller never issued a Final Order for me to appeal the sanction, so there you have a situation where I am sanctioned to my detriment and the Ohio Supreme Court included that against me, yet I couldn't appeal it.


When I got my mentor I wrote a letter to her asking her to file the Final Entry but she never did.

I think I like litigating in Grafton more than litigating in Ohio for the most part. I can assure you I'm not going to be sanctioned for filing this Motion.

What will happen is we will get some answers to what the hell is going on.


Christopher King said...

KingCast Show Cause Motion for Contempt
Monday, May 19, 2008 2:24 PM
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
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To:.....wchristie@shaheengordon.com, wshaheen@shaheengordon.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Nancy.Smith@doj.nh.gov, James.Kennedy@doj.nh.gov, bud.fitch@dohj.nh.gov, dmullen@ranspell.com, wchapman@orr-reno.com, jlavely@salmonpress.com, police@franconianh.org, selectmen@franconianh.com,

Dear Attorney Mullen:

Attached please find a Show Cause Motion for Contempt of Court that I will mail tomorrow pending my review of any filings you may have sent me over the weekend. On a related note, I appreciate your client finally providing the McKay DUI videos and look forward to receipt of the Ms. B video in the next day or two.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.