06 May 2008

KingCast says Good God Allmighty, Franconia Chief Montminy & Dan Mullen, Esq. knew all along about the Troy Watts, Esq. Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint.

Attorney Watts never lied to me. He sent a copy to Chief Montminy and to Bruce McKay on or about 15 May 2006 and I have copies of the envelopes, yah.
Montminy: 7004 2890 0001 4105 6878
McKay: 7004 2890 0001 4105 6885

In the correspondence from Grafton DA Ricardo St. Hilaire that I scanning at 9:35 a.m., four things jump right out at me:

First is the FACT that the town faxed the envelopes to Attorney Hilaire in the first place so they did indeed have the Watts Complaint. Look at the thumbnails closely for the fax header.

Second is the letter in which Attorney Watts notes that McKay has reneged on a written offer (emphasis in original) that a guilty plea would be offered in exchange for dismissing the DWI in exchange for a Reckless Op or Negligent Driving, with no additional loss of license and a letter from Sarah to be a "substantial and sincerely written apology outlining the errors of her behavior that [I] find acceptable." This is straight from the plea and explains why such a letter is in the file a-ha!

However McKay reneged on that and Attorney Watts threatened litigation but Sarah wanted to move on. "In the meantime, you should send this letter to your insurance carrier (Mullen) with a note that they brace themselves." Not to blame her for McKay's attitude and lawlessness, but if she (or others) had gone forward perhaps McKay and Liko Kenney would be alive today. Even if Attorney Watts had not been so overwhelmed (as noted in his email to me last year) when Liko came to him back in the day things might have worked out differently. This is Greek Tragedy played out in the White Mountains. Liko and McKay are not alive today but KingCast is most definitely going forward.

Third is the Attorney Watts' Motion to Suppress and it is something I said a long time ago in the Sarah epiphany post: McKay violated Sarah's Civil Rights in his approach.

26. What Corporal McKay did not do is offer any justification as to why he was asking the defendant out of her car. He did not ask her to step out for a sobriety test, and as stating in his report, there was no request to step out of her car for a sobriety test. On these facts, the only basis upon which he could have forced the defendant to leave her car involuntarily was if she was under arrest.

27. The Corporal, however, does not metion the word "arrest" in requiring of the defendant that she exit the vehicle.

Fourth, in Sarah's Affidavit she claimed that McKay gave her a pen and kept demanding she sign a document without telling her what it was and she couldn't read it well because of the OC Spray. He threatened her TWICE more in the holding cell with OC Spray: "He asked me to return the 'weapon'(the pen). I was again threatened again that I would be pepper sprayed, and 'this time it will be worse."

Documents Scan for Wednesday:
Envelopes one and two.
Watts Complaint one(repost on TH) and two.
Reneged Plea offer.
Sarah Affidavit.
$820.10 bill for Impala damage one and two.
Motion to Suppress 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


For the town nor Attorney Mullen to produce this documentation is legally and morally reprehensible and I will be seeking an independent prosecutor a la Boston's framed Joe Salvati when I complete my review of these matters. I'll try to get in touch with Mr. Salvati, perhaps he can help with financing.

Honestly, no wonder Counsel Mullen and Selectman Rich McLeod are looking a tad raggedy in that top picture, in fact all Defense counsel looks beat up bad because you all knew what you were trying to cover up and that I was sharp enough to catch you at it. I point the finger at all of you con mucho gusto.


Anonymous said...

One need only to watch the 03 video with Liko and then the one with Sarah to see McKay's MO with his victims.

Too bad the leaders that were supposed to show him the way to be a decent officer and set boundaries as well as consequences for his ill behaved antics were so negligent in their own duties. When a person is held accountable it will often have the impact of turning their life in a new direction. The system failed McKay as grossly as it failed Liko.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, at the January R2K hearing in Grafton Courthouse you and the Judge had a discussion abou whether it was reasonable for the AG to keep the envelopes as documentation for when info was recieved...correct me if I misunderstood your point.

If I am correct, why does the Grafton AG keep the envelopes and the NH AG does not maintain this same audit record? The various AG office SOP's don't jibe. Odd.

Christopher King said...


Yes indeed His Honor and I had that colloquy (I'll link the YouTube video later) and I am about to overnight to the Court a copy of this post along with a Further Memorandum of Bad Faith and guess what I just noticed as I sit down to scan:

The header on the envelope fax to Attorney Hiliare is FROM THE TOWN.

So they had it.

I need the Franconia Collective to research cases where the Special prosecutor has been called in, I know it happened recently in Boston where they had framed Joe Salvati and he did 30 years behind some bogus government setup.

Also my buddy Devon Sawyer, J.D. called me last night and that was the first thing he mentioned was them not having records and envelopes and he should know:

First, he and I were responsible for Integration and contracts management at American Tower Corporation in 2002-3 where we never missed a trick; always had our ducks in a row.

Second, he went on to file manage for a rather successful PI law firm in Worcester, Mass where he is still always welcome; I used to meet him there for lunch back in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Busted!

After all these years you'd think S.S. would know enough to shred these documents AND not use the town's fax machine. That's as amaturish as making prank calls from your home phone. Duh!

Christopher King said...


Oh, yah busted like a M-F and I'm tellin' the Principal.

Dear Judge Vaughn.....

Christopher King said...

BTW Mckay's unwarranted Use of Force against Sarah cost the taxpayers $820.10 for repairs to the Impala. Scans coming.