22 May 2008

KingCast open letter to Prosecutor Rick St. Hilaire with candid images of Liko Kenney's probable murderer, Gregory W. Floyd threatening others.

Dear Attorney Hilaire:

As you already know from the Peace Out post to you, I thank you for the incriminating documents on the Troy Watts/Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint and I concur with your decision to play your cards close to the chest on Gregory W. Floyd's upcoming trial. That having been said, it did occur to me that I have already issued some pictures that the media do not have that help document this man's irrational rage, fury and general contempt for the law. I provide them in the order of occurence.

First I saw Floyd try to attack Det. Beausoleil.
Second I saw Floyd lunge at me with a deadly weapon.
Third a TV Station caught Floyd lunging at me with a deadly weapon, that is my right arm in the picture.
Fourth I shot over shoulders as Floyd had to be forcibly restrained. I did not witness any unwarranted use of force on the part of Law Enforcement whatsoever, and believe me if I did I would say so: Even though I dislike Floyd I dislike unlawful use of force even more.

Also, you should know that as Floyd left the courtroom he stared directly at a former LE and me as we were taking his picture and he bellowed:

"You got something to say to me, Motherfucker!" to my LE friend.

Whomever represents Floyd is free to attack me on bias, as I clearly have no respect for Mr. Floyd, but that is of little to no consequence as the video/audio tells the story and I will be more than happy to testify on chain of custody, verify the accuracy etc. etc. Honestly, I don't think the defense will even bother to cross me because they definitely don't want me opening my mouth about Gregory W. Floyd, you got that right.

Respectfully submitted,

CK/On behalf of KingCast.net


Christopher King said...

See, these images were in the public domain by virtue of being posted on this blawg -- but that doesn't mean that Prosector Hilaire had them until today.


Christopher King said...

Gregory W. Floyd rage photos for Grafton Prosecutor Hilaire

Thursday, May 22, 2008 12:33 PM
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
To: graftonca@yahoo.com, townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com, police@franconianh.org, selectmen@franconianh.org, Marta.Modigliani@dos.nh.gov, USANH.Webmail@usdoj.gov, david.frydman@leg.state.nh.us, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov....


22 May 2008

Anonymous said...

So. Will we being seeing these images on WMUR, Union Misleader, Caledonia Not For the Record, and the Littleton Don't Bother to Correct Me Courier?

Christopher King said...

Settle Sparky don't rag on the Record or the Courier because they are the ONLY papers to even cover the Right-to-Know litigation, and in fact it was the Record who caught Floyd lunging at me.

Here's the Record Story.

Let's not alienate those who have shown an active interest in this ongoing case.

"Settle Sparky...." An old girlfiend of mine used to say that, and it was just hootlarious, her delivery. Chatted with her the other day like 11-12 years later and to this day the thing we remember most about each other is our laughs.

Life is not all bad here at KingCast; there is love and laughter.

But when I see evil I'm all about the business.


Anonymous said...

Chris - you must come forward and testify on behalf of the state in this matter, as to the assault and mayhem that day in court. You should be a witness. If they will only see fit to call you to the stand.

Christopher King said...


I will do whatever Attorney Hilaire asks me to do, even if that it only to authenticate the pictures.


Christopher King said...

And to you Daily Kos tools over there at Kos, TrueCrimeWeblog and wherever else you slither about:

This blawg rocks.

L8r H8rs.

And BTW to that black woman who wrote in about professionalism, you oughtta' be ashamed for you sister Gloria Timmons lying under Oath about Cleaven Ferguson's "Affidavit" she allegedly had.

I had the real one.

Google-Bomb that, Honey'Chile.

Proud blaaksissstahhhh....


Christopher King said...

So take your false Black Pride somewhere else and plant one where the sun don't shine, baby.

The State of New Hampshire has treated North Country folks like proverbial n****s anyway and I'm exposing it like Nat Turner while you sit your pickanniny Aunt Jemima fuckin' plantation armchair revolutionary ass on the sidelines.

And did I forget to mention disingenuous, ersatz intellectual, mindless, spineless, house negro, nappy-headed ho.

And FWIW my white brother-in-law thinks you're a tool too.


Get up on this.

Christopher King said...


That was fun =^.)


Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste to all you real folks in the house.

Christopher King said...

So y'all see what's so funny:

Next she goes off and says "He slandered me, he called me a nappy-headed ho!"

I am NOT a nappy-headed ho, my hair is STRAIGHT!!!


LMAO (still)....

Anonymous said...

Who are you railing against, Chris?

Christopher King said...


There is a posse of sellout black women over at Daily Kos who can't stand me and wherever I go they want to make me shut up, etc. etc. and they intentionally overlook the fact that NAACP President Gloria Timmons lied under Oath and that her lies to that point were what even made any indictment of me possible.

They are obliquely referenced in this post where I was right about Sean Bell's killer cops.


Where is Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni, real sisters like THAT?

Gone with the wind, defected (defecated) to Daily Kos.


Christopher King said...


See it gets deep. Let me take you to the late '90s in Columbus, Ohio where William Roger Moss and Loretta Heard were the two most strident school board members. They are both unfortunately no longer with us. They would rail on Mary Jo Kilroy, who used to be a friend of mine (until she sold out) and who is still a friend of my then-girlfriend.

But Kos will not tolerate anyone saying anything negative about a Democrat so they try to minimize what Loretta Heard tells Kilroy here, and try to say that I wasn't really friends with Ms. Heard or Bill Moss (wiki William Roger Moss BTW) when in reality I was a regular guest on his radio show. Yes I have video and audio to prove it, duh.

Watch the video with Heard dressing down Kilroy to see what I mean.

Heard ripped Mary Jo a new one for her threatening to arrest public speakers and whatnot, and these are people with valid issues. I showed up that day in tennis togs because my client (a white guy) had a son whose nose was broken by some sandlot bullies and the school principal hid it from the police.

They've also hidden rape in Columbus Public, but when I mention it, they try to nail me with my bar record and ignore anything else.

Daily Kos people, in general, are bought-and-sold puppets paying homage to a leader who openly admits liking the CIA.

They call me sad, but they are what is truly sad.

Christopher King said...

PS: In fact, every now and then, especially in my emails you will see me write "solid."

I got that one from Bill, RIP.

Christopher King said...

These pictures really DO tell the story!