13 May 2008

KingCast, common sense and budgetary concerns urge the Town of Franconia to eliminate Mark Montimy's position as Police Chief.

Back on 31 December 2007 I blogged about the Town of Lyndeborough eliminating the position of Police Chief. This is permissible when done for financial reasons. Having a police chief who lies by omission in a Court of Law can and will likely cost the town a lot of money in litigation, not just KingCast litigation but other litigation.
"By law, petitioners needed a minimum of 50 signatures of certified registered voters to place their request on a warrant at a special town meeting. They collected 91 signatures, allowing them to organize and publicize the meeting."

Plus he wasn't earning his salary. Not only did he "lose" the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint, he must have "lost" the Hillwinds Complaint and the Complaint issued by the Town Fire Chief and the Complaint issued by Ms. B when McKay "terrorized" her with a non-spec, penis-shaped knife near her privates, groin, crotch, labia, insert word of choice. All documented in the Bruce McKay legacy post.

KingCast v. Ayotte et al., 07-E-268:
Court Notice
Ethics Complaint.
Mullen Certified Receipt# 7007 0710 0000 3305 9114
Supreme Ct. Certified Receipt# 7007 0710 0000 3305 9138

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Christopher King said...

Seriously. I know from sources I trust that the Chief prior to Montminy was standing in a certain village store after McKay's arrival and urging that the town get rid of him.

That was foresight.

It may not seem like it now that Liko and McKay are no longer with us, but this is too. Serious as a heart attack.