02 May 2008

KingCast asks, "why was Bruce McKay incommunicado and muted on his $2,000.00 Motorola XTS3000 before he was shot?"

Kelly Ayotte's Official Report pp. 23 & 21:

6:09:15 Grafton dispatch calls for Cpl. McKay several times with no response.

6:10:21 Grafton dispatch calls for Cpl. McKay with no response. Grafton dispatch asks another unit, 520B to go to area.

6:16:02 Kenney fires his last shot of seven shots captured on the video.

Perhaps a telephone call to the Motorola people will help. Manufacturers are pretty good about explaining the features of their products (such as dash cam systems), and this one appears to be on mute. Click on it. And it seems that McKay also refused to turn on his remote mike for the video too, which is odd because one would THINK he would want everyone to know everything that was being said between Liko and him, given their history, yah. That way he could avoid the appearance of impropriety.

UPDATE: That damn radio (a Motorola XTS 3000) costs $2,000.00 for Bruce McKay to put it on MUTE. Now why oh why would he have BOTH his belt/shoulder mike and his 2way radio sound disabled? And FWIW what's REALLY messed up is that McKay was probably so disoriented from being shot he couldn't think to undue the mute function to uncover his tracks. Watch the next post coming at about 11:30 a.m. 2 May 2008.


Christopher King said...

Liko should have floored it and got to Tamarack to have his witnesses. Instead he was trying to stay within speed limits to give McKay less reason to act irrationally, but irrationality was McKay's strong suit to the extent that he had one.

From witness Thompson in Kelly's own materials:

"The grey car was not going fast. I thought [McKay] was trying to get around it [for something else]. He made several movements (her daughter called it a "10-point turn" in her interview) to come nose to nose now facing north.... [McKay] pushed him and kept pushing him down (into the gravel area) dirt flew back the police car pushed him so strongly and just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the grey car was beyond my view."


KingCast say: Friggin' road rage maniac. And he was on meds because his lawyer let the cat out of the bag. Read this and enjoy the 3 blind mice animation.

Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:

There must be a town/county/state protocol that should be followed as regards to audio/video and mike/dispatch transmissions. Would that be of public record ? This guy is/was such an ass. He wouldn't even so much as respond to dispatch because the dirty bastard was too busy tormenting/or planning to torment/abuse/kill (my opinion, of course) Liko and Caleb. Oh there was intent alright, by McKay and his dirty boy Floyd.

Keep up the good work, it is just a matter of time and they will all tumble down. Eventually they will turn on each other to save their own asses.

Anything you need researched let me know.
[Name definitely withheld]

Anonymous said...

Can't find a manual but found these pages about the model McKay used: