02 May 2008

KingCast asks: Does the number of unsolved murders in the White Mountains strike anyone as odd or disproportionate?

A very short post. Here's the link someone raised in a Franconia/North Country topix forum just now. Frankly, I'm overwhelmed. Given the population density and the nature of what most of these people were doing -- you know, like hiking as opposed to gang warfare -- it doesn't seem right to me. Could be a deeper problem up there. I know of more than these too, including last fall's Kelly Gorham. Grand Jury convened but apparently no indictment, no more news available.

Here is the TrueCrimeWeblog coverage on Maura Murray's case from Steve Huff, which considers a possible nursing link and more about Maura and a bloody knife from KingCast and Reporter Maribeth Conway here.


Anonymous said...

Five red dots since 1973 that are North of Laconia. Disproportional? Statistically significant? An easy way to slant the facts(?) again?

Christopher King said...

There are more than 5, as I stated. And as I also stated, you're not supposed to have this sort of thing in a place as beautiful as North Country.

As to whether or not it's significant and whether the government is doing an efficacious job in addressing the situations of these missing people, who are disproportionately young women, I have Fred Murray's phone number if you want to go there.

You remind me of DTRT always trying to minimze stuff when the real issue is that 911 is a joke in your town, when when your abuser has all the phone lines covered.

Anonymous said...

I think that Gov. Lynch owes the NH Citizens, that put him in office and pay his salary, an explaination..here goes ?

Why is it you hold members of your staff, certain state employees to different standards and ethics then others ?

You insisted that Judge Coffey resign as she "lied".

Well Gov. Lynch, guess how many times Kelly Ayotte has lied ? Why is it you have not insisted on her "stepping down" ?

Different standards for different employees is not fair or just....

Christopher King said...


You got that right, early riser. Kelly should resign or be asked to leave for the countless times I've shown her to lie in the Franconia case alone. But instead she and the Good Governor continue to subsist in a sick symbiotic relationship where their political affiliations protect each other. Think about it:

Dems won't rail on Ayotte because Lynch has her back. Republicans won't rail on Lynch because Kelly has his back.

BTW to the tool at 10:38 there are not 5, but rather 16 red dots from the Laconia parallel north.

Christopher King said...

Just tuning in or trying to keep it all straight?

Here's a good repository of Kelly's lies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. My first impression was that the 'disproportionate' number of missing and unsolved persons are over a period of nearly 30 years, and that they are collected and documented for viewing.
Huff's article linked from this blog is an excellent overview of serial killers (his baby?), and his theories may be right on, but more than likely, the two that may be realistically connected are Maura and Brianna.
I don't put much faith in the 'nurse' angle, given Maura didn't have a bumper sticker announcing her intended profession on her vehicle.
Hey, she could have been abducted from a rest area on the highway.
Here is the problem - perhaps all the tiny police jurisdictions throughout NH and VT are consistently incapable of solving crimes. They may not have adequate training and resources to do the job.
And so, the list grows.

Anonymous said...

Since you mention DTRT in this context: You remind me of DTRT always trying to minimze stuff , I'd like to add that DTRT's sole intent is to defend Floyd and McKay, and she is wholly transparent and harmless.

In connecting your blog with Huff's, I notice a building, a movement, an almost hysteria being created relative to murder in the Granite State.
The impression given by linking every murder, past and present, may not be fair and reasonable.

Anonymous said...

"there are not 5, but rather 16 red dots from the Laconia parallel north"

I'll give you Plainfield and maybe Unity. But you are a liar if you say there are 16 red dots in NH north of the Laconia parallel.

Christopher King said...


Look at the cluster of 5 just above Claremont and start counting. If you're not including those you're really nit-picking. That's North Country every day.

And again my point remains that given the type of area you have there, such crimes do indeed seem disproportionate.


Christopher King said...


I'm not inherently linking all of them any more than Steve does; just pointing out that they exist.

Again though Brianna's and Maura's cases do seem similar and have a reasonable potential to be linked, and should have been put before the FBI. Also, as Steve noted:

"The Maitlands and Murray believe there may be a connection between what has happened to their daughters. And they want that connection explored.

However, state police from Vermont and New Hampshire have discounted any connection between the disappearances of Brianna and Maura…

Often law enforcement agencies dislike efforts to link crimes in this manner. The term used by some who study serial crime for this problem is linkage blindness. Serial killers depend on linkage blindness — it is the achilles heel of local law enforcement, and can permit a killer clever enough to understand the problem years of anonymous freedom. Jurisdictions don’t exchange information, have separate and proprietary databases they use to track criminals and types of crime. Some departments, quite simply, compete, and try to outdo one another in percentage of crimes solved, number of perpetrators arrested."

I cross-posted this at TrueCrimeWeblog this morning.


Anonymous said...

King at 7:00
Again, all the more need for FBI intervention.
I read, and don't disagree with what you quoted in bold from Huff; however, I believe there is an overreach and hysteria being generated in the name of ANTI-'linkage blindness' that is evident in the conversations and comments about the smiley-face theories at Huff's blog.
My personal interest happens to be about the connection between Maura and Brianna, if it exists.
The map is interesting, but may or may not be relevant to Maura and Brianna.

Christopher King said...


Fair enough indeed. Meanwhile ask yourself why we taxpayers shelled out $2,000.00 for Bruce McKay's radio, only for him to put it on "mute" at a critical time when he was violating six (6) Franconia police policies and various constitutional principles:


WTF??? And as I said when I'm satisfied that I have assembled a sufficient database of information I am going to the FBI. I will not be alone when I make that move.