06 May 2008

KingCast and Bruce McKay/Liko Kenney YouTube presents: nigger, spear chucker, jungle bunny, jig, spook, o ya dumb fucking black ass bitch....

That is precisely what some tool from YouTube sent me the other day in my YouTube mail. There are closed-minded people there just as anywhere else, including another one named rattlunhum who refused to acknowledge that McKay violated six (6) distinct Franconia policies on pursuit and OC Spray as proved in the lawsuit. Fortunately there are also signs of intelligent life, including a fellow named Randy and one named Robertredbeard whose father was a police officer. Here are their comments and the video:

Before you read their comments, note that CNN cut 28 seconds out of the video at 19:16:02 - 19:16:30 when trying to make it appear that Liko ran over McKay, they made it appear that it all happened in one action when in point of FACT we know that Floyd was popping off rounds at him from far away before Liko ever struck McKay with his car. He hit the McKenzie barn and Liko's windshield as previously noted. And look at the placement of McKay's shell casings on the ground for Crissakes. One and Two.

Randy who cross-posted at TrueCrimeWeblog:
"The more I looked, the angrier I got about how much was covered up by firstly local authorities and then by the state Attorney General. It was obvious to a blind man that everyone was backpedalling to cover up not dealing with McKay in the past, even to the extent of allowing Liko's crazed murderer to walk free as a hero... I never knew, Chris, Liko or McKay before seeing this event on youtube. I dont even live in the US but I could and can see that this is clearly a coverup by Government Officials all protecting their backs for being at fault in allowing McKay to work as a Police officer."

"That police officer sprayed him to get back at him for running. Not because he was resisting. That is excessive force. And excessive force warrants deadly force in my opinion. The officer did not work within the force rules. He didn't even call the guy out of the car first.

When the police use excessive force they face retribution. I grew up with a policeman as a father. He was a good cop and never did that kind of crap. Cops are getting way out of line these days."

PS: All the hate speech was so ironic given that we had just experienced the most incredible installation at Boston Public Library yesterday: Choosing to Participate, which addresses the Hate Crimes in Billings, Montana, the Crisis in Little Rock, a black Puerto Rican man afraid to help a white woman at 42nd Street, and the incredible story of a Khmer Rouge survivor named Arn Chorn-Pond, who was given shelter and a life in the White Mountains. I am going to locate him and share this post with him ASAP.

Then we jammed out with California's The People's Party (it's "Hippie Hop") from their urban assault stage vehicle, a big black Ford 550 with built in stage. They are awesome, 2 horns, bass, electric violin, videographer and all of that. Orlando the drummer went to high school in Cleveland Heights at Lutheran East, at the end of my street about 1,500 feet from where my family lived from 1970-2006. Truly a small World. We jammed out for a few, it was totally righteous.

Then the cops came and kicked them out for not having a permit. But we didn't get bashed with a Tahoe or OC sprayed and we didn't fear for our lives, thankfully. In fact, I spoke with them later and they grooved on at Fanueil Hall without incident.


Christopher King said...

Back on 24 May 2007 I wrote a post "What's the difference between Christopher King and Liko Kenney," and then on 29 August 2007 I wrote one " KingCast and Liko Kenney both admire Civil Rights, Freedom and the old BMW."

Now let my notes from Arn Chorn-Pond tell it:

"I'm sitting next to this white boy and he does not know I have a story to share.... And I don't know that he has a story to share.... Don't take it for granted. Fly around the World and try to save the World."

Unfortunately, those who know the evil, vituperative largesse of Kelly Ayotte know that her actions and the actions of her LE subordinates directly kept me from Tamarack Tennis Camp a few years ago on a bogus case that she KNEW was bogus, so I never got to share stories with Liko Kenney and his friends, and that is in part why I am here today.


Christopher King said...

And while Nashua has long been a progressive place and I have been awarded Commendation from then-Mayor Streeter the rest of NH needs some work on the media and LE side.

With 424 reads at the Nashua Telegraph Forum look at this hateful editorial about me that UL's Joe McQuaid wrote, and consider in that link that you will see that Kelly's buddy Chief Dunn actually laughed because he thought it would be funny if I was gang-raped in prison. He's such a dumb assed hater I got him to say as much ON THE RECORD. Here is the Depo. Transcript.

And here is what was so funny to Kelly's friend:

" You 'bout to be Bubbas Bitch. Better get dat vasoline ready."

So when it comes to being ostracized and lied upon by LE and the media, I've been there done that so when I saw it happen to my largely white boy brother to the North that's when I knew that the State just views us as slave n****** anyway.

Well you can call me Nat Turner and Liko Kenney, I got your back, bro'.

Anonymous said...

Did you see and hear the cut footage? Can you hear the shots fired after Liko starts to pull out?

Christopher King said...


We've all had access to the "full" footage with "sound" online for months but it's the "full" footage from the Left Channel, which was McKay's mike that he had turned off (along with his $2,000.00 2way radio for some reason which was on mute).

It doesn't tell you too much.

What we are trying to analyse now is the REAL "full" audio from the Right Channel from the back seat mike that McKay effed-up and left on as my film maker thought when we reviewed the Original dash cam last week and as the manufacturer schooled me does indeed exist.

Stay, ummmm.... tuned.

Christopher King said...


PS: What does NOT make any sense is why CNN cut out those 28 seconds for an online video.

JMO as a former "professional" journalist, you know when my salary was paid by large publications and stuff.

Anonymous said...

At the very end of the video as Liko drives off is that gun shots? That what it sounded like to me.

Christopher King said...


I believe it is too and there is more sound analysis that can be done with the audio but it is nosebleed expensive.

We pretty much proved that it is because of the location of the McKay spent casings and all of the shots Floyd fired into the McKenzie barn, the windshield and McKenzie's house.


Anonymous said...

G'day Mr King. MY ears were burning, so i thought i'd RATTLE yr world a bit. I see you taking my name in vain yet again, lawyer, stating i "refuse to believe", but once again, what i refuse to believe is YOUR spin on this most contentious issue. As several others stated before, and YOU refuse to lend any credence to, guidelines are just what they imply, not hard and fast rules for officers to follow to the letter, but created by people who realise that every situation is unique, and must be handled by the officer on the scene, using discretion and judgement. What did Cpl. McKay do that was blatently wrong? He turned his back on a known nutbar. What did he do that was questionable retrospectively? Everything that occurred that day might fit into this catagory, based on the musings of you arm-chair quartebacks. But the one thing none of you (including the loud-mouth cop hates on utube) bother to mention is that none of you was there that day, in a position of dealing with the issue, or letting Mr. Kenney go on his way with impunity. Ive previouly made known to you what I believe i would have done, but that too, is after the fact. I saw McKay do one thing truely wrong, and for that mistake, he paid the ultimate price. What more do you want from this man? He has no more mileage to contribute to your career. Please leave him in peace.

Anonymous said...

...and one other thing, dont you dare represent me alongside of these people posting hate mail as described above. In so doing, what you have done to your own credibility is far more damaging than anything you could do to me. You know very well i dont participate in this type of bashing. If being a dissenter to your point of view lumps me in with racists, then Kingcast is on shakier ground than i originally thought.

Christopher King said...


It's not all about Bruce my friend, but it's about Kelly Ayotte and the town of Franconia looking the other way about Bruce and many other LE coverups.

And as to your other assertions, I have another career that pays my bills dude, sorry.

I do this because Justice demands it.

-The KingCaster.

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Anonymous said...

thank god that scumbag kenney is dead. what a worthless piece of garbage and what a worthless family for producing such a piece of crap. i spit on his grave.