11 May 2008

And on this day the sun was blighted by injustice in Franconia, New Hampshire and in Corvallis, Oregon.


Unknown said...

Great to see that you are holding up the Torch of Freedom and Justice in these dark times. Drop us a line -
we would like to up date you.
J.A. Whitaker jawwhitakerjr@gmil.com

Christopher King said...

Cool. I'll shoot you an email and we can talk this week!

For those who don't know, that is James Whitaker, the first KingCast videographer who took all of the Columbus, Ohio footage 1996-2000.

He and his lady Ms. Kennedy run the KingCast companion site Justiceforkids.net that the government hates just about as much or more than they hate this blawg and KingCast.net.

Seven times government or big business has tried to restrict this blawg and I spanked that fanny like they stole somethin' each and every time.

Christopher King said...

Also, something feels very sinister about the McKay stop of Liko:

Later today an LE buddy of mine will be reviewing the Motorola picture and confirm or deny my suspicion that it was on MUTE, with McKay going the extra mile to make certain that dispatch did not hear him as he attacked Liko Kenney.

See, if he didn't key his shoulder mike that's one assurance that dispatch wouldn't hear him. But if he actually put the 2-Way radio on MUTE it would be a virtual assurance that no one would hear him as he was preparing to violate policy and attack Liko and Caleb.

People know when they are in danger. Liko knew something was up with McKay and that's why he shot him. Then with the McKay bullet casings showing that Floyd started shooting from 30 feet away before Liko ran over McKay then that's more that Kelly didn't want the public to know about.

Stay tuned.

Christopher King said...

Also, speaking of Injustice, I can't wait to see what Attorney Mullen and Franconia have to say in response to the KingCast Mothers' Day Notice of Bad Faith noting how they tried to dodge the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay.


Here's what we know:

1. Judge Vaughn is not going to appreciate being lied to by omission.

2. Chief Montminy looks shady if he says he didn't give the complaint to Mullen and shady anyway for not telling the Court that he had it.

3. Chief Montminy and Mullen look shady if he says he did give it to Mullen.

4. If #3 is answered in the affirmative, Mullen might end up with at least a reprimand for not disclosing that to the Tribunal.

There's meat on them there bones, yah.

Christopher King said...

One last thing on Attorney Mullen if #3 is in the affirmative, for those of you who've ever played much football:

We know Dan was Kelly's waterboy from this picture from Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood.

But when they finally put him in the game instead of sending him long here's the call:

"Mullen, you come across the middle on a slant.... now there's a 3-in-10 chance that a KingCast/Franconia Collective linebacker might bust open your spleen but you gotta' take this one for the team...."

Anonymous said...

"See, if he didn't key his shoulder mike that's one assurance that dispatch wouldn't hear him."

Is that someone else's radio? There is no shoulder mike attached to it. Did Liko shoot it off?

Christopher King said...


It's McKay's radio; that's probably why it was photographed. And it likely became separated when they were putting him on the stretcher after Liko ran into McKay while Floyd was shooting at Liko, striking the barn and Liko's windshield.

Main question still being, why was Bruce incommunicado for six minutes before he attacked Liko, and that is an absolutely accurate description of what he did.

He attacked Liko Kenney in much the manner of a street thug as opposed to being an officer of the Law.

And you know what's a coincidence?

When those cops pulled that crap on Michael Isreal back in the day I gave them a rhetorical question in their Depo:

"You know you're lucky to be alive today because by the way you rolled up on Mr. Isreal, you could get shot for that."

BTW that's J.A. Whitaker from the first comment in the back row in between Mr. Isreal and Mr. blankety-blank the LE client of mine who helped us out for free.


Anonymous said...

Let the light of Liko Peter Kenney shine bright on the darkness and corruption that is rampant in NH.

Christopher King said...

Indeed it shall.

And there is no amount of anti-Liko banter, pointing out all of his faults, that will stray this cause from the Truth.

What the State has attempted to do is classic rape defense stuff:

Blame the victim.


Anonymous said...

Check of Selectman McLeod's statement on the main page of Franconia's Web Site.


Then send emails to:


and let him know its not just the McKay family affected and the "community" extends beyond Franconia's town line.

Heck, call him an ahole if ya want.

Oh on your emails, specifically state to forward to ALL selectmen, the gatekeeper can be stubborn. :(

Christopher King said...

Rich McLeod's myopic statement as hosted on the town's website
Monday, May 12, 2008 5:13 PM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
townclerk@franconianh.org, dmullen@ranspell.com, police@franconianh.org....

Dear Ms. Small:

Be certain to forward this email to any and all selectmen immediately as I would hate to have the town face further scrutiny relative to disappearing documents, you know like the 65 pages of material related to the Troy Watts, Esq. Complaint about Norman Bruce McKay.


“The select board and the Town of Franconia are observing the tragic events of 5/11/07 by recognizing the ultimate sacrifice of the life of Corporal Bruce McKay of the Franconia Police Department on that fateful day. Our hearts and minds support the members of the McKay family at this difficult time.”
-Rich McLeod, Chairman

KingCast response: Dear Mr. McLeod, more families than the McKay family were affected on 5/11, and while I have often expressed sympathy for Bruce McKay and his family (especially before I knew the facts of his employment history) I find your statement myopic at best. Shell casings and other evidence indicates that Gregory W. Floyd probably murdered Liko Kenney and Ms. B has expressly warned you that Bruce McKay would one day cost the town of Franconia untold sums of money and Good Will. For you to make a didactic statement like yours shows that you are bound and determined to underestimate not only Bruce McKay's role in his own demise, but yours and Chief Montminy's as well, with with him and perhaps you losing 65 pages of crucial information involving Troy Watts' Ethics Complaint against McKay.

Judge Vaughn will address that in short order, and other tribunals will address it in Due Course, but in the tribunal of the public light the town appears hopelessly irresponsible. Sadly, your statements and actions indicate that you are fully satisfied with that result.

Very truly yours, Christopher King, J.D.
Prevailing party, KingCast v. Ayotte & Town of Franconia
Grafton Superior 07-E-268