31 May 2008

KingCast and experienced, licensed counsel agree: Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney.

This is what a very successful, intelligent, articulate and beautiful man wrote about Gregory W. Floyd recently. He was very kind to grant full use of this material so after he and I edited it he added some of my additions and then I hosted it over at Scribd.com. Here's how it starts:

Dear ________:

I write to you to ask you to please read what is before you and not let this injustice continue any longer. This concerns each and every citizen of the State of New Hampshire, including yourselves.

The definition of Murder

1. To kill with premeditated malice; to kill (a human being) willfully, deliberately, and unlawfully.

If you have read the FRANCONIA/AYOTTE report on [it] you will have definitely have read sworn statements that substantiate the assertion that Mr. Floyd did not address the victim Liko Kenney before slaughtering him with one .45 bullet to the neck area and one .45 cal bullet to the head, both fired at close range.

30 May 2008

No mail today on shredded Troy Watts/Bruce McKay ethics complaint; KingCast, Churchill and Sansalone present: The soft underbelly of Franconia.

Yah, they don't know what the hell to say and I predicted this weeks ago, I'll post the reminder links later. Now the REAL Franconia Collective and I have got these guys right where I want them. Three (3) weeks and counting and STILL no response to the FACT that the town had the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay but either held it and lied to Judge Vaughn, or destroyed it at some point in the past two (2) years.

Sansalone (scroll down for link to actual court case) comes into this because like Liko Kenney at Fox Hill Park, she resisted an unlawful arrest.

And she discovered a would-be amphibious Sherman Tank off the Coast of Salerno, in the soft underbelly of Europe.

My people don't play.

We rock.

29 May 2008

KingCast presents: Jerk.

Here's an oldie but goodie.

KingCast tells turncoats: The Grafton County Courthouse is open for anyone, and Liko Kenney's Cause and the Cause of Justice await you.

You wrote on 14 Feb. 2008 with your picture here on my MySpace:
I'm truly honored to know you. Thurgood Marshall is smiling, yes indeed.
Keepin' it Real

Re: Virgin Mary statue/USMC enlistment
Friday, February 8, 2008 8:29 AM
From: [The “Floyd was entrapped” dude]
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Chris do we have exact dates for the following:
1) Gregory W. Floyd DOB

2) Date of Floyd's signing his enlistment papers for the USMC.


Good work by the way, counselor , any law firm would be proud to have you.

And read the comments to see what this person, a duly-licensed retired JAG Attorney said about me an entire six (6) months prior; nothing but Good Stuff. And he even wrote this "Try Gregory W. Floyd for Murder" entry that I hosted on Scribd.com but now he's upset that I called Gregory Floyd a Murderer and thinks that I've helped "Entrap" Floyd by taking his picture. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Read this and look at the pictures of Floyd accosting an LE friend of mine standing next to me when Floyd made him; knew he was on Our Side.

This JAG Attorney character has flipped his gourd, and God-only-knows what could be causing this, be it a chemical imbalance or other outside influences, whatever.

And now I notice on Topix board that he and another who were in the Franconia Collective are talking mad crap about me. That's fine and good, hell I've been through worse. But what's not fine and good is the fact that they issue virtually no substantive analysis of any of the pending legal issues, such as those involved in this Memorandum on Defendant Ayotte's Homicide Protocol being at least a partially public document.

Or this one regarding the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint and Motion for Contempt of Court about Bruce McKay that the town and/or Attorney Mullen either lied about or destroyed. Today, exactly three (3) weeks after I disclosed the fact that the town had the documents and that Attorney Watts directed the town to tell the insurance carrier (Mullen) no substantive response has yet crossed my palms. Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

So anyway, to these people -- one of whom is the duly-licensed attorney pictured and referenced above, I say:

File your own Right-to-Know lawsuit or issue an amicus brief. You're a former JAG lawyer dude so the Court would probably let you file one. So go ahead and get on with it, as well as the concert you said you were working on as you have played with BB King. Liko's family will undoubtedly appreciate the support that would bring, and you can even burn me in effigy at intermission if you like, I don't give a crap, just help Liko and his family instead of wasting time trash talking and stuff.

Or you can continue to trash talk me.

The choice is yours.

Liko is waiting.

28 May 2008

KingCast open letter to NH Attorney Discipline counsel James L. DeHart, regarding Troy Watts/Dan Mullen/Bruce McKay missing Ethics Complaint.

7008 0150 0000 0138 3572 Delivered 10:49 AM on May 29, 2008
Dear Attorney DeHart:

Enclosed please find the second Affidavit with the requisite language for the Grievance against Attorney Mullen. I note that in your 21 May 2008 letter to me you state:
"With respect to the merits, it is necessary that you provide some evidence supporting your allegations," because it appears I have "only speculation that the documents in question had ever been provided to Mr. Mullen."

With all due respect, Sir, I have a complaint from Troy Watts, a duly-licensed attorney explicitly telling the town to forward the complaint to the insurance carrier, who at the time was and is Dan Mullen. That provides enough reason for you to inquire of Attorney Mullen -- who has not yet responded to the Court on this issue since I notified him back on 7 May 2008 in this post and via email and snail mail.


It is now fully three (3) weeks later, 27 May 2008. If I had not seen that document I would want the Court to know that fact sooner than later; I probably wouldn't want to wait three (3) weeks. As such, I would think your mission to address possible Ethical violations would be compromised if you fail to ask the question in the wake of Attorney Mullen's silence. Now if I should receive notice from him that he has NOT received the documents, and if the town does not dispute this, that would be grounds for you not to act on the complaint but until then it appears that you are ethically bound to investigate this matter with all deliberate speed and earnestness at your command.

On an unrelated note, I think your upcoming seminar on multijurisdictional practice looks interesting.

Very truly yours,
Christopher King on behalf of KingCast.net

cc: Troy Watts, Esq.

27 May 2008

KingCast presents: More lunacy, Ziggy Stardust style, on Topix!

I just commented on an issue where someone accused me of not being responsive to the concerns of others. Here then, is that response:

"And BTW "B" I have the email I sent y'all asking for input on this post[addressing Bruce McKay's incommunicado status no other media has really discussed] and you never said "Boo" to me.

And you accused me of making a snide comment I allegedly made to you on your MySpace that was a congrats on you becoming a grandfather or father-in-law one of the two honestly I cannot remember now because your actions are so buggin' out dude. I asked you to print me exact comment so the people can see what you're talking about. Let's see you do it.

You're not acting right dude.


KingCast says "Hey Kelly, cut it out!" and quit trying to keep your homicide protocol violations under cover.

Note: Not Angela McKay to my knowledge. Last week Kelly was getting coiffed and supporting the "Cut it out" program where hair stylists are encouraged to help guide potential victims of spousal abuse toward shelters.

Well Kelly it's too bad this sort of thing wasn't around for Angela McKay because God Knows your office and the Town of Franconia was too busy covering up for Bruce, who was wiggin' out and putting his fair lady at risk all the time, from what I hear. And the Violence Against Women Act would have kept McKay off the force unless she dismissed her Petition. Guess y'all have got rid of the full Petition for Restraining Order 'cos you only gave me the dismissal of Case No. 98-D-0009, and now she's got her benefits so we may never have the full.


Now then, the primary topic of this post is this Memorandum to Judge Vaughn, encouraging him to release all or some of Defendant Ayotte's Homicide Protocol. Goes to this post.

So KingCast what do you think about Senator Kennedy's brain tumor?

It's unfortunate. The Kennedys have been blessed and cursed in equal measure. But then again after we reach puberty none of us are guaranteed anything. I've had one bike crash (my fault) and one car crash (not my fault) where I could have easily passed along. My parents lost my first sister as a toddler, even. My Aunt Martha passed on when she was a year younger than I am now. Liko Kenney was probably murdered by a 3-time felon named Gregory W. Floyd immediately after "Corporal" Bruce McKay violated Liko's Civil Rights, procedural and substantive. And Mary Jo Kopechne's parents lost a daughter as well regardless of exactly what did or did not happen out there on Chappaquiddick Island, according to Judge James A. Boyle. So let's keep everything in perspective, okay?

A KingCast special post about the "entrapment" of Gregory W. Floyd when Floyd went off and acted a fool and got arrested.

That's Kelly's hero just as he is saying "Motherfucker" to my LE friend standing next to me shooting Floyd's picture to which his reply "Oh, yah" was part of the chain that sent Floyd off. Then Floyd, stunned and pissed-off, walked into the door (best video here on WBZ link) and continued to blow up as I caught him on the still camera. We would not have these documented images nor would Floyd have gone off as he did were it not for the beauty of the Franconia Collective. And Floyd would have been walking around a free man, terrorizing AJ Boisvert and the rest of the community at-large.

Now I see on Topix where one of my colleagues has accused me and the rest of the "media circus" of "entrapment" regarding Gregory W. Floyd because we lawfully got in his face and took his picture. That's Floyd lunging at me with a deadly weapon, BTW.

With all due respect, that "entrapment" concept is wholly without merit and I'm surprised it was even raised by another person with a legal background as noted in the comments. By way of example, WMUR came and got in my face, even went to my apartment without calling me and ambushed my housemate (Attorney Crnilovic) and then ambushed me on Arraignment Day with a news segment where they only showed a perp walk and gave me about a 3-second sound bite, put me in the worst light possible.

Did I go off yelling, screaming and cursing when the media got in my face? Hell no. Instead I made this video and kept on keepin' on, beat Kelly Ayotte and her LE buddies like they stole somethin'. Only lost my Civil Case against them 'cos I ran out of money for Depo. Transcripts. So don't give me any poor poor pitiful Floyd nonsense because I'm not having any of it. You walk into the public light you are responsible for behaving as an adult. Simple.

PS: The Franconia Collective and KingCast noted that Floyd was going to go off and lose it, not once but twice.

26 May 2008

KingCast updates from Franconia, mostly on Martha McLeod and Bruce McKay's underreported abuses of force with OC Spray at Profile School.

Thanks to everyone for the time, the love, the spirit and the compassion.
Updates McKay: Remember at Profile when Officer Pepper reared his ugly head yet again? He was out of Jurisdiction and another student had to go to the hospital after McKay brandished his chemical assault weapon. This was 2004-/5 so it's just before he OC Sprayed Sarah in 2006 after violating her Due Process Rights as well. It's uncanny. But that's why the town is trying to downplay any of McKay's improper actions moving into the 2004-2007 era after he went on meds, to say that they had everything under control.

Sadly, they did not have it under control as I noted in this 6 May 2008 post noting the 2005 threat to Tim Stephenson and the 2006 shredded/lied-about complaint from Attorney Troy Watts involving Sarah. No, McKay never was under control, sorry. Further, I know someone who repeatedly told Carl Belz that he needed to put McKay in check, even right before 5/11. To no avail.

Updates Martha: I had also forgotten how she lied to the Recovery and Reconciliation Committee about when she initiated failed HB 1428 for Bruce McKay Highway: She told them she only submitted for it in December, when in fact she started the ball rolling back in August, according to another Committee Member with whom I spoke over the weekend. Time to hit her with an RSA 91-A request, along with one to the Public Works Committee's Candace Bouchard, whom I know received some emails from KingCast and the Franconia Collective as noted in this 08 Jan 2008 post.

Updates on filings:

1. Still nothing on the Mother's Day or Contempt filings since we've established that the town either lied about or shredded the Troy Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay.

2. Defendant Ayotte filed a Statement on the Homicide Protocol document seeking to keep all of it from public view even though they only claim that chapters 7, 9, and 10 are dedicated to litigation, and even though their own case PHE v. Department of Justice 983 F.2d 248 (DC Cir. 1993) stands for the proposition that they are being too restrictive on their information so here is most of my Reply Brief I'll try to get out today, I take it straight from the case:

Internal Policies and Law Enforcment Excemption arguments do not warrant complete nondisclosure of the sought materials.

"The NOEU's description of other withheld material also establishes no adequate basis for its decision. For example, the NOEU stated that chapter 1 of the Obscenity Manual contained "a simple discussion of search and seizure law, a discussion of investigative strategy, and a digest of useful caselaw." Id. But the affidavit does not explain why the agency could not release at least the portions of chapter 1 containing the discussion of search and seizure law and the digest of useful caselaw. Material like this is precisely the type of information appropriate for release under [*252] the FOIA.

In Cox v. United States Dep't of Justice, 195 U.S. App. D.C. 189, 601 F.2d 1, 5 (D.C. Cir. 1979), this Court suggested that the FOIA mandates the release of materials that contain "secret law," i.e., materials that define standards for determining whether the law has been violated. Before Cox, the Sixth Circuit had suggested that material similar to [**11] that at issue here should be disclosed. In Hawkes v. IRS, 507 F.2d 481 (6th Cir. 1974), the court ordered disclosure of IRS guidelines for determining what tax returns should be audited. Although the case was decided under exemption (b)(2) rather than (b)(7)(E), the court concluded that disclosure of the IRS guidelines could lead to compliance with, rather than risk circumvention of, the law. 5 Id. at 483."

Regarding an Affidavit used in that case: Williams gave no adequate reason for the NOEU's decision to withhold the material. Drawing only vague conclusions, Williams asserted that release of [**12] the withheld information would provide defendants with "a crystal ball view of what they will face from the prosecution." Williams Aff. at 7. Moreover, neither the district court nor the NOEU in addressed whether any of the withheld information could be segregated from exempt information and released.

In this case Your Honor the Defendant has essentially done the same exact thing, and in so doing it is trying to keep the public from seeing which of its own policies it trangressed in mismanaging this case.....

Note even that Defendant Ayotte's own cited case of Cox v. Levi, 592 F.2d 460 (8 Cir. 1979) certain volumes of information were produced, including a four-volume Manual of Instructions. Here Defendant Ayotte is trying to hide everything, and that just doesn't add up.

Moreover there is no indication that we are dealing with matters of National Security in this case, as opposed to an FBI case so if there is any soft area there the law must lean toward disclosure. In Cox, Fn 5 the district court took judicial notice of Executive Order 11652 relating to classification of national security information and determined that such order justified the Government's reliance upon the (b)(1) exemption in withholding the designated sections of the Manual of Instructions.

Moreover, in Northwest Publications, Inc. v. Bloomington, 499 N.W.2d 509 (1993) the Appellate Court held "a presumption that government data were public and were accessible by the public for both inspection and copying, under Minn. Stat. § 13.01, subd. 3 (1992), with some exceptions; (2) one exception was a provision that classified "security information" as nonpublic; and (3) an entire document could be withheld only when the public and nonpublic information were so inextricably intertwined that segregating the material would impose a significant financial burden and leave the remaining parts of the document with little informational value."

As such, there has got to be plenty of information that is releasable in the Case at bar, and in direct contrast with Defendant's cited case of Kaganove v. EPA 856 F.2d 884 (7 Cir. 1988) involving internal promotions, this information is indeed a matter of "genuine and significant public interest."

Circumvention of the Law:

Petitioner wants to know whether Defendant Ayotte followed her own protocol.

It does no good for Defendant Ayotte to say, for example that the Homicide Manual says "guns used in a homicide shall be fingerprinted" as if that is going to encourage circumvention of the law when in fact any criminal probably knows that his gun is going to be fingerprinted.

Obviously Petitioner is at a substantial disadvantage without seeing the document, but suffice it to say that there is no way that all of it is exempt, even if some of it may be. As such, Petitioner has stated his position and now awaits the Decision of the Court on this matter and on the matter of the Franconia's possible Contempt of Court issue for destroying and/or lying about the presence of the Troy Watts Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint.

Respectfully submitted/CK on behalf of KingCast.net

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

23 May 2008

KingCast says Just vote no! to "Clueless" Martha McLeod's Senate bid against John Gallus.

Now that Martha McLeod has stunk up her own backyard with her deceitful actions trying to pass Bruce McKay Highwy (HB 1428) she tries to move on to the Senate. But she's packing a little baggage on the way, to wit:

1. As spokesperson for the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee her mission was to help the healing of a fractured community that had, and continues to have, strong feelings for and against Norman Bruce McKay irrespective of Liko Kenney. The FRRC was supposed to be an open door entity that would provide candid responses to these questionnaires to the the town. Sadly, when the responses started showing up negative to Bruce, she never provided them to the town. She lied, and she reneged on her promise. Worse yet, she introduced HB 1428 without so much as a word to her co-Committee members. Even the Union Leader called her "clueless." Now she wants to be a Senator. That's a terrifying thought.

2. She even coddled a dangerous instrumentality named Gregory W. Floyd, read the email.

3. She lost her post as chair of a House finance subcommittee because of her dogmatic and ham-fisted attempts to railroad HB 1428 into existence, despite the backing of Governor Lynch, NH AG Kelly Ayotte and State Police Chief Rusell Conte.

That takes some doing. If this fiasco is any measure of her efficacy as a statesperson, New Hampshire is going to hell in a bucket, and I'm not enjoying the ride.

PS: She was even so uncouth as to a) mock her own constituency's concerns and b) use the term "shoot me" in this email to Franconia Town admin Sally Small regarding..... one of New Hampshire's ugliest SHOOTING tragedies in history.

Do New Hampshire a favor: Vote Gallus.

22 May 2008

KingCast open letter to Prosecutor Rick St. Hilaire with candid images of Liko Kenney's probable murderer, Gregory W. Floyd threatening others.

Dear Attorney Hilaire:

As you already know from the Peace Out post to you, I thank you for the incriminating documents on the Troy Watts/Bruce McKay Ethics Complaint and I concur with your decision to play your cards close to the chest on Gregory W. Floyd's upcoming trial. That having been said, it did occur to me that I have already issued some pictures that the media do not have that help document this man's irrational rage, fury and general contempt for the law. I provide them in the order of occurence.

First I saw Floyd try to attack Det. Beausoleil.
Second I saw Floyd lunge at me with a deadly weapon.
Third a TV Station caught Floyd lunging at me with a deadly weapon, that is my right arm in the picture.
Fourth I shot over shoulders as Floyd had to be forcibly restrained. I did not witness any unwarranted use of force on the part of Law Enforcement whatsoever, and believe me if I did I would say so: Even though I dislike Floyd I dislike unlawful use of force even more.

Also, you should know that as Floyd left the courtroom he stared directly at a former LE and me as we were taking his picture and he bellowed:

"You got something to say to me, Motherfucker!" to my LE friend.

Whomever represents Floyd is free to attack me on bias, as I clearly have no respect for Mr. Floyd, but that is of little to no consequence as the video/audio tells the story and I will be more than happy to testify on chain of custody, verify the accuracy etc. etc. Honestly, I don't think the defense will even bother to cross me because they definitely don't want me opening my mouth about Gregory W. Floyd, you got that right.

Respectfully submitted,

CK/On behalf of KingCast.net

21 May 2008

KingCast open letter to Town of Franconia and Attorney Dan Mullen on tardy RSA 91-A responses, in the Spirit of Liko Kenney.

[Draft] To all concerned:

There are currently pending several credible RSA-91A requests that are either supported by common sense or persuasive law. Most of these requests are overdue in the sense that the Town of Franconia has not even issued any initial response as required by law.

Meanwhile it appears that Defendant AG Kelly Ayotte has responded to most or all of the latest KingCast inquiries. Moreover, Attorney Marta Modigliani has provided responses that appear to be complete, and even though some of her initial responses were a trifle late, she apologized and offered reasonable explanation.

The outstanding requests include:
1. Toxicology reports on Bruce McKay 16 May.
2. Info./manuals on Bruce McKay's radio/GPS 9 May.
3. Bruce McKay phone records 15 May.
4. Town/Police complaint procedures 15 May.
5. All audio and video from the Tahoe, serial numbers on Kustom Signals Eyewitness equipment 2 May see comments.

This is all in addition to the Town's amazing non-response to the Mothers' Day Notice of Bad Faith, which documented the fact that the Town either lied to the Court or destroyed an Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay that was authored by Troy Watts, Esq., a well-respected attorney in the North Country.

I would hate to have to open a new lawsuit over this. Can you please advise me of your intentions with regard to the aforementioned items by the close of business, Monday, 26 May 2008?

Thank you in advance,
CK/On behalf of KingCast.net

Sean Bell killer cops face departmental and potential Civil Rights charges; KingCast and Johnny Cash have a comment for the Daily Kos/CIA tools.

Here you go from today's NYTimes, and here is my original post on TrueCrimeWeblog before the Daily Kos people came to town and tried to deflect the entire tapestry of the thread around to an "I hate Chris King/KingCast" motif. Read the comments to this post for the NYTimes excerpt, and here's the documented Truth about Daily Kos and its founder.


On a related note, I walked straight up to Sgt. Beausoleil after I took this picture of Gregory W. Floyd trying to attack him, and I shook his hand and congratulated him on his career as he had just retired. I then said regarding Bruce McKay: "Sir, when I accuse a police officer of wrongdoing I pick my targets very carefully, and I'm usually right."

20 May 2008

Planning on visiting New Hampshire? You might live free or you just might die.

Twenty-five years ago two innocent people were likely murdered by a North Country cop named Richard Dow, and since that time the State has shown a marked pattern of indifference to solving murders. Here's The Dow Murders website. Do NOT skip the Intro.
In spite of the harassment and obstructive acts Detective Mozrall pushed forward and ended up solving the case. His investigation demonstrated that Jan and Steven Dow were murder victims, the car accident was staged, the fire set, and the perpetrator Officer Richard Dow. Detective Mozrall's investigation into this matter also demonstrated that this incident was deliberately botched in 1982.

At one point, the New Hampshire Attorney General's office was preparing to go forward to a Grand Jury with this case, but then abruptly decided not to move forward.

But that's nothing new. There are a heck of a lot of unsolved murders in New Hampshire, particularly in the North Country. Women seem disproportionately represented as noted in this unsolved murders website, which as noted herein, contains only some of the unsolved murders.

Governor Lynch's AG Kelly Ayotte and the establishment unlawfully withheld documents from Fred Murray, the father of one missing woman. See Murray v. NH Police, 913 A.2d 737 (2006).

New Hampshire tolerates abusive police officers and vigilante justice as well. In particular "Corporal" Norman Bruce McKay was allowed to run amok in the picturesque Franconia area near the home of poet Robert Frost. There have been many very serious complaints filed against Bruce McKay, including one from a fire chief and a woman who claimed he "terrorized" her with a knife near hear privates for no lawful reason in a DUI stop that Judge Peter Cyr ruled without probable cause. McKay was shot last year as a result of his abusive excesses, to wit: Unauthorized vehicular and OC Spray assault against Liko Kenney and bystander Caleb Macaulay. Then Gregory W. Floyd, an historically dangerous man with 3 prior felonies and a history of gun violations under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) then likely murdered Liko Kenney and clearly issued material lies about his actions. Review the forensic files here and read more about Floyd, now incarcerated for other reasons including criminal threats to a neighbor here.

AG Ayotte gave Floyd a pass in 24 hours on the killing of Liko Kenney and the criminal threats to Caleb Macaulay to keep everything quiet. She also lied about Floyd's actions as noted here, and lied to a former AAG/Veterans for Peace U.N. delegate Harold Burbank read the email chain here.

Governor Lynch refused to respond to a very nice and professional letter that I wrote that was published in the Caledonian Record. All I asked him for was a fact-finding tour, just one or two visits to get input from local citizens. He never even responded.

Watch the video of KingCast at his office, politely requesting that he engage in a fact-finding tour. He never responded and his press secretary Colin Manning hung up on me. Governor Lynch is, thankfully, up for re-election this year. Attorney Ayotte is appointed so perhaps we can say good riddance to bad rubbish in one fell swoop.

See no tourists feared Liko Kenney but they sure as heck feared Bruce McKay and I've personally met many people here in Nashua who were upset and fearful of McKay, and these are middle-aged people with families, money and sound reputations. Here's what one of them told me directly at our friend's 50th birthday party last year:
"He was such a ridiculous hard-ass for no reason. 'Your light's too bright', or whatever he had a hair across his ass about, they gave him carte blanche up there."

"Wow," I said.

"And one time I saw him get 22 people kicked out for no reason, just a family there with young kids, no Harleys or nothing. I hate to say he should have been killed, but........"

This is a documented summary of Bruce McKay's legacy. People like NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Governor Lynch allow this to happen though, in part because Bruce McKay helped apprehend some people who had a role in killing other officers many years ago. That was a Good Act on the part of Bruce McKay, but continuing to ignore his faults imperiled citizens and visitors.

Even the town of Franconia got into the mix, either shredding or lying about an Ethics Complaint (read it here) that Troy Watts, a well-respected local attorney had filed. Here's a Motion for Contempt of Court on that, relative to a Right-to-Know lawsuit in Grafton Superior Court, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, in which all Defendants have been ordered to pay court costs to Petitioner.

There will be a full report to the U.S. House for an investigation this summer, in the spirit of Liko Kenney.

Cross-Post: Visit New Hampshire and die! blog.

KingCast presents Plummer v. State, 135 Ind. 308 (1893) with respect to Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Brendlin v. State, 127 S. Ct. 2400 (2007).

Read the comments for the description of what happened and you will see its very familiar to Franconia. Plummer is an old case that is not directly on point but which certainly provides referential authority for the proposition that Liko Kenney should have received a Jury Trial and not a summary execution by Gregory W. Floyd, when Floyd started shooting at Liko before Liko struck Bruce McKay with his Toyota. Basically a Marshall, Dorn, struck Plummer with a billy club and never said what his intentions were in so doing. Just as with this case, some LE maintained that he was trying to take Plummer into custody but the record did not support such post hoc assertion.

This ties in with the FACT that Bruce McKay never gave Liko Kenney a directive when he violated pursuit policy on at least three levels, and the OC Spray Policy on at least three levels as well. The Plummer "arrest" was unlawul just as Bruce McKay's "arrest" of Liko Kenney was unlawful and Unconstitutional. Links later I've got a lawn to mow.

HN4 When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel force by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self-defense, his assailant is killed, he is justifiable. These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.

There is no direct evidence as to what Dorn, the marshal, was intending [*312] to do with Plummer, but the theory of the State is that he was intending and attempting to arrest Plummer without a warrant for his several acts, in pointing his revolver at Elliott and Conklin, and for carrying such revolver with the intent or avowed purpose of injuring his fellowman. Dorn did not inform Plummer that he desired or intended to arrest him.

So Liko was with some fault but still was allowed by the town's own police policies to retreat home as proved through the litigation and release of the policies. So McKay never gave Liko any warning and neither did Floyd. Just executed the young lad.

PS: This is Brendlin v. State as noted in the Bruce McKay legacy post, and we've already addressed the right to resist an unlawful arrest in State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991).

PPS: We're about to get deep into the Tourist Industry next because it's obvious the State only cares about issues of the wallet.

19 May 2008

KingCast and Worcester Mass salute Major Taylor, bicycling legend.

If you're anywhere near Worcester on Wednesday don't miss the noon library dedication ceremony for the new statue in honor of Major Taylor, one very brave and very fast black man. He-heh I bet part of the reason he was so fast was 'cos he didn't want to get caught by some haters and beaten.
Hostility from white riders had gone from conspiratorial race tactics to threats to physical assault. One time a competitor pulled Taylor from his bike and choked him into unconsciousness. Some of the press condemned the racist treatment Taylor received, but some articles suggested he was to blame, saying white riders were understandably angered by his racing prowess and his failure to keep in his place.

On Wednesday Greg LeMond and Edwin Moses will be on hand to issue appropriate accolades. That brother and his "peers" didn't have no carbon fiber this and that, Chris King precision components or dual-suspension blah blah blah like we do nowadays. Just had to get on with the gettin' on however they could. There he was in Paris shredding the velo and his peers, circa 1908.

Dig the new Major Taylor handlebars by Soma.

KingCast U.S. Mail update: Ayotte escapes on Floyd military docs, no video for Ms. B arrest & no response to Notice of Bad Faith on Watts complaint.

1. I filed a Motion to Reconsider the no liability Decision on Right-to-Know for Defendant Ayotte's refusal to provide Gregory W. Floyd's military records. I had obtained said records from Attorney Marta Modigliani from the Department of Safety. It was my impression that His Honor was under the mistaken impression that Kelly did not have the documents and that's why she was not found liable for producing them. She in fact admitted having them and there is no legal reason for withholding them and they proved that Floyd was The court's Decision read:

Motion to Reconsider; Denied.
Re: Gregory Floyd' Military Records and Notice of New Information.

Such is life. I'm a lot more interested in what happens with the Show Cause Motion for Contempt of Court for the Franconia Defendants, who must have lied to the Court about not having Troy Watts' Ethics Complaint because no self-respecting police chief would throw that out or shred it.

2. Attorney Mullen misspoke. Ms. B's arrest occurred in 1997 prior to cruiser video. There are three (3) other McKay DUI arrests that I will order, however.

3. Attorney Mullen did not issue any response to the Mother's Day Notice of Bad Faith, which proved that his clients had the Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay. Let's see what they have to say about the related Show Cause Motion for Contempt of Court.

4. The NH Supreme Court received the Ethics Grievance I filed against Attorney Mullen relative to the Show Cause Motion.
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5. Also got the letter from Rick St. Hilaire I noted in this peace out post, wisely noting he will not potentially compromise the vigorous prosecution of Gregory W. Floyd by providing RSA 91-A documents at this time.

KingCast and Franconia Collective demand and receive AP correction on Kelly Ayotte's hasty decision to exonerate Gregory W. Floyd.

Last week I complained about what appeared to me to be a biased and inaccurate news story about Bruce McKay and the actions of Liko Kenney and Gregory W. Floyd. I won't say who brought this to my attention, but as soon as they did, I got on the horn with the Concord Monitor's Feliz Belman and the AP's Joe Magruder and we at least got SOME measure of relief. A slight correction was issued by the AP, not as much as there should have been, but whatever.

KingCast Show Cause Motion for Civil or Criminal Contempt against Franconia Defendants and Attorney Dan Mullen.

May it please the Court:

This motion incorporates by reference Plaintiff's Mothers' Day Notice of Bad Faith at Docket #__ and the entire motion is set forth in the next three sentence syllogism:

First, it is obvious that the Franconia Defendants had the Troy Watts ethics complaint because of the Certified U.S. Mail receipts and town fax headers.

Second, no self-respecting police chief or municipality would destroy such a series of documents, nor would they fail to forward copies of them to counsel as requested by Attorney Watts.

Third, that means that Chief Montminy's Affidavit was a lie and it means that Attorney Mullen helped him lie in violation of Rule 3.3 Candor toward the tribunal.

Wherefore Defendant and Counsel ought be compelled to Show Cause as to why they are not in Civil and/or Criminal Contempt of Court. I the undersigned litigant am only slightly schooled in the vagaries of Civil and Criminal Contempt but it appears Criminal because it threatens the authority and dignity of the court. See generally State v. Nott, Lebanon District Court No. 2002-301.

Obviously lying to the Court is a contemptible offense and one can be disbarred for facilitating that sort of conduct. See generally In re Young's case, 154 N.H. 359; 913 A.2d 727; 2006 N.H. LEXIS 172, Rehearing denied by Young's Case, 2007 N.H. LEXIS 15 (N.H., Jan. 16, 2007).
In response, he made intentionally false misrepresentations regarding her assault claim, in a letter sent to her new counsel and in an objection made to the trial court.

That’s no different from what apparently happened in the case at bar, unless Attorney Mullen swears that he never saw the Complaint, but even then his clients are liable for contempt because they would have withheld the information from counsel and lied to the Court because they would never destroy documents that important.

Respectfully submitted/CK on behalf of KingCast.net

Note: This Motion will be is hosted at scribd.com.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.... smells like... victory!

18 May 2008

KingCast was correct, again: Attorney Bill Christie did "walk on by" Gregory W. Floyd on his new charges.

Sooooo.... I was checking the online paper and found this interesting Concord Monitor 17 April 2008 story about Shooter Floyd noting that Bill Christie is NOT representing Floyd on the outburst charges from last month. I predicted that on 16 April in the Dionne Warwick/Issac Hayes "Walk on by" post. So here's the quote I like the most.

A prosecutor told the judge that Floyd was a danger to himself and the community and requested that he be held on $20,000 bail. McKenna agreed.

"Do you have $20,000, Mr. Floyd?" McKenna asked.

Floyd snorted. "No, I don't. I left it in my other pants."

"I hate it when that happens," McKenna said.

Apparently Attorney Christie sees enough criminals in his daily travails, such as his business partner/of Counsel Mike McLaughlin, as I noted in yesterday's post.

17 May 2008

KingCast says "Happy Birthday, Dad!"

You were awesome then and you're awesome now. We just don't have as much hair but I love you as much as I ever did =^.)

Hey KingCast I'm confused... can you practice law again because you've been suspended and falsely accused of a crime when the charge was dismissed?

Well in a word, yes.

In fact, maybe I'll ask the Shaheens for a re-entry referral like they gave to their current of Counsel Attorney Michael McGlaughlin, a lawyer who served 19 months on a mail fraud conviction, according to the Law Professor Blog Network's "Sentencing Law and Policy" blog.
"Also, an interesting note: because he had been disbarred as a result of the conviction, in 1995 he successfully applied for re-admission to the bar."

See the dirtbag CIA tools at Daily Kos hate that I know stuff like this but it's All Good. Peace out fellas. Let's watch Sheehan lawyer Bill Christie at work here and here at 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd's trial.