23 April 2008

Spokescow.org and KingCast public service announcement: Spay and Neuter your pets please.

Everyone who reads this blawg knows I love the cats, dogs of all shapes and sizes and colors and animals in general, even crazy talking birds and cows like Bossie. But you have to watch overpopulation to keep innocent animals from suffering. Read more from Bossie at Spokescow.org.

Related Talking Heads jam: Animals, of course. They're living on nut and berries.... they're making a fool of us.....


Anonymous said...

Poor Bossie, may her spirit live on and continue to do good.

Christopher King said...

Right on, right on she made the Big Journey and did some great work!

Also I love horses but don't have any pics to share on that they are in storage but I do have a tip:

At about 1:50 in that Talking Heads video a man stands behind a horse and I'm not sure how well he's walking today.

Never, ever spend more than .01 seconds behind a horse, and preferably at least 4 feet behind it.

KingCast: Raised in the city but spent plenty of time in the country.