03 April 2008

KingCast, Sandusky Register raise the dirty question of First Amendment persecution of Detroit Civil Rights lawyer Geoffrey Fieger.

So this was supposed to be a funny post initially when Elsebeth asked me about the Fieger case in a community board from my homestate called the Sandusky Register. The post is called "Is America Getting Dumber?"

But there's nothing funny about this case and the answer to that question is yes in general, not in the specific. No sir, I believe that the 12 Jurors and the 3 Alternates who witness the persecution of High-Powered Michigan lawyer Geoffrey Fieger for John Edwards campaign contributions will notice all of the trip wires for malicious prosecution, selective prosecution and vindictive prosecution, all in a First Amendment Context.

I mention the First Amendment issues by way of illustration to Liko Kenney because Bruce McKay hated Liko Kenney because of his lineage (he tried to give Bode a traffic ticket based on hearsay) but he also showed retaliation to Liko because of First Amendment speech that the government (read: McKay) did not like. Read the comments for the excerpt. Here's some of the released McKay personnel documents after the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia litigation; review of his original dash cam video to follow.

I'm pulling for the Counselor and his legal team, which includes one Gerry Spence: The two books that had the biggest impact on me as a young teen were Alive (urgh).... and The Killing of Karen Silkwood (urgh again -- case facts). I didn't need books like the Hobbit because I was finding life strange enough in this World, thank you.

Next to Attorney Fieger is a picture of John Edwards and Uncle Vlad standing in the living room, the very same living room seen in this 2004 WMUR video when I was the target of irrational government abuse as noted in KingCast short film, "Arraignment Press Conference." The indictment against me for Attempted Felony Extortion was retaliation against First Amendment speech that the government and the NAACP did not like, notably this June 2005 blawg entry "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization." The NAACP and Chief Dunn lied under Oath; all charges dismissed with Dunn and his prosecutor fired and left under an ethics investigation, respectively.

Senator Edwards has said it:

"You can't nice these people to death..... they'll run through you like a freight train."

PS: Uncle Vlad offered Candidate Edwards a shot of whiskey, which he politely declined. We didn't have any anyway, but you always offer a man a drink so we would have gone to the store and made a party of it :)

Remember this: If you bend your back people will ride your back. If you stand up straight can't nobody ride you.


Christopher King said...

KingCast says note that this is, at bottom, a First Amendment case because it involves Political speech issues. As such, that Jury has to be made aware at all points in times that the government is not permitted to be in the business of discriminating against political or legal voices with which it disagrees.

That is precisely what happened to Liko Kenney, BTW in Franconia, NH. After he shot Bruce McKay in 2007 and AG Kelly Ayotte initially refused to provide the video for public viewing, she and the town of Franconia and the media up here went and pulled up a 2003 video where he got expressed righteous indignation with Bruce McKay for rousting him from his mother's car where he was resting and not smoking weed or anything illegal. McKay tells him "You're seized," but has given him no real reason for so doing.

The media plays up the fact that Liko is pissed off but NEVER addresses any possible Constitutional violation.

Liko proceeds to tell him "You cannot keep me here without Good Cause," and many more Fourth Amendment things from the back of the squad car such as, but not limited to:

21:04:01 - "You can't pull people off the street and put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason."

21:05:46 - "I was sitting in my car resting before
driving home and now you've done this to me for no reason."

.......but when the AG Kelly Ayotte and WMUR put the videos up online guess what? They cut off all of the conversation from the squad car and totally glossed over the fact that McKay called in two other LE to body slam Liko behind the car and away from the dash cameras, and somehow whaddya' know Liko is charged with assaulting McKay.

Anwyay I bought the media pack so I had that footage and we put it up on YouTube at Channel Franconia511.

Anonymous said...

i adore geoffrey fieger and gerry spence...and hadn't seen them on van susteren for some time. the fight goes on everywhere, and at all levels...

Christopher King said...

You know the government will make a run at most vigorous criminal defense or civil rights attorneys for something or other at least once, from Clarence Darrow to my former boss Terry Gilbert, to me, and to Geoffrey Fieger over BS charges.

Conversely, it takes a total dirt bag prosecutor like Mike Nifong to draw their attention when it comes the other way.

As Earth Wind and Fire sing it, "That's the way.... of the World...."

Anonymous said...

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