17 April 2008

Mickey de Rham enlightens KingCast on Liko Kenney's last hours, "I love doing this for you and I love my job!"

I'm standing curbside waiting Gregory W. Floyd's day in Court one/two to commence when a woman I don't know walks up to me and says "You must be Chris King," and quickly moves toward me. Wary of public receptions like that given to Andy Warhol I kinda pull back for a second then I realize It's All Good. We exchange a hearty handshake and a big hug, and she and I both commented over at this Caledonian Record story.
"Mr. King I just want to thank you for doing what you're doing.... I read your blog every day. On 5/11 I pulled up in my Prius at Agway and Liko was going to load it up with hay and he says to me 'This is the coolest car.... glad to help you today ma'am..... I love doing this for you and I love my job.' Three hours later he was dead."

Liko Kenney had no intent to kill Bruce McKay when he and Caleb Macaulay piled into his 1982 Supra and headed toward Tamarack. As his Uncle Bill Kenney wrote, he was just trying to make it home. KingCast is dedicated to steer the focus of this ongoing case toward the two men twice Liko's age with histories of abuse, much of which was covered up by the government but I'm going to see to it that folks see a lot more of the facts.

And the biggest fact that NH AG Kelly Ayotte hates to admit is that Gregory W. Floyd's actions and perceptions of his "reality" call into question his actions and perceptions of reality on 5/11 which is all documented in this blawg and nowhere else. Judge Vaughn already ruled against Ayotte in KingCast v. Ayotte et al 07-E-268 but we didn't get into this pressing issue of whether Floyd loaded Liko's second clip, even though Trooper Cooper said that information is crucial. That's for RSA 91-A Round Two, playing at a KingCast theatre near you soon.

1. Bruce McKay Legacy.
2. KingCast FOIA request on Gregory W. Floyd.
3. KingCast in it for the Long Haul.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mickey.

Mickey is the woman that started the petition to block the McKay highway deal - I think anyway.

Christopher King said...


Wow. I could see her doing something like that.

She's so cool... and she even listens to all the music links here too. I just wanted to create an environment here where people can come in, utilize the search button on the top left to find JPEG'd documents and whatnot, and hear some good music from time to time.

And for those of you watching my every move as friends and foes, yah I acknowledge I got a bit vituperative on the Floyds yesterday even though I do think the Sunday go-to-meeting comment was pretty funny.

All I ask is that you put yourselves in my shoes, and with today's post we resume and continue the arduous trek toward Justice.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

Christopher King said...

Now then, on the Prius yes it is one of the coolest things ever. Hybrids that run primarily on electricity are a beautiful thing, especially in the city.

As a car enthusiast, I think people should strive to drive the smallest car possible, not the largest. If I ever make it as a media owner (not the original intent of this blawg BTW look at the 18 June 2005 first post) the black stretch Prius Limo would be the staff whip.

Keep an old 911 or 2002tii for weekend fun and reduce our crack cocaine-like addiction to foreign oil, yah.

Anonymous said...

most importantly, Mickey brings us a personal connection to Liko in his last hours. she solemnly acknowledges his loss, and clearly realized and appreciated his human potential and the essence of his goodness.
thank you, Mickey.

Anonymous said...

Floyd!? A good Samaritan!?!? Are you kidding?!? A passer-by? Not a chance! - See McKay dash cam video. Does Ayotte think we are idiots up here north of the notch? Well, ya, I know a couple. And slowly we are discovering who the real idiots are and they are shifting into deep damage control now! The "M" word is being heard more and more, even coming from the stand, from none other than Floyd's incredible wife, twice, in reference to the heroine A. J. B. standing up/name calling: cue ball, bald eagle and Murderer!

Christopher King said...


And take a look at Kelly Ayotte and Martha McLeod "reaching out" to Floyd in this email.

I've got so much information sometimes I forget to post it. As I say, this case is just getting started folks, buckle up for the Long Haul.

BTW speaking of buckled up, Liko died wearing his seat belt. We all know people who plan to kill people keep their seatbelts buckled up, yah, shoor.......

Anonymous said...

and we know mckay didn't buckle himself up....he didn't wear his vest.

Christopher King said...


You know if he had been wearing his vest, he wouldn't have been able to fight Liko as well.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me? The cop was sitting in his POLICE vehicle...the two creeps in the small car are BLATANTLY POINTING A GUN OUT THE WINDOW making threats towards the cop...and they back up. WHY DIDN'T THEY DO WHAT every other citizen is supposed to do? STOP their car and take out their driving info? NOOOOOOOO. They threatened with a gun. I want to know why the cop felt the need to walk out and mace them when he SHOULD HAVE PULLED his gun & shot the driver? & you folks BLAME THE COP???????

I cannot believe that anyone would waste their time to build up a site for the driver of that vehicle, Liko, when he blatantly was trouble and scum. What was he doing driving around with a gun like that? Who did he think he was to wave that at the cop? He asked for what he got. My only thought is I'm sad the cop didn't just pull his gun out and shoot him first. Don't know who you people are to glorify a dead guy who drives around with a gun, breaks the law by speeding and avoiding the police and then further shoots an officer in the back in cold blood 7 times and proceeds to run over his dying and bleeding body with a vehicle??? AND YOU ARE Blogging for support for this scum? I'm glad the witness took care of things. KUDOS to him. It would have been another scumbag in court and off on some ridiculous probation to kill again.

Shame on anyone who is whining and crying over this cold-blooded-cop killer. SHAME ON YOU.

Christopher King said...

Obviously you don't give a damn that McKay habitually violated policy policy and Civil Rights precedents and even threatened his own peers at the fire department as I have PROVED through the litigation.

You got a problem with that take it up with Judge Cyr.

And I responded to your myopic viewpoint earlier on the video site:

"Yes Dolce I do blame Bruce McKay. Do you know he even threatened his own peers on the fire department? I've got the complaint letter from the victim and the police chief. Guy was a total ass who was negligently retained and supervised, and run a word search on my blawg for "labia" and see the fun games that Brucie played with a woman in the back seat of his cruiser, all without probable cause according to Judge Cyr."

Anonymous said...

Mr King,

I have yet to see you admit the Liko Kenny was an unbalanced young man carrying and unliscensed firearm and killed a police officer (even if he was a bad officer he was still an appointed officer of the law and there are ways to deal with bad officers)You have defended Liko and his so called constitutional right to murder officer McKay, as a pysiciatric nurse I have delt with many young men like Liko and many of them end up comitting crimes that lead to their own death or those of another person.
Do you not think that if Liko behaved in a calm normal manner when told to first pull over none of this would have happened? Despite the histories of the 3 men involved (Kenny, McKay,Floyd) 2 men dying in the way they did was totally avoidable. Can you also explain why Caleb has never defended Kenny? In his interview with NBC in 2009 he said and I quote "Liko was outta his head, I was trying to get him to cool down but he was just crazy" He is the only living close witness so why has he never really defended Kenny?
This confrontation was inevitable because Kenny was on a path of self destruction as shown in the hours of video footage of him. It is socipathism at it's basest level.
The big worry is that your blog seems to tell others it is ok to ignore orders from police officers and it is ok to shoot at them if you are scared, When another youth and or police officer die because of your writings/teachings I hope you are convicted too!

Christopher King said...


The confrontation was inevitable because the town has the greater responsibility and should have fired Bruce McKay a long time ago given all of the complaints filed against him... and only him, hardly ANY for any of the other officers.

As to Liko being unbalanced he told McKay that in 2003 when McKay called his buddies Cox and Ball over to beat his ass for not legitimate reason, as you recall the other Fox Hill cases from that same time were DISMISSED because of lack of probable cause to detain.

McKay had no probable cause to detain Liko and Liko told him as much, which only incensed McKay more.... and given that McKay had the Tamarack Tennis Camp vans run for theft he already hated the entire family, as if Mike Kenney was a criminal for Pete's fucking sake.

Retired LE Bradford Whipple was right when he told Sgt. Taylor that they needed to fire McKay, who scared his own wife so much that she moved into a SAFE HOUSE around the time their daughter was born.

As to Caleb's statement you try to cast aspersions on Liko when his friend was only stating that the guy was scared shitless, and who wouldn't be given the fucking beat down he took in 2003, then McKay proceeded to violate 7 or 8 distinct rules of protocol (I have published them) including bashing the little Toyota with a big assed Tahoe, and OC Spraying without warning or directive.

If Liko was truly trying to flee he would have been speeding down 116 but guess what?

He wasn't speeding down 116 and the government's own files say so.

Lastly perhaps you would want to pay attention to the other things that Caleb said, such as

"Floyd never spoke, he just started shooting."

You think it's okay for former AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte to lie about that shit?

As a former AAG I don't.


Caleb works near my house Sir, and believe me you are mischaracterizing his comments about Liko's state of mind.

Have a nice day.

Christopher King said...

PS: I have long since recognized that the gun in the car was not lawful, and the major media has mentioned that at length.

I'm not here for that shit, I'm here to share what the major media has ignored, and that is the fact that there were many more formal and informal complaints about McKay than they let on, and how do I know this?

Because I have them in my file cabinet and have shared them with Liko's lawyers in Estate of Liko Kenny v. Greg Floyd et al., 2010-CV-181.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh...... I see you ar from 'cross the pond... I love it over there.... I was there unfortunately when Lady Di was killed.

Not much for Royalty but she was a Good Bird.

I ride a 955 Triumph Sprint.