17 April 2008

KingCast to NH AG Kelly Ayotte: It's time to reopen the possible murder of Liko Kenney by Gregory W. Floyd.

I could link all of the patent misrepresentations that Defendant Ayotte in Grafton Superior 07-E-268 has issued but that would be redundant. Here's a Big One:

P. 42 of the Official Report:

"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."

No he wasn't. Or I suppose that bullet hole in the windshield just majestically got there, huh?

Here are a few more, and note that many of them go directly to what Defendant Ayotte knew about Gregory W. Floyd's propensity and habit for violence, lies and deceit.

In various video I am reminded that Floyd brings up Liko Kenney all the time in terms of saying he's killed before and can and will do it again. Floyd also obstructed justice when he kept police away from Junior on 5/11 claiming he was a minor and that has been documented.

As to the 43 kills he claimed to have that Kelly never investigated as documented in my RSA 91-A requests, well.....

What can anyone say to that, much less what can anyone say to the patent lie she told Attorney Harold Burbank that all of the witness statements were consistent with respect to Floyd's actions.

Heck yah he sent me that email and when I got it I really knew the fight was on.

And one more thing that needs to get straight:

According to Floyd's own son at pdf 745 of Kelly's own investigative files, Liko Kenney had not run over Bruce McKay when Floyd started shooting, so any reference to that came from Floyd himself, who also lied when he said Caleb Macaulay's window was down. He then leveled criminal threats at Caleb long after he was seated on the road Indian style, with no weapons.

It's all documented on this blawg.


Anonymous said...

State looking to impose old sentence on Floyd

Article Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
HAVERHILL, N.H. (AP) _ As Gregory Floyd awaits sentencing after being convicted of threatening a neighbor, New Hampshire prosecutors have asked a judge to put him in prison for an incident 10 years ago.

The Easton man made headlines last May when he shot and killed a man who had just shot and killed a police officer in Franconia. On Tuesday, after being convicted of threatening a neighbor, he erupted in the courthouse and was charged with assaulting a court officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

He was in court on those charges on Wednesday and was ordered held on $20,000 bail. Before the hearing, Assistant Grafton County Attorney James Vara filed a motion in Superior Court to bring forward a suspended one- to three-year state prison sentence Floyd received in May 1998 for simple assault on a state trooper.

The sentence was suspended for 10 years, on the condition that Floyd stay out of trouble.

Vara asked that the sentence be imposed, citing Floyd's conviction Tuesday, and the charges filed after the outburst.


Anonymous said...

finally, some progress. apart from the matter of Liko Kenney, Mr. Floyd's history and behaviors demand scrutiny.

also, since Mr. Floyd is so capable of demonstrated rage, it is possible that his wife and son may be routinely subjected to his anger and physical outbursts.

Christopher King said...

BTW back on the issue of the coverup, the bullet hole in Liko's windshield appears to be slightly from the side so that would put Liko trying to turn away from it, or to the North -- and straight into the path of the struggling McKay who had staggered across 116 moving in a NE direction.

Liko had no intent to run over McKay, he was trying to get the hell out of there and Floyd blocked him off by shooting first and then he just went on ahead and murdered Liko Kenney, in my opinion.

Never said one word to him, and lied about Liko allegedly running over McKay more than once. As his own son said Liko's car hit McKay exactly once -- after Floyd started shooting at him from the South, forcing him north into McKay's body.

I get it now.

Kelly will too, in due time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, It is highly likely that Floyd not only CAUSED the car to go on top of Cpl. McKay but that he is the reason the car ever went in that direction to begin with.

Anonymous said...

It is very apparent that Floyd is quite proud of killing Liko Kenney - even smug about it. Disgusting. He was protecting no one. He and his family are dishonest and will do anything to place blame anywhere but with themselves.

Christopher King said...


You got that right. Caleb just didn't notice it.

They ask about Liko's course down the road and whether there appeared to be room for him to go down the road south to Tamarack and to the casual observer it would appear that there was room if he had made a sharp turn, but alas there was no room because Floyd was standing there shooting.


Anonymous said...

Gregory Floyd was a Marine and Veteran of the Vietnam War. Lilo Kenney was caught on VIDEO shooting and killing a police officer. Gregory Floyd did this country a justice by putting an end to Kenney. Kenney probably wouldve received the death penalty and leeched off of our tax dollars for decades before he was finally executed.

So Floyd has a felony Marijuana charge...a non-violent crime which he admits was a big mistake on his part. He cleaned himself up and became the best citizen he could be given the circumstances.

Now there's a lady who probably has a vendetta against him, and he's sentanced to a year in prison because the court took the word of an elder woman over a 50 year old ex Marine. Not shocking in the least.

This country has gone to shit and it's not just our politicians, it's people like yourselves who look down on someone like Gregory Floyd who made a split second decision and get's Monday Morning Quarterbacked by morons.

Please....move to Canada.