22 April 2008

KingCast says today is the day to schedule original Bruce McKay dash cam video review with Lt. West, who thinks Gregory W. Floyd is "pretty cool."

Here is the post noting that Kelly passed the buck to Lieutenant Charles West 603.271.2663 on the Court-Ordered production of the original dash cam video that she fought for some reason. He was on vacation last week and yesterday but is scheduled to return today so I will call him.... today!

UPDATE: We had a pretty chill conversation at around 11p and everything is on for 1p, Monday 28 April 2008 in Concord. We have a retired cop, my film maker, at least two folks from the Franconia Collective and Yours Truly. And shortly after that we will know if there is anymore to extract from the video.

Pdf 886:

"You're giving him time by you working the mechanism and under the situation that's pretty cool, I think."

Obviously I disagree because there is nothing "cool" about Gregory W. Floyd and I told you so, and watch him staring me down in this pic shot by the retired policeman at whom he would later call a "motherfucker," but what is going to be pretty hot is whether my film maker is able to extract any more sound from that video, as I noted in this post that some sound clearly exists. Also if it has been tampered with in any way he's gonna know that, and if that's the case I'll be down at the nearest FBI office, pronto.

PS: Look at the impediments to Liko's attempted egress to the south, i.e. Tamarack Tennis Camp for witnesses to whatever McKay was going to do to him this time: A friggin' lowboy and a backhoe in the McKenzie lot, and a bullet from Floyd on 116. Nice.


Christopher King said...

From the email Tip Jar, from the Netherlands, note that I wrote back informing this writer that the Netherlands' Peter de Vries is my hero for his role in Natalie Holloway's investigation.


Justice will be servedTuesday, April 22, 2008 4:45 AM

Dear Christopher,

I have been reading your blog after being alerted to it via Steve Huff’s site and am quite astonished at the audacity of Mr. McKay including his supervisors, his employer and the attorney general’s office.

I wish you strength in your pursuit of justice and hope that Floyd will be brought to trial for his role in the murders.

I am raptly awaiting more of the story and hope that you make progress. I am a true crime aficionado in the Netherlands. You may not get a lot of international coverage on this story but I will be following it here in my little wooden shoes, tiptoeing through the tulips with my finger in the dike J (smile – just addressing some of the clich├ęs about we Dutch).

I think you’re my new hero :)

Anonymous said...

You should have someone knowledgeable in video encryption w/ you. Maybe a rep for the company who manufactures that particular CCTV. They can tell easily if the video has been altered, and they are not biased. They should tell you the Manufacturer of the DVR. Don't mess w/ your one shot to do this. You need a legal expert and one familiar w/ this particular DVR is important . If it has been altered, they will know for sure.

Christopher King said...


I think we should be okay. My guy used to manage a public access station back when VCR was de rigueur so he's gonna have a clue, oh, yah.

And I'll talk back to West and get the model of everything he has before we head out.

Thanks for looking out.

PS: If something is shady I still get to come back and look at it again it's not like they can deny me that since the court already ordered it =^.)

Anonymous said...

Some manufacturers use video encryption so that it cannot be altered, for purposes of making it admissible in court. I would like to know what brand of system was in McKay's car. The engineers of the product can tell you if it has been altered after their analysis. Good luck.

Christopher King said...


I will find out from Lieutenant West what ops is in the Tahoe.