08 April 2008

KingCast says let's not forget that NH AG Kelly Ayotte told a material lie to another former AG, in writing.

And let's not forget that Kelly Ayotte point blank lied to a duly-licensed Attorney, Harold Burbank, read her email to him in Res Ipsa One post.

The witness statements were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger of Mr. Kenney's car).

That's a complete and unequivocal lie, and it's material in nature.

Note: That's why Kelly Ayotte is no better than Nifong.

Funny, the Institute for Legal Reform's Proposed State Attorney General Code of Conduct does not expressly mention "Thou shalt not lie," so perhaps I need to give them a call; have them go ahead and insert that one, yah.

PS: Kelly violated a lot of that code when she came after me as NAACP Legal Chair, and I smoked her back then, too; gave her a quick lesson on ex post facto laws.


Christopher King said...

And this just in (again): Remember the Tim Stephenson complaint and lawsuit against McKay?

This is the sanitized version but the Real Deal you can't find on the Internet anymore was that McKay put his hand on the butt of his service gun and told Tim he was gonna do "whatever it took" to get him out of town, oh yah.

Anonymous said...

I too have had serious difficulties with AG Ayotte and her bunch of legal misfits including the police. The most recent incident resulted in my being falsely arrested/imprisoned and willfully deprived of my rights. That's not to mention her defense of state family court officials for their blatant racially motivated child custody ruling for ordering my son to attend school in another state because of his racial classification (African American). The road to racial inequality starts in New Hampshire. I spent more than 27 years working in the criminal justice system and NH is the worst I have ever encountered.

Ralph Holder, Esq.
Justice of the Peace
State of New Hampshire
A.S., B.S., M.A.
Criminal Justice
UMass-Lowell Grad School.