15 April 2008

KingCast says Kelly's hero Gregory W. Floyd is guilty as charged; flips out in the courtroom and hallway, exclusive pics to follow.

Update: While it is not entirely clear from the WMUR raw video segment, I am the one who said "I think you murdered Liko Kenney," only to be threatened with arrest. "You keep your mouth shut or else you'll be in jail."

Sorry guy, NH AG Kelly Ayotte already tried that with me with her scumbag LE friends when I was NAACP Legal Chair for Southern New Hampshire and I handed her ass to her then, too.... just as she owes me a check for violating RSA 91-A in Grafton Superior 07-E-268. Look it up on the blog there's a search button if you're want to know the Truth. Frankly, I'm tired. Watch this space for more pics and info.

Note that my opinion, which was not issued in a threatening manner, is protected by the First Amendment. If you have any questions, the name of the blawg is the name of the game.

Judge Cyr found Gregory W. Floyd GUILTY of Criminal Threats against AJ Boisvert at about 4:10 p.m. today. By 4:20 p.m. Floyd had flipped out in the hallway and had to be forcibly restrained. I goaded him into it, with a handy KingCast digital camera donated by the Franconia Collective, and I got some stills that ain't NOBODY got. I figured it would go down this way, just as I figure that some lawyer with integrity and strength will come forward for future related litigation into the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I mean, the pics are WILD.

"You fuckers need to learn about the Constitution!" he yelled at me, pointing his cane at me and all of that. Damn good thing we didn't have any weapons or it would have been on.


Anonymous said...


Christopher King said...

Floyd will be sentanced soon, and KingCast will help with that too.

And yah, I had a couple of choice things to say to Kelly's hero as he was pressed into the elevator by severl LE about my opinion that he MURDERED Liko Kenney too.

Anonymous said...

That is great news!

"By his own words he will be exposed" and I think Ayotte has "a severe case of the emperors's new clothes"

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh yeeeeaaaahhh!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless.........I returned from the trial of Gregory Floyd.

There are some very brave and honorable officers who took the stand today. Thank you ! You have my utmost respect and have restored some much needed faith in our system(s). May you always be safe, protected, and appreciated. You are good and honorable men unwilling to back down due to pressure.

There was an incredible courageous attorney/state police prosecutor present and I must say he did a GREAT job. He too has restored some much needed faith in our judicial system. Thank you !

Christopher King said...


You can't believe what's going to happen next.

Nor can soon-to-be-former NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

I picked at Floyd like a sebaceous scab today and he bled out in front of national TV.

Effin' murderer.



Anonymous said...


WMUR Raw footage of Floyd's outburst!

Looks like a model hero to me - not.

It's about time he is held responsible for something.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the video link!

Chris, who was the guy telling you to shut up?

And why is saying, "You murdered Liko Kenney" to that scumbag Floyd a punishable offense???

please explain.


Unknown said...

Yabba Dabba Doooooo....

This cat Greg Floyd is a real loose cannon.....He is set to go off and I saw just a little part of it today at the courthouse in Littleton.....WOW...this dude is wound like a clock....Does anybody know what time it is? I hear the Jailhouse Rock playing in My Mind for some reason.

Yahooo and more power to the positive force in NH....YOU know who YOU are....

Take Care.....JWP

Anonymous said...

this is gold. keep bringing the heat to the floyds. rock on King, thanks for calling him out on WMUR for shooting liko. We see in this video, that in any pressure, he will act irrationally and violently. Maybe someone will think he's cute in Grafton County Corrections...

Christopher King said...


"And why is saying, "You murdered Liko Kenney" to that scumbag Floyd a punishable offense???"

....That would be me and that's when I got threatened with arrest, yet another First Amendment Violation of the Negro Degree.

Just got home at 1:10p. should be pics coming in a few. I need a coupla' minutes to get my hed wright.


Christopher King said...

BTW I just watched the WMUR video where Reporter Anderson says Floyd is going to file an Appeal.

And use what for an opening statement, that video?

MMMMKay....... drugs are bad, MMMMMkay......

What a dumbass convicted PCP felon, not to mention the crimes he lied about i.e. neglected to mention on his intake sheet.... UNDER OATH.

Dude Man, you're going down, and I'm going to ride your haunches like a lil' Shetland Pony. Greetings from Liko Kenney.

Have a great time in jail you rat bastard.

Told you so all along, look at 24 May 2007 post.


Anonymous said...

this morning, the North Country is a little safer. someone, very wise and very professional, pointed out to me the likelihood of GWF's being an abuser in other areas in his life.

it is obvious, but i missed it.

consider his habitual, violent tendencies....and consider the unfortunate situation of his immediate family.

perhaps this pattern of threatening (and follow-through) to others has finally been disrupted.

Anonymous said...

Was Floyd specifically yelling at you? My take was he was yapping at the 4 or 5 people right in front of him.

It was the woman who pressed charges and the court that got this done. Kudos to them. You've done some great work, but please, why must it be about King taking on the bad guy at every turn. Its weak how you have to interject yourself into every part the story. The back of the room heckling, and then recounting how you did it, and were threatened with arrest, that is schoolyard - the guy was right to shut you up - those officers were trying to control a situation, and you start in with heckling remarks that would enrage the obviously in need of medication Floyd, making the men's job harder and risker, just a cameo on film.

Most think the methodical pursuit of your right to know claim is tuff enough. You're just piling on here.

It bears repeating - the woman who brought the charges and the cops and the court have done the right thing. This behavior needs to be highlighted, and the wackadoo-nessness of the dude who walked with his face into the doors (man, that is gonna leave a mark) speaks for itself.

Reinforce the right behavior, oh John Shaft in SAAB!

Anonymous said...

sir ~ we were there, and you are correct to advise that taking credit is not the point of this tragedy heaped upon more tragedy.

GWF was lashing out with his torrid glares at various individuals, chris king amongst them. you are also correct to recognize his obvious emotional/mental instability.

it was so impressive and hopeful to witness the legal process and have the judge, court and law enforcement recognize Gregory Floyd's repeated threatening, and the potential for future threatening.

put aside chris' "style", please, if you are willing and able, and if you are offended by his suggestion of "ownership/credit", ....and know that we come together with appreciation and gratitude for the process.

my faith in law enforcement is renewed and more positive.

Anonymous said...


may i please add that Ms. A. J. Boisvert was remarkably courageous, faithful and strong in her testimony, and in presenting her truth...and we thank HER for trusting the system and helping to make it work.

bless her.

Christopher King said...


AJ Boisvert and I are totally cool, I love her and she loves me. She's the one who called me to give me Floyd's Rap Sheet, yah.


The back story is that I know I could goad this guy into going off with the use of multiple cameras and the little noises they make every few moments, over the course of an entire day so I made sure that the Franconia Collective had about 6 of them poppin' and clickin' all day long.

Floyd's tirade started at a Franconia Collective member seated right behind me, and in the hallway he shook his cane at me too, then I told him I thought he murdered Liko Kenney.

Then I was threatened with arrest, for no lawful reason, really.

And you don't see everything that happened in the hallway, including Floyd shaking his cane at me or any of the hallway or day long stare-downs between Floyd and me that started the moment he pulled up to the curb in the shootermobile.

So that's the Reel Deal.

Anonymous said...


You better believe Floyd knows of Chris King. DTRT has clued him in no doubt. And to be truthful how could Floyd not know who King was? Its not like he doen't standout against the "pale" background here in the North Country.

Takes a serious set to yell at him what Chris did. I think it needed to be said, regardless of what the Court officers thought.

No resting on laurels here though Chris, the bigger fish have yet to fry. Keep the "eyes on the prize", good thing come to those who wait (and persevere). ;)

Christopher King said...


"Last seen jammed in an elevator....For some reason his pants had fallen down around his ankles...."

Christopher King said...

Man eff that dude.

On that raw footage note how the bailiff threatens me to jail time for exercising my First Amendment Right to tell Gregory Floyd that I think he murdered Liko Kenney. I almost wish they threw me in jail so I could do my time with Gregory W. Floyd so he could try to pull that crap on me and I would knock his ass into next week, yah.

Christopher King said...


Whenever I open my mouth I mean business and I have the pictures to prove it, because I figured WMUR would cut this from its raw footage.

Anonymous said...

OK - I accept that, i had only the camera view. I general, its only natural that CK is part of the story, not just reporting it. I amend my comments in that regards. But big snaps to that gal who stood up for herself in a court of law.

Christopher King said...


Absolutely Big Ups to AJ.

I haven't posted pictures of her because she's a relatively lo key sort of person. If she writes me and says she wants me to publish them then I will.


Anonymous said...


I think you nailed it, Chris king always has to put his name into the mix, Floyd was making a big enough ass of himself he did not need help from Chris King, IMHO, all Chris king did was to throw more gasoline on a already volatile situation. The bailiff had every right to warn you to shut your mouth or you would be jailed. It is his job to keep order in the court, that includes outside in the hallways, and if Chris King had continued to voice his opinion, making Floyd even more volatile, Chris King could and would have been charged with disorderly conduct. And for the person who made comment about Chris king's courage to shout those words at Floyd, how many officers had Floyd restrained and pushed into the elevated. That was the act of a coward, a typical act of a bully, get off the playground. All in all law enforcement did their job and now we wait to see if floyd follows through and appeals the decision.

Christopher King said...

Saw his ass on the WMUR "news" where they made sure not to show him advancing toward me with the cane.

Whatever the case, note that Attorney Christie was not with him today in Grafton Superior on the new charges of Assault, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct.


Christopher King said...


The bailiff can't threaten me with arrest he can ask me not to speak which I may have given him.

I did not threaten Floyd and at that point he had already lunged at me with his cane, as noted in these pictures.

Don't try me on the First Amendment I'll kick your ass every time.

Anonymous said...

Some speech is not protected by the 1st amendment, and if you had continued to escalate Floyd's wild ravings, you could have been cited for disorderly and arrested. I wasn't there but from what I saw from the raw footage, your comments just angered him more, they were unnecessary and juvenile. You throw gasoline on a burning fire.

Christopher King said...


The fact that you say something that offends someone or escalates a situation outside of a Courtroom does not give the State the Right to restrict your speech except for the Bush speech zones.

So if you're cool with those, then whatever but this was not a Bush speech zone. This was a public hallway stupid.

My client told a cop he was a racist, and my buddy Regina Sansalone told a cop he was a "real asshole" and all of that is protected speech you want the proof here it is.

Isreal $58,500.00 and finding of Victim of Crime Status at the hands of Hamilton Ohio's finest.

State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991) watch me pet the pretty lady's doggie at the bottom of the post.

You want some more, bring it fool. You are so out of your League.

I am well aware of the boundaries of the First Amendment, thank you.

Christopher King said...


BTW Bill Christie was not with Floyd at his new criminal hearing today.


Christopher King said...

Oh yah,

Watch Christie Walk on by right here.



Christopher King said...

Furthermore my comment that I think Floyd murdered Liko Kenney was not "juvenile," it was a fact-based opinion delivered with absolute sincerity, whether you like it or not.

Anyway in the picture check out dude's face in between Butthead and Beausoleil, not the fellow with the glasses but the other guy looking dead on.


But then again, I'm good at that.

Anonymous said...

644:2 Disorderly Conduct. – A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if:
I. He knowingly or purposely creates a condition which is hazardous to himself or another in a public place by any action which serves no legitimate purpose; or
II. He or she:
(a) Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior in a public place; or
(b) Directs at another person in a public place obscene, derisive, or offensive words which are likely to provoke a violent reaction on the part of an ordinary person; or
(c) Obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any public street or sidewalk or the entrance to any public building; or
(d) Engages in conduct in a public place which substantially interferes with a criminal investigation, a firefighting operation to which RSA 154:17 is applicable, the provision of emergency medical treatment, or the provision of other emergency services when traffic or pedestrian management is required; or
(e) Knowingly refuses to comply with a lawful order of a peace officer to move from or remain away from any public place; or
III. He purposely causes a breach of the peace, public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creates a risk thereof, by:
(a) Making loud or unreasonable noises in a public place, or making loud or unreasonable noises in a private place which can be heard in a public place or other private places, which noises would disturb a person of average sensibilities; or
(b) Disrupting the orderly conduct of business in any public or governmental facility; or
(c) Disrupting any lawful assembly or meeting of persons without lawful authority.
III-a. When noise under subparagraph III(a) is emanating from a vehicle's sound system or any portable sound system located within a vehicle, a law enforcement officer shall be considered a person of average sensibilities for purposes of determining whether the volume of such noise constitutes a breach of the peace, public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, and the officer may take enforcement action to abate such noise upon detecting the noise, or upon receiving a complaint from another person.
IV. (a) Whenever a peace officer has probable cause to believe that a serious threat to the public health or safety is created by a flood, storm, fire, earthquake, explosion, riot, ongoing criminal activity that poses a risk of bodily injury, or other disaster, the officer may close the area where the threat exists and the adjacent area necessary to control the threat or to prevent its spread, for the duration of the threat, until related law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service operations are complete, by means of ropes, markers, uniformed emergency service personnel, or any other reasonable means, to any persons not authorized by a peace officer or emergency services personnel to enter or remain within the closed area.
(b) Peace officers may close the immediate area surrounding any emergency field command post activated for the purpose of abating any threat enumerated in this paragraph to any unauthorized persons, whether or not the field command post is located near the source of the threat.
(c) Any unauthorized person who knowingly enters an area closed pursuant to this paragraph or who knowingly remains within the area after receiving a lawful order from a peace officer to leave shall be guilty of disorderly conduct.
V. In this section:
(a) ""Lawful order'' means:
(1) A command issued to any person for the purpose of preventing said person from committing any offense set forth in this section, or in any section of Title LXII or Title XXI, when the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that said person is about to commit any such offense, or when said person is engaged in a course of conduct which makes his commission of such an offense imminent;
(2) A command issued to any person to stop him from continuing to commit any offense set forth in this section, or in any section of Title LXII or Title XXI, when the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that said person is presently engaged in conduct which constitutes any such offense; or
(3) A command not to enter or a command to leave an area closed pursuant to paragraph IV, provided that a person may not lawfully be ordered to leave his or her own home or business.
(b) ""Public place'' means any place to which the public or a substantial group has access. The term includes, but is not limited to, public ways, sidewalks, schools, hospitals, government offices or facilities, and the lobbies or hallways of apartment buildings, dormitories, hotels or motels.
VI. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor if the offense continues after a request by any person to desist; otherwise, it is a violation.

Christopher King said...


You know he was guilty of that down in Mass, even though no other media will tell you that.


Christopher King said...

Is that Wentworth looking in between the scuffle?

What a fascinating look in his eyes, whomever it is.

Anonymous said...

My mother watched that footage of WMUR's edit, and she was shocked by the behavior of the bailiff. "really?" she said with raised eyebrows.... she was offended by him, not you. My roommate said guilty people have been heckeld at court and they aren't threatend with jail. someone needs to tell that bailiff he was out of line.

wicked proud of you bro!

Hey floyd dont let the door hit you on your way... awwwwwsome.

Christopher King said...


Yah that door jam was awesome. Someone wrote in and wants it on a 2 second loop.

Yah that bailiff over reacted entirely but I didn't feel like being arrested which would be bad for re-entry to the bar and I made that calculation in about .2 seconds instead of telling him:

"You can't arrest me for that."

If the brother had just ASKED me I would have said "Okay, yes Sir."


Christopher King said...

BTW back on the issue of the coverup, the bullet hole in Liko's windshield appears to be slightly from the side so that would put Liko trying to turn away from it, or to the North -- and straight into the path of the struggling McKay who had staggered across 116 moving in a NE direction.

Liko had no intent to run over McKay, he was trying to get the hell out of there and Floyd blocked him off by shooting first and then he just went on ahead and murdered Liko Kenney, in my opinion.

Never said one word to him, and lied about Liko allegedly running over McKay more than once. As his own son said Liko's car hit McKay exactly once -- after Floyd started shooting at him from the South, forcing him north into McKay's body.

I get it now.

Kelly will too, in due time.

Anonymous said...

McKay got what was coming to a piece of shit cop like him. Abusing his power thinking he is blessed with the right to ignore peoples rights just because he wears a badge. This happens to a lot of cops who think they are high and mighty. They end up being served just as McKay was. As for Floyd, he knows he murdered Liko Kenney. He will be suffering his own form of hell for ever. Liko Kenney acted in fear and self defense poeriod. Its a damn shame he had to die for it.

Christopher King said...


You got that right.

The spin doctors have taken everything from the AG's office and willfully misled the American and World Public, all the more amazing because the pictures and the AG's own "investigative" files tell the real story.