24 April 2008

KingCast says Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin may be lying again, claim they have no fingerprint evidence on Liko Kenney's gun.

Those of you coming in from liveleak watch the linked movie and read the lawsuit affidavits from area Law Enforcement, a private investigator and me. Bruce McKay terrorized those he did not like, and his wife got a TRO on him and moved to a safe house around the time she gave birth to their only child. I am a former Law Enforcement attorney and this case stinks, that is why two lawyers are now suing the town and a former town selectmen admitted that Bruce McKay was out of control and not being policed properly himself.
First off, newbies should read this documented set of lies that Kelly and other LE have told about Floyd.

Next: Is this the shell game again?

In this 18 April 2008 post I reminded Defendant Ayotte that she was quite tardy in her RSA 91-A responses to me on the fingerprint/guns issue. She had responded a while back and asked for her usual 30-45 days or whatever. Meanwhile in response to a similar request in Court (read the Interrogatories and RFPs here) she issued a Motion to Strike my request, claiming that that material was not relevant to the RSA 91-A Action as filed.

Today I get a letter dated 18 April 2008 that does not reference my original RSA 91-A request 2 months ago for these materials but only cryptically says
"I have reviewed the April 18, 2008 email you sent us. This office does not possess any documents, beyond those already provided, which are responsive to your request."

So we're supposed to believe that they conducted no fingerprint analysis and/or maintained no fingerprint files.

And we're not supposed to wonder how in the hell Gregory W. Floyd wound up with Liko's live round in his pocket.

Who the hell writes a Memorandum Contra over documents they don't have? Think about it. They just say "We ain't got nothin' the point is moot."

Who the hell conducts a homicide "investigation" without fingerprinting the guns in a situation like this? That would fall below minimum standards for police efficacy but then so too does letting Floyd go home with a live round in his pocket. What were they too busy giving him attaboys to search him? What a bunch of tools.

Remember: Trooper Cooper said it was important.

Or does Troop F have the fingerprint analysis and Kelly and Jeffery are playing the shell game? Strelzin is good at that (read more) but in the end I revealed that they had a mountain of information about Gregory W. Floyd that they withheld from the public. Information that shows him to be a dangerous man, as AJ Boisvert will tell you. As Liko Kenney cannot.

This case stinks to high hell and I will be going to the FBI on it after the Feds respond to my pending FOIA request which is almost due. Time for a public records request to Troop F to cover my bases.

What a cesspool. I feel dirty wading into it but wade I must. The talismanic kabuki dance continues unabated. All these LE can't tell you how Floyd walks away with a bullet in his pocket, and they claim they worked with what, 50 LE in total and there's not a fingerprint analysis to be found? Smells like coverup to me.


Christopher King said...

If you read the Interrogatory and RFP's all I asked was for them to explain how Liko's gun went from being allegedly jammed to being locked and loaded as seen in the picture (not the one I used today but you know the one).

And no one can or will tell me that.

Great. At least we've got a good starting point for the family counsel and a nice chapter for Casey Sherman's forthcoming novel (read the last paragraph) as soon as I close the loop by asking Troop F if they have anything.

So if they are going to stand by that statement it means that they just didn't give a damn about the whole issue, but that would again be a smack in the face to Trooper Cooper who specifically said as noted, that this was an important issue and that the lab was going to be studying the guns, etc. etc.

This ain't cool. This ain't any kind of cool.

Christopher King said...

BTW this post goes with this post noting that Franconia cannot locate any Ethics Complaint issued by Attorney Troy Watts against Bruce McKay.

Anonymous said...

When I awoke this morning my first thougth was "They didn't take any fingerprints".

They had the dashcam, they had an eyewitness and they had their man.

They also thought "End of story" but they were wrong.

Christopher King said...


The sad thing is, even if they didn't actually take any fingerprints we can't believe anything they say.

And again, as a former AAG I gotta say I wouldn't have filed a Motion to Strike I just would have said "Sorry, we don't have any documents" with a Supporting Affidavit from the get go.

Either way something fishy in Denmark.

Christopher King said...

RSA 91-A request on fingerprint analysis and Dash cam video appointment.
Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:40 AM
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
To: cwest@safety.state.nh.us, prosecuts@safety.state.nh.us, terie.norelli@leg.state.nh.us, john.thomas@leg.state.nh.us, house_communications@leg.state.nh.us, gene.chandler@leg.state.nh.us, maryjane.wallner@leg.state.nh.us, michael.whalley@leg.state.nh.us, eatonsstore@juno.com, ccccwhite@aol.com... more
Cc: mmiliard@phx.com, dshalhoup@nashuatelegraph.com, hramer@ap.org, ndoyle@nashuatelegraph.com, "John Collins" JCOLLINS@NHBROADCASTER.COM, "Editorial Page Editor Claudette Durocher" cdurocher@nashuatelegraph.com, janandbernie@comcast.net, james@jamesobrien.cc... more

24 April 2008

Dear Lieutenant West:

Monday 1 p.m. 28 April 2008 still looks good for the video review; I will let you know if anything changes.

Can you email me back today or tomorrow with the following information:

1. The type of Operating system, hardware/software that is installed in the Tahoe and was used to make the dash cam video.

2. The make and model of the VCR machine we will be using on Monday for output.

Meanwhile, I am extremely concerned that I cannot locate any fingerprint evidence regarding Liko Kenney's gun because frankly, I don't think he was in any position to actually shoot Gregory W. Floyd on 5/11. Kelly said her office doesn't have anything but I find that hard to believe given what Trooper Cooper told Floyd:


The fact that Floyd went home with one of Liko's live rounds in his pocket I find somewhat chilling, especially after the way he lunged at me with that cane of his last week in the Courthouse hallway.


So then my question to you is this:

Do you have any fingerprint analysis or ballistics analysis or any testing documents relating to either of the two firearms used on 5/11?

If so, please advise me of the cost of obtaining such materials pursuant to RSA-91-A and if they are available I would like to retrieve them on Monday as well.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, It truly does stink. You have to remember that we are dealing with the "system" and Lawyers here!"nothing personnal".

It's all a word game. and I quote from a famous lawyer."It all depends on what your definition of "is" is!

Christopher King said...


No offense taken.... I'm just a bloody journalist =^.)

Anonymous said...

What a cesspool is right....and before Liko fell into it Maura Murray did, and before that Dow and before that Sullivan and before that....

Christopher King said...


Oh, damn that's right.

Newbies: Richard Dow was a North Country cop who 99.99 for sure murdered his wife and adoptive son.

His actions and demeanor spooked his next wife who wisely got the hell out. I know her.

Anyway, they incinerated the remains of the bodies and crushed the car -- a SAAB 3 door of course -- within 24 hours and he walked free, got away with murder just like Gregory W. Floyd IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me as though Liko baited the Cop to pursue him till he had an oppurtunity to murder the officer. Seems pre meditated to me. Why did this punk have a gun anyway? what were the true plans for the evening. Were these punks planing on robbing or murdering another innocent person?It probably a good thing this physco was stopped.

Christopher King said...

And I suppose Liko telephoned his Uncle Mike 3 times at 6:00 so that he could come down and witness this premeditated murder?

Liko snapped because Bruce McKay violated 8 known vehicular pursuit and OC Spray policies like the bully he is... his own wife was in a safe house and filed for TRO right around the time their only child was born.

I know, I know, she fell down the stairs and fell into a doorknob.

Read up and learn something.