08 April 2008

KingCast says holy cow....another lie from NH Senior AG Jeffrey Strelzin and Ayotte about 3 time felon Gregory W. Floyd; what they knew about him.

Quote from newspaper noted in October 2007 Littleton Courier story .
When asked why the DOS documents did not make it to the attorney general's office, Strelzin deferred the question to DOS. "We were investigating the events at the scene…there is a limit to how far you go back in someone's past," Strelzin said.

But wait. Let's look at Kelly and Strelzin's response to another KingCast question in this November 2007 post asking which documents they had. They say that they had them all, all 7 key documents.
"Items 1, 6 and 7 were in our possession and not released by our office; and Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 were in our possession and released by our office."

Whoa. S'matter guys can't keep your lies straight? Here's another bag of lies from July 2007 with their LE buddy Russell Conte.
"As McKay stumbled across the road, bleeding, Kenney ran his vehicle over the dying officer, Ayotte said."

Ayotte also told the Globe:
"The elder Floyd drove his Tahoe into a spot between McKay and Kenney as a shield and told his son, who is in his late teens, to run to the officer's cruiser and radio for help."

Okay those are both patent lies. Pdf investigative file p.745 Gregory Floyd's own son said Liko's car never struck McKay until after his father shot at the car and the car ended up on the officer's chest. I have it dedicated to memory. Moreover, on the second quote, Gregory W. Floyd (elder) wasn't even driving, and that's a fact.

Liko Kenney's Uncle, Bill Kenney explains what Gregory W. Floyd was doing in this post asking NH Speaker of the House Terie Norellie for a fraud investigation counsel.

Then Ayotte turned around and lied to former AG and Civil Rights Attorney Harold Burbank, in this email, saying
The witness statements were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger of Mr. Kenney's car).

They most certainly are not.

And they have the nerve to draw a salary from us?

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