17 April 2008

KingCast revisits the Kelly Ayotte/Martha McLeod emails coddling Gregory W. Floyd.

"Let's reach out to Gregory Floyd," says Ayotte, "based on [my] conversations with State Rep. McLeod." Nice. As noted in this post, everyone's perceptions about what really happened on 5/11 will soon be adjusted as well. Photo courtesy Lorna @ Caledonian Record. She was sitting next to me and had a nice telephoto lens going on. Not sure what f stop though. She showed it to Chris Jensen and me and I told her I was going to use it with attribution.

BTW Kelly Ayotte ignored Floyd's threats to Caleb Macaulay made long after it was obvious Caleb was no threat; he was sitting Indian style on the side of the road, yah. Read about it. And read about the windshield bullet and those other bullets fired from McKay's gun that ended up on Connie McKenzie's barn and carport so hell yah Floyd is a dangerous, threatening, abusive murdering personality in my opinion.

KingCast: We've got the real deal.


Anonymous said...

You ought to check out DTRT's fantasy over on Topix today.

Funny how the press didn't cover any of her "story".

Anonymous said...

"Reach out and touch someone......"

I think now would be the perfect time for Martha and Kelly to take a day off from work to reach out to Floyd with a visit to see their hero pal in jail.