09 April 2008

KingCast points a finger at Franconia PD Chief Montminy as he prepares his Sworn Statement pursuant to Judge Vaughn's Order in Grafton 07-E-268.

So your Affidavit on the "searches" you purportedly conducted for McKay police documents for me is due by the end of April at the latest. Your lawyer Dan Mullen is quoted in the comments to this Rule 57A Contempt warning

I look forward to reading your Affidavit and those of everyone involved, especially that of one Sally Small. I don't like her and I know the feeling is mutual. But it's not about the feelings, doll-face, it's all about the facts.

Just remember the Whole World is watching you, and the fact that you allegedly weren't able to find the police report that I got from Co-Defendant Ayotte's files might be the least of your worries. So here are the reports that you will have to explain how you didn't find them pursuant to the KingCast request for them.

Here's Counselor Mullen as waterboy former AAG for NH AG Kelly Ayotte losing another case, Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood.

Some folks think that with Judge Vaughn's ruling [Caledonian Record/Littleton Courier] in favor of KingCast and taxing costs to both Defendants that this case is over. No way, and you better believe Franconia is on Red Alert because this case is just getting started for the Long Haul, with Bill Kenney, NH Speaker of the House Terie Norelli, NH AG Kelly Ayotte and KingCast bringing it to you right here and right now.

Honestly, Chief you and Counsel Mullen are looking a tad raggedy, in fact all Defense counsel looks beat up, bad. But I look good, I feel strong and as you know, every picture tells a story, baby.


Anonymous said...


Look at this: http://www.gtconnect.com/articles/2008/04/10/news/community/5aaa03_feewaiver.txt

This guy ran into crooked cop Dave Cox as well. As a matter of fact, the Covallis Gazette Times even confused Noakes and Picray at one point.

I doubt Picray is going to be able to jump through the legal hoops Brian's lawyer can.

Christopher King said...


Thanks for the link, notice how the story does not name Cox by name. Interesting.

First of all, anything a cop does on his or her job is a "matter of public interest," dammit so the wavier should have obtained. That is a nasty statute that should be stricken, hint hint legislature get busy.

Next, the surcharge to review the documents is scary. Even NH does not charge to review, nor should there be a review charge unless files are thousands of pages long redacting some pages and whatnot is part of somebody's job that we pay for, just as all of us have to do bullshit work from time to time, or more often than that depending on the day, right?

Thanks for sharing that.

Cox and McKay one, abuse on 5/11.

Cox and McKay two, the lawsuits come.

Just getting started, folks.

Christopher King said...

Life is a pain in the ass in North Country politricks.

You gotta cover the news that the mainstream media doesn't want to cover even though their lawyers say they will (watch the video of WMUR's lawyer Bill Chapman from Orr & Reno here).

Then you gotta sue with none of their big bucks to help you, even though you ask them to join you.

Then in the meantime you gotta deal with Union Leader's publisher Joe McQuaid writing racist editorials about your black ass.

Then you gotta keep harassing the Defendants to write the damn Affidavits that should have taken a week or so to finish but instead it's gonna' take two (2) months from the date of Judge Vaughn's order to do so.

Whatever, I'll still be here, waiting. Sooner than later you will have to cross my path.


You know, as BlackEnroe at the net, just waiting for a sitter, and therein lies the beauty of the BlackEnroe: In an Interview at Walnut Hills High School Arthur Ashe supported me as a then newspaper editor in 1989 to go to law school and make a difference in that Court.

But what he said about McEnroe -- whom he would later coach at Davis Cup, was that he was:

"like the stiletto, could cut you with a nick here and a cut there and before you know it, you've bled out."

That my friends, is exactly what is happening to Franconia and Kelly Ayotte with every passing moment.