16 April 2008

The KingCast Kelly's hero "I told you so" post on Gregory W. Floyd and a huge thank you to certain NH LE including Prosecutor Robert Gainor.

As John McEnroe would say when it came to Match Point he really stepped up big and cracked a big backhand winner right down the line. He helped put Gregory W. Floyd away for a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed our ahem -- courtside discussions yesterday as did he. And I made peace with now retired Bret Beausoleil as well; I know when he met me he was a bit hesitant and whatnot but as this case comes on down the line people will be reading this blawg as they never have before, and I welcome them to do so.

Right now I owe some people a few emails and I will sort that out later today as I begin my work for the draft story for Huff's Crime blog. For now focus on these:

NHPR/Chris Jensen MP3 coverage.
KingCast Short film Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.
The KingCast Bruce McKay Primer.
The KingCast Gregory W. Floyd FOIA request .
The KingCast Royal Flush calls a spade a spade.
The KingCast Floyd Restraining Order audio.
The WMUR raw footage of Floyd.
BTW it's not "raw footage" because they left out Gregory W. Floyd lunging at me with his cane. WBZ showed some of it.

On that raw footage note how the bailiff threatens me to jail time for exercising my First Amendment Right to tell Gregory Floyd that I think he murdered Liko Kenney. I almost wish they threw me in jail so I could do my time with Gregory W. Floyd so he could try to pull that crap on me and I would knock his ass into next week, yah.

And remember folks, those of you who like this body of work PLEASE hit the Paypal button on the right. A few dollars from everyone helps out right now and the work that I do does not come free to me and it takes away substantial time from what I could be doing to earn money. Nashua Mayor and 30-year Executive Council veteran Bernie Streeter showed the World that he gets it:

Next, I will be the clearing house for the Franconia Collective's appeal to the Department of Corrections' Pre Sentence Investigation for maximum sentences against Gregory W. Floyd. He is being arraigned today for some other assault charges too, as I figured he would be.

Liko Kenney I told you I had your back, man. Still cried last night that I never got to meet you, and cried even more that NH AGs Kelly Ayotte, Jeffery Strelzin, Nancy Smith, James Smith and former AAG Dan Mullen all conspired to hide the Truth about the Franconia shooting tragedy. And you can see the collective and individual shame register on their faces at the KingCast RSA 91-A Right-to-Know hearing, Grafton County 07-E-268 before Timothy Vaughn because Every Picture Tells a Story, Baby.


Christopher King said...

And Dear Speaker Noreli, please shoot me an email today regarding the outstanding KingCast/Bill Kenney RSA 91-A and Fraud Prosecutor request.

Christopher King said...

And a note to the Big Media:

Boost any photo you want with attribution.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,

You are a very courageous man. I admire your cause and purpose in life. More men like you would make the world a better place.

Stay strong and safe on your missions in life. Please post an address as I would like to send a donation to kingcast.

Fighting injustices is time consuming and costly. Money well spent and needed as far as I am concerned.Again I ask, please consider posting an address one could mail a donation to support "kingcast".

Christopher King said...


Thank you for you comment, your time and donation. Any time you have an idea or see something that you think I missed feel free to holler in the current posts and I will see it. If I don't respond go ahead and email me directly at


As to the donation you can do Paypal there is a button on the links section to the right scroll down a bit or a Postal Money Order to:

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KingCast gives big ups to Prosecutor Gainor for Floyd Conviction.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 9:53 AM
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Later on today there will be pictures of Prosecutor Gainor and Bill Christie inserted in this post.


I read that Attorney Christie plans an appeal from yesterday's conviction.

I've got some snowballs for sale in hell to pass along to him on that note. Floyd better count his blessings I don't came after him with an Assault charge for pointing that damn cane at me in the hallway yesterday, yah.


Anonymous said...

What's with the cane anyway? He wasn't using a cane the day he shot Kenney. Was it a prop for court?

Christopher King said...


Oh, no doubt.

I'd take and break that thing off in his patooty, oh yah.

Note: That is in the conditional, if he were to have advanced more toward me yesterday so it's not a threat =^.)

Anonymous said...

here is the haunting face i saw yesterday (or just check today's caledonian record):


Christopher King said...


Thank you.

Here is the linky.

I see they caught Floyd lunging at me too, which was cut from WMUR's "raw footage." So I am adding their pic to mine and suing Gregory W. Floyd as noted in this blawg entry.

Anonymous said...

To the NH LE who had the courage to speak up.....

We love you.

And Chris, check your mail....

(love you too...)