01 April 2008

KingCast is back from vacation, and wondering about 88 Seconds in Greensboro and 12 years in Franconia.

Okay I'm back from today's vacation. You think the Franconia shooting tragedy coverup and 12 years of Bruce McKay's documented, abusive history is interesting?

Well it is.

But then so too is the 88 seconds of Ku Klux Klan gunfire and the murders of five (5) demonstrators for which no Justice was ever even contemplated. In point of fact, the lead witness who was a government informant in the KKK was never put on the stand. Kinda' makes Franconia look like small 'taters.

Note: I cut my Civil Rights teeth after working for Terry Gilbert in Cleveland on my own in Columbus, Ohio, securing Jerry Doyle's right to speak before city council after they refused to call him to speak for about 9 months after he criticized them for paying for police protection for Ku Klux Klan protests. Yah, unlike Franconia the state did not have to pay any fees or costs, but Jerry got to speak, and thus began a very interesting period in Columbus politricks.

Related Movie: American Lawyer One -- Jerry Doyle acquitted of trespass at the school board after a 4 day trial. Minister Donell Muhammad says "The Johnny Cochran of Columbus....."
I say Columbus Ohio, Greensboro and Franconia are all infused with Plantation problems, oh, yah.

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