03 April 2008

KingCast explains what a real Revolution is about, in Franconia and beyond.

From noted Civil Rights attorney Terry H. Gilbert on KingCast:
"There are few more noble causes that a lawyer can pursue.....lawyers must be on the frontline of that struggle to give meaning and dimension to the First Amendment to generate ideas regardless of their implications. To silence opposition seems to be the modus operandi of the state in order to consolidate its power over its citizens, particularly after 9/11......"

Let me set anyone straight who erroneously believes that I am anti-police. As a former AAG (clerking while working for Terry and for about 3 years after that as a lawyer) I am not anti-police. I am anti bad cop.

Don't get it twisted. Young law students know better, and I aim to make sure that all law students know this case like the back of their hands as a First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, FOIA and Right-to-Know primer for the Real World.

The Feds are watching and we hope they keep it straight, oh yah.

PS: Funny what a search reveals on this blawg. I asked waaaaay back on 31 May, 2007 -- almost a year ago -- if other abuse complaints had been filed against Bruce McKay. Pursuant to Court Order from Judge Timothy Vaughn we now know for fact that his wife had a Restraining Order against him, and that even Franconia co-employees from the fire department felt threatened by him. Read about it right here, more to come.

PPS: Poverty of philosophy, listen up and watch this video.

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