18 April 2008

KingCast explains exactly what happened on 5/11 and why Gregory W. Floyd must be tried for the murder of Liko Kenney.

I'm cutting straight to the chase. See the bullet hole in Liko's windshield appears to be from the side (click on the photo to enlarge for you newbies) so that would put Liko trying to turn away from it, or to the north/east -- and straight into the path of the struggling McKay who had staggered across 116 moving in a NE direction. Some constructive criticism in the comments section led me to add the two trajectory diagrams that should have been done for the windshield bullet but were not. Or they were done and illegally withheld like the homicide investigation protocol as ruled by Judge Vaughn. Read more about the diagrams in this post, because I realize not everyone reads through the links (they call me "Sir Links-a-lot") but there is a method to the madness.

Liko had no intent to run over McKay, he was trying to get the hell out of there and Floyd blocked him off by shooting first from the South (shooting from the direction of Tamarack Tennis Camp, where Liko was trying to get to) and then he just went on ahead and murdered Liko Kenney, now blinded by OC spray after 15 seconds. Then he put Liko's second clip in too, I'll betcha' because that's how he got Liko's live round in his pocket as documented. Oh, yah, read it all right here. That's ripe for KingCast v. Ayotte round two I guarantee you I'll win on that one too.

Floyd never said one word to him, and lied about Liko allegedly running over McKay more than once. As his own son said at pdf 745 Liko's car hit McKay exactly once -- after Floyd started shooting at him from the South, forcing him north/east into McKay's body.

I get it now.

Kelly will too, in due time.
Gotta' reopen the case, dearie, you're busted.

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Anonymous said...

It's a narrow path to the truth, and I am so glad you're leading the way!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of supposition in this claim, the "I betcha" part of it, the "Liko had no intent part of it", the "that's how he got the bullet into his pocket" part (which is a conclusion based on a supposition), that make it less than convincing, or relevant in certain instances. The fact that Floyd did not speak to him, does that negate his affirmative defense?

I agree with you in principle, based on this - something stinks here. But what I am reading is not convincing to me. What would open it up would be strong evidence of a relationship between McKay and Floyd, what Floyd was doing there, if for any reason other than going home with groceries?, that kind of thing. His son holds a lot of this inside, if it is there.

I put this forward for purposes of getting some different thinking on it, or maybe some thinking with a different focus. The facts that you lay out do not seem so damning, there has to be more. The chaos of the moment, the spontaneous nature of activity and thinking in a life and death situation, they would explain a shot fired into windshield. Take away the spontaneity of it, then it changes. But the argument to me needs more facts to make the circumstantial conlusion something more than he was there by chance and killed the young man defending the life of another.

I am not arguing against you; I am just giving it a scrub.

Anonymous said...

all good points anon!

I think if authorites were more forthcoming with the info Chris asked for perhaps it wouldn't 'stink' so much.

I also wonder about a connection between Floyd and McKay.

Anonymous said...

poetic! nicely stated :)

Christopher King said...


You don't need a strong Rx between McKay and Floyd though, you just need to know that Floyd is a maniac.

This much is non-speculative given the angle of the bullet hole when you look closely at it, it was shot from about the same angle you see it.

In the investigation they ask about Liko's course down the road and whether there appeared to be room for him to go down the road south to Tamarack and to the casual observer it would appear that there was room if he had made a sharp turn, but alas there was no room because Floyd was standing there shooting.


This part is speculative:

The notion that the Kenneys are providing Beausoleil or anyone else with drugs is patently absurd. Sounds like something McKay have told him from some stuff a LONG time ago because as you know McKay references an old marijuana bust as some kind of rationale or Probable Cause when he approaches Liko.


So that's where my head is at -- plus the fact that they did not conduct any sort of evaluation of the bullet hole when they did conduct one of the bullet holes in the McKenzie carport and barn I hope you went through the links in the bullet post to see those diagram trajectory evaluations:


And note that those bullet holes go to show that Floyd was shooting that gun off Willy Nilly as he terrorized Caleb Macaulay long after it was clear that he was no threat.

Christopher King said...


I neglected to address one of your concerns where I say "betcha" but if you know guns you know that's an entirely logical, and one of the only explanations as to how Floyd winds up with one of Liko's live rounds in his pocket.

And if it ain't so then have Kelly give me the fingerprint analysis that I asked for..... whoops thanks for reminding me that time has run!


New post coming.


Anonymous said...

You are sure to succeed, in time. Good luck son.

Anonymous said...

Liko sure as hell didn't shoot himself from the outside/at an angle/inward.
Have we ruled out McKay, even though he was wounded and struggling across the street?
If so, that leaves Floyd or Floyd. Does Junior like to play with guns?

Christopher King said...


Thank you.

I like the 'son' part.

At 43 I know enough to be proud, strong, cocky and arrogant, but only subject to the Rule that I know nothing even though I know everything about every legal principle to which I cite.

And more than a few rules of English.

If the State would be so honest we could really get somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I've often thought about the son's involvement. Didn't he have a crush on the grocery clerk that talked to Liko and Caleb at the store just before this happened. Maybe he was jealous that she talked to them and not to him. Teenage boys don't always think rationally. And especially if they have a delusional gun-loving nutcase for a role model. The thought that Floyd Sr was just cleaning up Floyd Jr's mess has crossed my mind more than once. It's nice to know that someone else is thinking along these line.

Christopher King said...


As noted back on 15 September 2007 I had verified the crush and the harassment.

He may have told the Truth though on 5/11, which should give everyone pause as to what his daddy really did.


Anonymous said...

I do wonder why Floyd made mention of Beausolei and the cops getting their drugs from the Kenneys. Where did that come from?
He didn't shout something totally nonsensical. There is something to that. Floyd has a belief that this is true or he wouldn't have stated it. He also said the cops were on the take.
Did someone tell Floyd that someone was cutting in on Floyd's own take? How does Floyd earn money to survive? I wonder the expenses and how those expenses are covered.
Did Floyd want to shoot Liko because he thought Liko was encroaching on his drug territory?
Was Liko getting some of that potent Hawaiin ganja?
No offense to anyone, but there may be some truth to the accusations or it could be some belief Floyd holds that could have been fueled by McKay to give reason for Floyd to back up McKay. Liko's friends I'm sure could answer the question.
If by chance Floyd was competing in selling weed w/ Liko, better to give potential reason for Floyd wanting to harm Liko personally and having a more solid case than hiding it if it were true. Liko cannot be prosecuted in death.

Anonymous said...

The source of Floyd's statement? Delusional paranoia.

Liko wouldn't have associated with such scum.

Christopher King said...

9:23, 6:00

Whatever the case, it sure does seem awfully suspect that the Floyds just happened on by.....

....Which reminds me:

Does Franconia issue cell phones to LE, correct? I'll need to get a copy of the bills sent to the town with the numbers dialed and received by McKay in April and May, 2007.

Anyone have an answer to that question?

Anonymous said...

"I do wonder why Floyd made mention of Beausolei and the cops getting their drugs from the Kenneys. Where did that come from?"

Beausoliel is the cop that handled the case when Liko's gun was stolen. He is responsible for the last legal "screwover" Liko got. Instead of the kid being dealt with it was turned around on Liko. It is not reasonable that there was a drug exchange between these two. Liko had told his boss that Beausoliel and his son were both harassing him by following him home from work at times.

I can also affirm no Kenney was dealing in drugs. It was not happening. If McKay ever stated this to Floyd it was not a fact but perhaps a set up or unfounded opinion.

I do not know if this is fact or not but it has also been said that the Floyd's were at the parts store that Liko and Caleb stopped at prior to Mac's. Liko needed to wait for his paycheck to purchase parts for his car to pass inspection explaining the reason that he was unable to get the car registered yet. He was not a hardened criminal, just a young man living from paycheck to paycheck. Hardly a situation to run someone down, ramming their car and pepper spraying the young men to "protect the community".

Anonymous said...

Not hiding anything.

There is a huge difference between smoking pot recreationally and dealing it.

Liko was not dealing pot. I do not say this in a moral fashion to protect anyone. Many people believe pot should be legalized, including people running in the presidential race.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people believe that Floyd had a scanner in his truck too so could be he was acting like an ambulance chaser. Interesting that the chose to inventory nothing in the vehicle.

Christopher King said...


Dig it. I had heard about Floyd being elsewhere near Liko and Caleb on 5/11 but could not confirm.

As to McKay, note those 2003 Fox Hill Oark police reports that Montminy has to issue an affidavit over how he couldn't find them for me contain passages where McKay talks about an old marijuana bust at the bottom of page 1.

I got the reports from co-Defendant Ayotte so how is it that Montminy couldn't find them?

Anyway McKay talks about how he pulled his OC spray on Liko on p.2, I forgot about that and he admits to having a raised suspicion of Liko because of an old drug bust which is patently unconstitutional, yah.

Similarly that's why Judge Cyr threw out the Fox Hill drug charges on other youth because history does not give you probable cause.

State v. Pellicci, 133 NH 523 (1990) as linked in Jamie Brooks' successful Motions to Suppress as linked here.

See also State v. Blake out of GRAFTON 98-437 in which former NH AAG Mark Zuckerman lost the appeal on Probable Cause.

Zuckerman is now a U.S. AAG and he's the one who vowed to me he was going to take Gregory W. Floyd's case to the ATF. See the KingCast U.S. DOJ FOIA request that is now due.

All of these cases are the progeny of State v. Terry, 392 U.S. 1, 1967, the seminal case on stop and frisk. It happened about 2 miles from where I grew up, in Cleveland Heights. A brown brother named Lou Stokes was the lawyer and he has served as a U.S. House Rep and his brother Carl was the first black mayor of a major city.

Time for some oatmeal and I'm about to start writing for the True Crime blog feature.

Anonymous said...

"Does Franconia issue cell phones to LE, correct? I'll need to get a copy of the bills sent to the town with the numbers dialed and received by McKay in April and May, 2007.

Anyone have an answer to that question?"


I don't know the answer to this but it is a good question. Is it true that McKay was off duty but took another cop's place that day? He should have gotten a call if that was the case. Speculation of a connection between Floyd and McKay could be looked in to through phone records as you suggest. Speculation that McKay was called and told Liko was coming that way would be cleared up as well.

Does this fall under the Right to Know law for citizens?

Christopher King said...

Oh yah if it's a government issue phone I'm pretty sure we can rock that.

But I'm not going to send an RSA 91-A request unless I know for fact that Franconia issues phones. Somebody's got to know the answer to that.

Meanwhile I'm writing a letter to former U.S. Rep Lou Stokes, Esq. who successfully argued Terry v. State in 1967.

Christopher King said...


Yah I asked them about why there was no inventory and they wrote back that there was nothing of evidentiary value in Floyd's truck.

With all due respect, I would rather have been the judge of that after reviewing what was in the shootermobile.

Anonymous said...

Looking at McKay's SUV I see the siren lights and blinker are still on. If the mic is on to pick up the the siren (we see the lights flashing in the video) and gunshots at what point did they shut the sound off? They still had not shut the siren off so I am curious. Time has passed, I see Liko's car covered in the background and dusk has fallen which reveals somewhat of a time frame. How long before someone realized that the sound was on? How long would a tape go? The timing of the windshield bullet should be heard, the ranting with Caleb.....possible exchange with police, etc.

Christopher King said...


In the video provided by the state it stays on for quite some time. I won't even watch that video anymore I'm just looking forward to reviewing the Reel Deal with Lieutenant West next week.

For you newbies here is my analysis of the video and the sound that you can actually hear and that which you can't, etc.

Okay now I gotta' get that oatmeal.

And lunch.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that they allow the picture to continue, which is obviously blank as the action is happening across the road but you can tell the siren is on by the flashing? If so, I would say it is quite fair to assume there is sound for the duration of that time. Do you recall the approximate length of the remainder of time after Liko's car leaves the frame?

Christopher King said...

I actually need to dig it up and watch it again but as I recall you can hear intermittent sound. Now that could be from McKay having his mic on his belt and it being pressed and unpressed as McKay was under the front of the Toyota.

But a long time ago I theorized about Floyd causing Liko to strike McKay and now that I took a closer look at the bullet angle it becomes more obvious as to how he did it, shooting from the south and cutting Liko's egress to Franconia Tennis Camp.

Liko was a marked man, if not by McKay certainly by Floyd.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea, the shot is coming from the passenger side towards the driver's side, Floyd shot Kenney from the passenger side, Floyd probably put the round into the windshield when he was firing off shots. From where Floyds vehicle was parked and where McKays body was, the angle would have been closer to 90 degrees if he had fired at Kenney from across the road, IMHO

Christopher King said...


I think we are saying the same thing. The windshield bullet is this one from Junior's statement, and it was fired from Caleb's front quarter panel area if you look closely at the bullet hole.

[Floyd Junior also as noted on 91-A pdf page 745]
"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer. Then they backed up to here and at that time my dad got out and tried to pull him to prevent him from running him over again" [KingCast says wait a minute: Run him over again??? There was absolutely nothing to keep Liko from running McKay over the first time -- but he didn't. Liko was just trying to get the hell out of there.] They backed up to here and the car went rushing forward and my dad shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."

Anonymous said...

Something that always nagged at me regarding the 5.11 cruiser video. As McKay is in pursuit of LK after the first stop, he passes a truck moving in the opposite direction--toward town. The truck is pulled over, or pulling over, light blinking (a little beyond Coppermine trail).

Question: has anybody ascertained or questioned whether this might be Floyd #1 and Floyd #2 in this truck? If is is indeed them, it certainly explains a lot of the pieces...why McKay was hesitating at the 2nd stop (ex: waiting for F1 and F2 to appear after they deliverately turn around), the various reports of F! and F2 being strangely in the vicinity of LK that afternoon/early evening.

Christopher King said...


Gosh knows what our review of that video will show, but if you know the terrain it would be all but impossible for Floyd to get ahead of them and then be coming toward town because there's only one way out of town and that is of course 116.

I've watched that before though and will watch it again for Good Measure but I think it's just somebody pulling to the side who saw blue lights.....

....but did they HEAR sirens, though that is the question. I need to know if anyone heard sirens because I believe that McKay had to have those activated by policy.

Not that he ever followed policy too much.