04 April 2008

KingCast applauds the Brian Noakes lawsuit against Corvallis, OR cop Dave Cox who abused him on 5/11 just as Bruce McKay was abusing Liko Kenney.

From the Feds are watching post:


Let the record reflect that the poster's link

...goes to the issue of Brian Noakes in Coravallis OR who was falsely arrested by Dave Cox, who became an abusive, power-hungry cop just like Bruce McKay. Here's the part of McKay's personnel file Judge Vaughn ordered produced. A copy of yesterday's Littleton Courier story will appear later today now appears as the final art for this post.

Now Brian is going to sue, as I figured because I know part of his family.

You go, Brian. Get 'em good.

And this just in (again): Remember the Tim Stephenson complaint and lawsuit against McKay? This is the sanitized version but the Real Deal you can't find on the Internet anymore was that McKay put his hand on the butt of his service gun and told Tim he was gonna do "whatever it took" to get him out of town, oh yah.


Christopher King said...

You may notice that the most important photo of the case -- the one with McKay's Tahoe tracks -- has disappeared.

I'm sure I posted it somewhere else though, so I'll go get it and rehost it.

Very strange, n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

pics disappearing???
curiouser and curiouser.

I'm glad my cousin Aslan is a plaintiff in the suit as well. Cox threatened to "tase" her when she approached and asked Cox why he was handcuffing her very sober husband.

Christopher King said...


I'm glad she is too. And I restored that image to most of the posts from where it was missing.

The only other time that happened was when I had the former NAACP President Bruce Gordon in a picture with a California NAACP President Rick Calendar, who has a criminal past and some say a criminal present.

Oddly enough, I documented that on 10 May, 2007, the day before the two travesties of Justice.

On 5/11 I had congratulated NH AG Kelly Ayotte on a First Amendment case so I'm big enough to recognize when she does things right, but it just doesn't happen that often.