20 April 2008

Hey KingCast I'm confused...did you or anyone at the Franconia Collective predict Floyd's irrational behaviours or that he would do serious jail time?

Affirmative, and his apparently former lawyer Bill Christie is clearly not happy about that as he calls into Shaheen & Gordon Headquarters on the Bat-Phone after a smashing defeat.

17 January 2008:
KingCast says Gregory W. Floyd -- the Teflon Don of North Country is gonna' do some hard time -- but will the Union Leader interview KingCast?

From the Comments.
[Floyd] won't keep a lid on his temper between now and March 11th. It's not in his breeding or his nature.
If he slithers out of this mess he'll just do it all over again. He incites fear alright. Stay tuned.
By downhill, at 5:31 PM

1 November 2007:
KingCast presents Gregory W. Floyd: A true American hero, arrested for assaults with dangerous weapons, convicted of disturbing the peace & 3 felonies.
From the Comments.
Floyd should have been arrested every hour of every day since 5/11. Including now. He should be considered a fugitive who is armed and lethal.
By Anonymous, at 10:41 AM

Floyd CORI pages one, two and three (to be scanned Sunday afternoon).

Anyone who has seen Floyd's actions and listened to his insupportable rants and anti-Kenney diatribes has to admit that my position is strengthened that he may have murdered Liko Kenney, and that things did not happen the way AG Kelly Ayotte says they happened out there on Rte 116.

That's why we're making First Amendment History.

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Christopher King said...

Photojournalism is a trip, and I obviously enjoy it. You know, you see you've got your target but he's watching you watching him so you do this dance, and then you get your staff and friends watching the target watching you watching him and then you get this split-second in time to get the right shot.

To the individual who took the King/Christie picture on the front page:

Thank you, and I hope you received my recent email.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

Christopher King said...

Here's a couple of hints:

1. If you've got a video camera the target will always look up, at least once. Always. Wait for it.

2. If the target is busy or preoccupied with something important -- say a crushing defeat at court -- you don't have to rush because it's too much information for the target to process what he's doing and avoid your cameras at the same time. The target won't run from you because he knows you'll catch that, too. So just take your time and take your shot.

Anonymous said...

The good, the bad and the ugly. Three sets of people: C. King/B. Obama; Kelly Ayotte/Hillary Clinton; Greg Floyd/Bruce McKay. Two overambitious career obsessed women surrounded by criminals, right under their noses! I sees Floyd last Tues., I sees murder in those eyes!
Go Chris!
Go Berry!

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