20 April 2008

Hey Kelly, KingCast and Bill Kenney point you over to the lack of forensics on the windshield bullet fired by Gregory Floyd, and his RSA 641:3 lies.

See look how nice and neat Kelly and her boys laid out the trajectory of the barn bullet fired by Gregory Floyd from the south like I said in the first place? And the McKay blood spatter shows he made it across the street before Floyd started shooting, contrary to what Floyd said about Liko running him over twice in the street. That's all BULLSHIT.

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Why they never did any research with the windshield bullet (new image, look at the angle on it) who knows, but these barn pics alone tell you where Floyd shot from, and it means he never said a damn word to Liko, which means he lied in the investigation. Here's exactly what really happened. I might post some more pics later, whatever it's All Good.

I got your back, Liko.

Okay okay you want more pictures I got more pictures. At the bottom is about where Floyd was standing when he fired the first round that caused Liko to freak out. Then he ran up to the car, still blasting away and fired the windshield bullet as McKay is already down in the driveway. Liko is now blinded by the OC spray after 15 seconds (it takes that long) and so it's of little wonder that he drove straight onto McKay. And turn your head sideways until I can get this photo flipped to see by the blood spatter that McKay had made it all the way across 116 so there was no need for Floyd to start shooting, yet shoot he did.

Note that the vantage point is indeed South of where Liko was pulling out from and corroborates Caleb's statement, Page 687:
"That guy I thought pretty much had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road."

[Here's Caleb on WBZ-TV describing how scared Liko was.]

Page 622

"He was laughing and stuff. The guy was very, very it was almost like crazed...."

Page 697

"And he kept, like, 'Oh I shot him good and stuff like that....'"

Kind of fits well with the observation of Easton Police Chief Every but despite that and despite this partial rap sheet Kelly gives Floyd a pass in one day. That's why she should be disbarred it's such patent BS. Anyway here's another bullet in the barn.


Christopher King said...

I have just so much had it with Kelly Ayotte and her lying ways; she needs to be taken out just like Mike Nifong.

Christopher King said...

So I can hear it now:

"Most of those charges against Floyd were dismissed Mr. King so he's All Good, still a hero."

Problem is I know for FACT that Shay Littlefield just refused to testify against Floyd and said he didn't recognize him.

People were afraid to testify against Floyd and the whole World can now see exactly why.

And I'm not ashamed to say, "I told you so."

Let's get real: If Gregory Floyd was a Harvard Law Grad and a State Senator Kelly shouldn't have cleared him in one day. The fact that she cleared him knowing all of this should end her legal career, at least in a public office. She put a dangerous instrumentality back out on the streets and if he had a gun at the point in time when he met AJ Boisvert on Hummingbird Lane she might not be with us today, and she knows it.

I joke around a ton on this blawg but this is no joke:

Kelly's head should roll.