07 April 2008

Gregorys W and P Floyd, with Shaheen & Gordon, like father like son.... case continued....

Okay, first Gregory W. Floyod caught a Permanent Restraining Order from Judge Vaughn in Grafton Superior for threatening AJ Boisvert with a gun. On his related criminal threats case (for which he's been convicted on prior occassion) he lawyered up with mega-bucks firm Shaheen and Gordon, and continued his case to 1p 15 April, 2008.

Okay, then Gregory P. Floyd caught a case for theft at his erstwhile place of employment, Wal-Mart and a Priest placed him under Arrest. He too, has Shaheen and Gordon representing him and waived Arraignment/Pretrial and continued his 1 April 2008 case to 13 May, 2008.

Meanwhile here's the status of the pending FOIA request to the United States Attorney General on Senior Floyd, read the comments.



Anonymous said...

the hero and hero offspring are recipients of the state's kindnesses, n'est-ce pas? seems a little dangerous to encourage their behaviors.

meanwhile, i'm sure they're pressing out their easter outfits and polishing their loafers for their court appearances...fine, upstanding citizens that they are.

Christopher King said...


Kelly's heroes, yah.

Meanwhile, from the email Tip Jar:

Hello Chris, Just want to share my aggravation in regards to todays blog How and the hell those 2 scum bags can be represented by a expensive lawyer while they suck off the state money to live. and those of us who work for a living can be lucky if we get a public defender....

....am i correct in the fact that you , have informed the feds about this maniac family and how unstable and dangerous they are ????

In a word, yes I have notified the Feds, via email and now via another $5.50 U.S. Mailling,

7 April 2007 Tracking No:

0306 0320 0002 6615 3269

But I noted in the snail mail copy that I expect the 20 day window for Federal FOIA response to commence on the email date of 28 March, 2008.


Anonymous said...

And Franconia Police Department can be proud to have their logo on the hero bracelet for Freakoid Floyd.

Christopher King said...

2:35 Yah, thanks for reminding us.

Here then, is the rundown on that from our Man Jeffery Jesseman, after attending the Selectboard hearing.

They don't care enough to hire an IP lawyer to tell them that it's permissible to ask the Tye band people to remove the Town logo from a Tye band that celebrates Gregory W. Floyd.

As you can see from the post, however, I gave them all the law they need including:

Hard Rock Cafe Licensing Corp. v. Pacific Graphics, Inc., 776 F. Supp. 1454 (1991).
OVERVIEW: A heat transfer design company was enjoined from producing a transfer that was confusingly similar to a trademark owner's restaurant logo because the owner was likely to succeed on the merits in its trademark infringement and trade dress action.

Harley-Davidson, Inc. v. Grottanelli, 164 F.3d 806 (1999)
OUTCOME: The court affirmed the lower court's judgment to the extent it enjoined defendant repair shop's use of plaintiff motorcycle company's logo. The court reversed and remanded to the extent that the lower court enjoined defendant from certain uses of the word "hog," as that was a generic term not entitled to trademark protection.

Christopher King said...

And, oh, the Feds are back:

04 Apr 2008 05:51:22 AM christopher-king.blogspot.com/2008/03/kingcast-rsa-91-afoia-request-to-us.html

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