23 April 2008

And then it just struck me: KingCast is a public law firm, for the public interest.

Read the comments to this post about Liko's clip that might have been in his gun but was more likely in Floyd's pocket, which would explain why Liko's live round was also found in his pocket. But of course there's no need to reopen the investigation for the murder of Liko Kenney. And cows fly on Saturday.

Here is the revised Notice of Bad Faith.


Christopher King said...

From the previous post:

anonymous said...

Awesome catch on the dew. The clip is dew free but so is the base of the clip where you would grip it to pull it out.

If the clip was in, the dew would have formed on this grip. It also would have formed on the clip if it was the same temperature as the gun, given enough time to condense the humidity.

If it was warm from being in someone's POCKET, the whole thing would be dew free.

10:07 AM

christopher king said...

Yah I was wondering about the moisture too and thought it may have come from some first aid materials or whatnot.... but of course the further catch on it is the lack of dew on the clip so we can rule out it being with the gun the whole time.

And it being in Floyd's pocket sure would 'splain why Liko's live round was found in Floyd's pocket as well.

But of course that's no reason to reopen an investigation.

What planet does Kelly think we're on. I'll go after this the rest of my life and if I get hit by a bus on my next motorcycle then I expect everyone else to push it just as hard.

I will modify this Notice of Bad Faith accordingly.

I've got the best law firm in the World because my law firm is the World.

That's why I do a lot of my thinking in public, because unlike Kelly and Franconia I have nothing to hide.


10:23 AM

christopher king said...
PS: The haters know this blawg is brilliant not because of me or any individual person. It's much bigger than that, and it's something they can't own or control, and we're gonna drive this puppy full throttle into the Gates of Hell, yah:

33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301

LOL Kelly, see you back in Court.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

I really should make it a non profit and part of a larger network. There has to be a constructive way to fund such an animal and if there is, I will find it.

There are so many media sellouts, and others who are just too busy to delve into issues like this, but these issues go straight to the core of an allegedly free and Democratic society or Republic or whatever the hell it is we're livin' in.

And to further that, nobody can stop me as the Executive Director from filing a Right-to-Know lawsuit in any State in the Union.


Now I know why American Tower Corp called me "A Dangerous Black Man."


Christopher King said...

But wait:

Here's an innocent construction:

The clip was partway in when Liko faced off with Floyd and Floyd shot him in fear and there was a double feed which Floyd cleared and put in his pocket.

Then Liko's gun was photographed with the clip in it and some time later without the clip. There is no moisture on the clip because they were running prints on it.


Fine. Then give me the analysis and I'll go away.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But wait: Floyd said he didn't get Liko's gun unjammed, remember?

I do and it's in writing as y'all have no doubt read on this blawg, and only on this blawg, in the interview with Trooper Cooper.


Anonymous said...

I am honored to merit an entry dedicated to my observation.


Anonymous said...

Or it was flipped over and the clip removed. The clip is not flipped over and isn't showing any dew.

Christopher King said...


You're the Bad Ass, not me. I'm just a dude with a blawg and a few ideas about government.


I know, I know, I know.

Just couldn't go there in the Notice of Bad Faith because I had to leave something open. You have to give 'em enough rope.

Guns of Brixton.

Gotta love the Clash.