20 March 2008

"Your Honor, have you seen my new pen!"

I was playing with the thing this afternoon in the Attachment Hearing for the Gloucester Fire case when His Honor asked for introductions. "Attorney Crnilovic for the Plaintiffs, your Honor." "And I'm Chris King, I'm just the law clerk, your Honor.... but have you seen my new pen!"

The Bic Duo is pretty snazzy, with a hip highlighter that springs up like a lil' puppy-penis so now you got a pen and a highlighter without having to switch ends. Good smooth paper-to-pen interface, very fluid high-dollar feel to it and it spins on the top of the thumb very easily too, good balance. Patent pending I'm sure =^.)

His Honor didn't give a shit about the pen, but he took the Motion under advisement.

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Christopher King said...

Tapoketa, poketa poketa.... as with Walter Mitty you never know where reality meets the fantasy here at KingCast and Chris King's 1st Amendment Page.

Oh, wait: Actually all of this stuff that I write about really happens, except for the pen thing -- I really didn't say that today.

But that thing about Kelly Ayotte having to produce that original dash cam video from Bruce McKay's Tahoe and give me dates for my review of it, as noted in this post -- well that's realer than real-deal Holyfield.....

It's like this and like that and like that and uh.....So jus' chill, 'til the next episode.....