06 March 2008

What does Helen Keller have to do with a bogus criminal indictment of a Civil Rights leader in New Hampshire?

Well not much, but here's what's happening:

With the release of new pictures of Ms. Keller (see NPR Story) everyone is Googling her name as image and up comes this post, noting how stupid, hateful and ill-founded NH AG Kelly Ayotte's crusade against me as former NAACP legal chair really was.

Anyone could see that.

And anyone can see the other shenanigans that Kelly and her crew are up to no good in the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up, just as NH LE covered up for a cop who likely murdered his own wife and adopted son 25 years ago in the Dow Murders.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the google issue. I tried it and your site did not come up in the first three pages. Most people don't go beyond 3 pages when looking for something....

Christopher King said...

I don't know if you're searching pics or not, I'm just basing my comment on my tracking system that shows me at close to 500 hits today, or about double the norm.

And it tells me what the search terms are, so I'm pretty confident in my statement.

Anonymous said...

I like how you drape yourself in the NAACP cloak to lend some authority to yourself, bona fides in the national scheme of civil rights, while in fact you lasted there how long, maybe 2 months, before they disavowed you and you were going after everyone there and in the national organization. When given lemons, make lemonade. Well done. And you only date white ladies; some would call you a race traitor. Haters, all of them. We know the real deal. The legend grows.

Christopher King said...

Drape myself to the NAACP my ass; they're more like an unmentionable stuck up in between the heel and sole of my Cole-Haan's.


Christopher King said...

The NAACP "leaders" lied under Oath repeatedly and sided with a cop who was run out of town, fired in fact as affirmed by former NH AG John Arnold.

Then that cop in turn sided with Bill Albrecht, a prosecutor who got run out of office under an ethics investigation.

Those fools in turn got me indicted for writing a Demand Letter:

The Demand Letter was written because 3 cops stuck loaded pistols in a young man's face, then visual body cavity searched him for LOITERING in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

The kid beat it without a lawyer, so I issued a Demand Letter, "threatening to sue and call a press conference," which I shared with everyone at the NAACP prior to its issuance.


At a time contemporaneous with all of that bullshit, all of them in turn sided with Kelly Ayotte, who tried to get me for Unauthorized Practice of Law for writing a Demand Letter, which is protected First Amendment activity under NAACP v. Button 371 U.S. 415(1963).


Get your facts and law right.

I've got mine all set.


White wimminz? Yah, I gotta balance my sister out for marrying a white guy.

Sir Charles has the same thing going in his family.

But if you're a fine sister like this one, you can give me a holler.


Christopher King said...

The legend sure is growing; listen to it growing right here on YouTube.

Thanks for reminding me.